In Tunisian culture there is a tradition of weaving together scented strands of jasmine blossoms and offering them as love tokens, while Indian myths have the god Kama tying jasmine to his love-arrows. Legend has it that Cleopatra even soaked the sails of her ship in jasmine water before wafting her way to ensnare Mark Antony with her perfumed charms.

From this fragrant folklore, Fragonard Jasmin interweaves their perfume heritage with that of the headily gorgeous flower so beloved by perfumers throughout the centuries – and a perfect addition to our Beautiful Blossom, we think you’ll agree!

A notoriously narcotic bloom that could overpower in the wrong hands, Fragonard freshens the mix by adding upliftingly breezy bergamot and a zingy green note of orange leaf before trailing the softness of amber in the final dry-down.

Fragonard Jasmin from £18 for 50ml eau de toilette
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