Surely the most classic of the English blooms – a flower associated with beauty, grace and femininity throughout the ages… Here Yardley take the English Rose and give her a new wardrobe of notes to wear alongside her usual perfumed petals.

As you’ll discover when you find English Rose in the quartet of Yardley Contemporary Classics featured in our Beautiful Blossoms Discovery Box, citrus and a tea accord are used to refresh the rosebuds, along with a charmingly green yet softly powdery violet, the perfect creamy waxiness of the magnolia blossoms and a fruity note of cassis.

We are really keen on layering these with other florals in the collection, too, for your own unique signature blend of English eccentricity – but this rose can proudly stand alone with so many additions to her classic appeal.

The patchouli and musk of the base lends a lightly dusky tint to the traditional rose, a cooler woody finish that puts us in mind of twilit parties on the lawn and a glass of something fizzy, perhaps…

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