Fragrances for festivals & getaways – travel sizes & samples a-go-go!

When summer hits, thoughts turn to fun – but festival season, staycations or travelling aboard can okay havoc when thinking about which fragrances to take with you. Whether you’re looking for perfume to pack in a rucksack, scents to stash in a suitcase, or simply pocket-friendly fragrances to have either you wherever you go – we’ve got you covered. And even if you’ve nowhere planned to escape to yet this summer, they’re a brilliant way to try a new scent for the warmer (we hope!) weeks ahead…



Escentric Molecules M+ Mandarin

Molecule 01 + Mandarin consists of the original (utterly iconic) Iso E Super + mandarin. Iso E Super is an abstract synthetic molecule characterised as a skin-like cedarwood note with a warm, velvety cocooning sensation. Squeezed with citrus, it’s a summer dream.

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Montblanc Explorer

A fragrant invitation for adventurers, this calls to taking the path less travelled via a cool breeze of citrus-tinged vetiver blowing through a supple, rugged leather, with ripples of rich patchouli evoking bohemian spirits.

£38 for 30ml eau de parfum





Jeroboam GOZO

Inspired by the Maltese Island of the same name, this is a bestseller for the house, and it’s easy to smell why. A huge scent in a small bottle, the saffron-sizzled white floral notes are swelled with the super long-lasting amber of the base. Like wearing a sunset that lasts for aeons.

£110 for 30ml




Juliette Has a Gun Sunny Side Up

An immediate blast of sparkling jasmine escapes like a suppressed giggle, followed swiftly by a fluffy white towel snuggle of sandalwood and the delectable creaminess of iris butter. It’s retro suntan oil with a waft of vanilla ice-cream on the breeze as the sun dips its toes in the ocean.

£25 for 7.5ml eau de parfum




Versace Dylan Turquoise

Conjuring summer in the Med, the shimmering lemon and mandarin conjure sunshine-dappled azure waters, glittering with juicy fruits and fragrant flowers. A woody dry-down beckons balmy summer nights and this truly is a scent to transport the senses. A holiday wherever you wear it.

£55 for 30ml eau de toilette





Adscenture Onward to Seville

A perfumed passport to happiness, this fragrant ticket invites you to ‘bathe in the intoxicating scent of Seville. Experience the serenity of tranquil orange tree courtyards. Wandering through a haze of cassis and white jasmine with hints of vanilla.‘ Borne aloft on sunlit neroli, it’s bliss, bottled.

£60 for 30ml eau de parfum in our shop



Coach Floral

The dinkiest bottle brimming with pink peppercorn, an icy splash of pineapple sorbet and a radiant heart revealing a bouquet of fragrant flowers. Tea rose, jasmine sambac and gardeni swathe with sunlit warmth, drying down to smooth woods, patchouli and a sheer, musky trail.

£45 for 30ml eau de parfum





Written by Suzy Nightingale


Scenting Bridgerton Season Three (Part the Second)


Dearest Gentle Reader,

I’m sure we are all a-gawp to discover the latest Bridgerton gossip, having waited breathlessly for weeks to find out what became of our aristocratic friends since last we left them? As it happens, the breathlessness continues apace, with passionate encounters simply throbbing through this second half of Bridgerton’s third season, and all manner of revelations brought to boiling point. But once again, as with my previous perfume-matching missive, which covered Season 3 Episodes 1-4; I must ask you to avert thine eyes if you have not yet feasted on the fascinating frivolities of what the young people are calling ‘the second drop’ of Bridgerton Season 3 episodes 4-8 on Netflix. Thundering SPOILERS are necessarily afoot, and I shall not be held to blame if your careless gaze happens to fall on one of them if you read any further without having caught up. Comprendre?





Netflix have helpfully posted a blog, where you may catch up with the cast and investigate their particulars a little more closely. However, because you are all doubtless very busy people, I have selected a snippet here, which explains the main plot points to be aware of for this second part of the season, and its dramatic denouement. They say:

‘Part 2, which premiered June 13, picks up from the Part 1 finale, which saw Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) propose to blooming wallflower Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan). As Colin and Penelope reflect on their newfound relationship in Part 2, they seem to realise just how in love they are. Yet secrets still hang over the happy couple. Namely, that Mayfair knows Penelope by another, more secret, moniker: Lady Whistledown, the ton’s most infamous scandal sheet writer…’

As ever, yours truly has been very busy keeping up with all the, er, comings and goings… and pairing some of the main players with perfumes that should serve to enhance their ever-developing (and disrobing) characters. This ‘scent matching’ may seem incongruous to those of you not familiar with the concept, but let me reassure you that there is method in the apparent madness. When one knows a person more *cough* intimately, we may imagine the things that will not only suit them, but serve them well – a colour that particularly becomes them, which they feel more confident when wearing, for example.

