Unboxing with Suzy, our Head Fragrance Writer...

Answers to the questions on your brochure


There is a fragrance note that is in over three of the fragrances, what is it - can you guess by smelling?

The answer is citrus, this fabulous ingredient is having a resurgence in the fragrance world and it can be found in Armani Code, Voce Viva Intensa and Ralph’s Club – see if you can distinguish between fragrances with and without citrus.


Can you wear two or more fragrances at once?

Yes! In the perfume world we call this layering, it could create your perfect fragrance – out of two that you normally wouldn’t wear alone. Experiment with different variations. Maybe you have a fragrance at home that is darker, woody or spicy, well adding one of the fresh new fragrances could bring it alive through layering!


What should you do if you don’t like one of the fragrances?

Try it in another season, there are so many factors to loving a fragrance, be it the weather, humidity etc. So maybe you don’t like a floral fragrance right now, but it may become addictive in Autumn when you are craving something more floral as the nights get darker.

Smelling Notes

We encourage you to use these notes as you sniff your new fragrances, we’ve included some exclusive discounts on there! Use the questions on each page to delve deeper while you are smelling.