Inspired by her innate love for Italy, talented perfumer Ruth Mastenbroek created Amorosa as a perfumed paean to the country she so proudly declares her passion for. Literally translating as ‘a woman in love’

Amorosa is an intriguing new take on a floral, with notes that are classic at heart – but it’s the fascinating opening that particularly sets the senses tingling…

Mouth-wateringly juicy watermelon is paired with the fresh green sap-like note of galbanum and violet leaf in the opening, while the heart proffers a bouquet of white flowers and tender blossoms, beckoning you forth to the final layer of woody musks and exotic amber.

A fulsomely romantic way to experience Ruth’s work as part of our Beautiful Blossom edit, it will surely come as no surprise to learn she been the ‘invisible nose’ behind many of the world’s top brands, and has been working with designers and creating fragrances for over 30 years before concentrating on her own collection.

Ruth Mastenbroek Amorosa from £60 for 50ml eau de parfum
Buy it at Fenwick Bond Street

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