With their Contemporary Classics collection – the quartet showcased in this Discovery Box – Yardley takes the quintessential English Lavender to a new level by adding a twist of bergamot, herbaceous clary sage and upliftingly cool eucalyptus.

The heart is a sweep of perfumers’ favourite flowers, with powdery geranium and a beautiful violet – overlooked for years and suddenly a must-have note appearing in all manner of launches, we find! – combined here with jasmine, vanilla and patchouli in the woody dry-down.

If you have yet to try a lavender perfume and feared the note could be slightly old-fashioned, this offers a new spin on this traditional aromatic ingredient: a great way to explore the calming purple blossoms mixed with a riot of intriguing notes on your own skin.

Yardley English Lavender from £9.99 for 50ml eau de toilette
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