Similarly, selecting the right fragrance helps embolden our spirits (though gracious knows this season has its share of bold behaviour!) Therefore, the putting together of people we know with perfumes they should wear also becomes a shortcut to understanding the vagaries of a scent’s character – the mood it brings, the textural subtleties a simple listing of notes can never attain. And though there may have been several scribes claiming the mantle of Whistledown thus far, you may also rest assured that this author has all your fragrant requirements firmly in hand (and wrist, neck, décollotage…) Which of these would you offer the next dance to, dear readers, while we impatiently await the next season? Until then, I remain

Yours Truly,

Suzy Nightingale



Penelope Featherington / Bridgerton + Alexandre J Ode to Rose Extract

Oh my, how the butterfly has spread its wings (among other things) this season. But all is not perfect for Pen, as the course of true love becomes ensnared in a scandal of her own making. With her true identity revealed, Penelope needed extra strength to withstand the possibility of a cruel backlash, and the exquisite beauty of this scent would certainly do the trick. Incredibly long-lasting, imbued with ripe plum, velvety rose, licentious jasmine and the sweet headiness of ylang ylang; the base swirls with warming rum and silky sandalwood. Scandalously gorgeous!

£240 for 25ml perfume extract




Colin Bridgerton + Parfums de Marly Percival

The newly rakish Colin returned from his travels to find Penelope a changed woman, too – and the further *ahem* things she revealed wiped away his self-assured smugness almost as quickly as his tan faded. However, a gentleman may have subtlety and self-knowledge amidst his passion, and this fragrance will buck-up his spirits with juicy mandarin, encourage true love via violet and jasmine-tinged geranium, then tame his pig-headedness with soothing drifts of cool lavender and the dewy verdancy of coriander grounded in musky spices and fir balsam. That’s better.

£200 for 75ml eau de parfum

[Why not try a sample as part of The Scented Gent Discovery Box? A mere £23 / £21 for VIPs!]




Lady Cressida Cowper + BDK Rouge Smoking

Desperately escaping her family’s dreary choices of prospective husbands, Cressida craves independence (and yes, the taste of revenge). Her route out of society’s strictures at first seems to be via blackmail, but poison has a way of ending up back in one’s own goblet, does it not? Far better for Lady Cowper to sling this scent in her hastily-packed travelling trunk, and revel in its spirit. Being inspired by ‘…a woman who lives in Pigalle with a strong taste for fashion’, the powdery sweetness of luscious cherry is comforted by dark vanilla and cashmeran’s softness.

£175 for 100ml eau de parfum




Lady Tilley Arnold + Clive Christian Jump Up & Kiss Me (Ecstatic)

When Tilley catches Benedict’s eye, he’s not ready for where their heady encounters will lead (see below…), but neither is Tilley ready for the feelings she will catch along the way. Ooops. Easily done – especially when wearing something as shamelessly intoxicating as this tuberose-billowing enticement. Enveloped in orange flower, swooning with white flowers, no wonder this perfumed paean to ‘the flower of the night’ has so thoroughly seduced both wearer and admirer alike. As it warms, the amber and tonka beguile even further; and where might that lead, next…?

£490 for 50ml eau de parfum




Benedict Bridgerton + Contradictions in ILK Libertine

Quite the journey of self-discovery for Benedict this season, where he finds double the pleasure while exploring his personal proclivities. One wonders if he’s been helped along the way with liberal soakings of a scent such as this – inspired by Casanova himself, no less. You can smell his favourite tipple, ‘cordial orgeat,’ through dusky cognac-infused rose and bitter orange flower, with a saffron-soaked throb of leather, hot wax, animalic cumin lashed to the darker base of amber and deep woods. Golly. It’s addictive, that’s for sure; as is the sensual freedom that follows.

£95 for 50ml extrait de parfum




Queen Charlotte + Atkinsons Her Majesty The Oud

Ever feared of her position on the throne metaphorically being toppled by Lady Whistledown, Queen Charlotte uses her remarkable astuteness to finally discover her foe’s identity. But as advised by her ever-wise friend and confidant, Lady Danbury; sometimes it’s better to know thy enemy yet keep them on side. Gloriously powerful in nature, there’s a surprising softness to this scent, too – an opulently feminine celebration of Turkish rose at harmony with a steelier sizzle of saffron, and that unmistakable woodiness in the sweeping trail, all sweetened by a soupçon of vanilla.

