A revolution of fragrance and colour has been included in your Beautiful Blossoms Discovery Box in the scented mystery that is Miller Harris Coeur de Jardin.

This beautiful British brand celebrates 15 years of haute perfumery, not with a traditional birthday cake and candles but with a trio of fragrances inspired by the great outdoors and the gardens of our youth – Le Jardin d’Enfance.

Our selection – Coeur de Jardin – eptiomises a garden in full bloom that takes you deep into the maze of a secret garden. This beautiful floral fragrance is filled with light contrasted with dark facets that lure you in to its heart with every sniff. Italian bergamot blends with crisp lemon, hesperidin, pear and peach. At the heart is an assortment of blossoms including Turkish rose, jasmine and tuberose. The mystery continues till the very end  with a combination of orris butter, amber musk, moss and patchouli. It is an eau de parfum that will keep on revealing itself the more and more you discover it….

Miller Harris Coeur de Jardin from £65 for 50ml eau de parfum.
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