£205 for 100ml eau de parfum

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Those readers left bereft and demanding more Bridgerton in their lives are in luck – Liberty London currently invite you to indulge your romantic Regency fantasies via their Liberty Fabrics & Bridgerton collection. Liberty says:

Discover the collection brought to life within Liberty’s Tudor walls. Lose yourself in the whispers, scandal and glamour of the ‘Ton, in rooms inspired by iconic moments from the series and brought to life using fabrics from the Liberty Fabrics & Bridgerton collection. Consider this your invitation to an experience waiting to be discovered, on the Fourth Floor until 2nd July.


‘May we invite you to discover the match of the season? As Netflix and Shondaland’s hit series, Bridgerton, returns for its third season, here at Liberty we are celebrating the romance and Regency of the ‘Ton, with a collaborative collection of exquisite botanical fabrics, created in artistic partnership between Liberty Fabrics & Bridgerton.

Across nine uniquely crafted floral prints, Liberty’s print heritage and Bridgerton’s enthralling narrative entwine. Each design features details and motifs drawn from Liberty’s extensive archive, with inspirations ranging from Regency era print books to 1960s scarves: redrawn, recoloured and reimagined for the modern modiste on Tana Lawn™ cotton and luxurious silks.

In celebration of the collection, designer Huishan Zhang created a couture gown using one of the Belgravia Silk fabrics from the collection, as seen on actress Hannah Dodd, who plays the youngest Bridgerton sister in the show’s third series.

Join us, as we delve into the stories and inspirations behind the collection, and prepare to fall in love…’

A fragrance fit for the King’s birthday… how King Charles bottled the scent of his favourite garden

Prior to becoming King, Charles III asked Penhaligon’s to capture the scent of his favourite silver lime tree, in Highgrove Bouquet – a beloved tree of his, which lives in the garden of Highgrove, and which he can see (and smell) from his bedroom window there. With this weekend marking his birthday, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that his Highness could be reaching for this happy-making scent to celebrate, don’t you think? Let’s follow the fascinating fragrant evolution of the fragrance’s journey, from concept to completion…

Captured quite literally (using Headspace Technology) the linden blossom in Penhaligon’s Highgrove Bouquet glides through a breeze of mimosa, cedar, and citrus. It’s a radiant delight to wear at any time, of course, but really comes into its own when wafted forth during the summer – the very season it seeks to capture in scented form. Incredibly, this wasn’t a mere ‘inspired by’ project. Highgrove Bouquet was actually created with HRH The Prince of Wales, in part as a tribute to the magnificently fragrant summers he’s spent at Highgrove Gardens.



As Penhaligon’s explain: ‘At a certain time of year, that floats between July and August, at a discreet Cotswolds location, the Tilla Petiolaris, also known as the weeping silver lime, releases a distinct fragrance, much to the pleasure of the bees. Highgrove Gardens is decorated with these elegant deciduous trees, with their silver lined heart-shaped leaves, flecked with yellow sprays of flowers that delicately perfume the air; not only outside, in the grounds – but also inside the House! Planted close to Highgrove Gardens, when the days are warm, and the windows open, the rooms are filled with what can only be described as the smell of earthly sunshine. Created in close collaboration with The Prince’s Foundation, Penhaligon’s is delighted to present the forthcoming launch of their new fragrance, the Eau de Parfum Highgrove Bouquet. A fragrance that is as uplifting as it is sun-filled and radiant.





It is a time when the odour of blossoming weeping silver lime fills the air, and Highgrove Gardens is full of its branches, with their blooming, uplifting, floral notes. Penhaligon’s is proud to present this unique collaboration with The Prince’s Foundation for the creation of a fragrance as natural as it is elegant as it is warm. The proceeds of the fragrance offer an exciting new way to raise money in support of The Prince’s Foundation, with ten percent of proceeds to help fund the charity’s training and education programmes including those in heritage crafts, traditional arts, horticulture, fashion and textiles, and sustainable food and farming for thousand of pupils and students each year. His Royal Highness has been an active and passionate advocate for sustainability for over 50 years. In line with his environmental vision, this project has been developed in a way that is mindful of the need to respect the planet, replacing plastic with 100% recycled and recyclable paper and sugar cane eco-foam, and printing using all organic ink, free of mineral oils.’





Why not try a sample of Penhaligon’s Highgrove Bouquet to make the most of summer (if it’s actually started yet, weather-wise?!) And while you’re at it, why not treat yourself to an entire wardrobe of verdant and flora-bundant fragrance samples via The Garden of Delights Discovery Box? We know that gardens help us to feel renewed _ and goodness knows we could all do with some renewing right now –, so whatever you’re celebrating, The Perfume Society have curated this collection of vibrant, bright fragrances, so everyone can feel the rejuvenating benefits of gardens in every single spritz.



Garden of Delights box



The Garden of Delights Discovery Box is priced £19 + p&p to VIP Club Members £23 + p&p to everyone else – be sure to log into your account to take advantage of the special VIP Club price. Inside, you’ll find this amazing line-up of scents…

Adscenture Secret Garden 2ml eau de parfum
Cosmoss Sacred Mist 1.5ml eau de parfum 
EauMG Rockin Rose 2ml extrait de parfum
Floral Street Sweet Almond Blossom 2ml eau de parfum
Granado Jardim Real 1.8ml eau de parfum
Juliette has a gun Magnolia Bliss 1.7ml eau de parfum       
Mizensir Vert Empire 2ml eau de parfum
Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerlily 1.5ml eau  de parfum
Penhaligon’s Highgrove Bouquet 1.5ml eau de parfum 
Shay&Blue Amber Rose 2ml eau de parfum 
Versace Dylan Purple 1ml eau de parfum
Yardley London English Rose Body Mist 200ml
SBC Arnica Moisturising Gel 100ml



Guerlain’s honeyed history… and the origin of that iconic ‘Bee Bottle’

Honey (and bees) are at the heart of the house of Guerlain, and have been since its founding. With much of their skincare imbued with the healing properties of honey, their iconic ‘Bee Bottle’ inspired by beehives, and now, one of their best-selling fragrances, Tobacco Honey, infused with the scent; Guerlain’s history is abuzz with the scent of honey…


Guerlain’s Bee-autiful History:

‘The founder of the House, Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain, dedicated a citrus Eau de Cologne to Empress Eugénie to celebrate her marriage to Napoleon III. Naturally, he named it “Eau de Cologne Impériale”. He then entrusted glassmakers Pochet du Courval to create a bottle adorned with his majesty’s coat of arms, the bees, and a festoon pattern, inspired by the Place Vendôme column. The Bee Bottle was born. It would become an icon.



The Empress was so impressed with this gift, that she named Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain “Supplier to the Empress” (“Fournisseur de l’Impératrice”), which helped to rapidly spread Guerlain’s renown throughout Europe’s great royal courts. A legend was born. Today, the emblematic Bee Bottle is still made in the Pochet du Courval ateliers and now lends itself to colour and personalisation. The perfume bottles can be refilled time and time again in a celebration of how luxury can meet sustainable development as guided by Bees. The “Dames de table” continue to seal and hand decorate this historic bottle, creating some exceptional versions that perpetuate tra-ditional craftsmanship, art and artisanship.’




With bees so central to their heritage, it was only natural for Guerlain to create a buzz for the conservation of bees, because… ‘If bees were no longer to exist,’ Guerlain explain, ‘most fruits, flowers and seeds would disappear forever, taking with them an infinite number of irreplaceable colours, flavours and smells. Across the world, intensive farming, vanishing habitats, climate change and so forth are drastically impacting the health of bees, both wild and domestic.’ Hence why they set up the Guerlain For Bees Conservation Programme.

In order to preserve a future for bees – and for fragrance – Guerlain remind us that ‘It is crucial for us to protect them, but this alone is not enough. We must also raise awareness around the importance of bee conservation for the world of today and tomorrow. This is why Guerlain is committed to teaching children about the cause of bees, thanks to its Bee School. Its programme Women for Bees, in partnership with UNESCO, also aims to train new women beekeepers at UNESCO’s biosphere reserves.’

‘Since 2021, Guerlain has made a symbol of this day initiated by the UN. Each year, the House raises no less than one million euros to donate and accelerate the actions of its “Guerlain for Bees Conservation Programme”. A very special day in which one of the House’s friends, Angelina Jolie, has participated since the beginning.’



Needing more of Guerlain’s honey-infused heritage? You can read all about the gloriously honey-rich Guerlain Honey Tobacco in our previous exploration of honey fragrances, and the differing ways honey is used to coax particular characters from other perfumery notes. There’s a whole hive of Guerlain’s history to explore in our page dedicated to the founding and development of the house, and did you know there’s even a comic book dedicated to Guerlain’s heritage?




Choose your own Guerlain Bee Bottle, which you my have personalised for a special occasion, or for a gift, in-store or online. You can select any fragrance, then decide on the size and style of bottle, and even choose the cord and seal for the scent – what a way to memorialise a wedding or anniversary – or simply savour your all-time favourite fragrance. And given the current buzz around that Honey Tobacco, we reckon many a bee bottle will be housing that scent for years to come…


Written by Suzy Nightingale


Father’s Day Fragrances – 11 perfumed presents in one box!

With Father’s Day fast approaching on Sunday, 16 June, it can be tricky to find a gift that meets all tastes and shows more thought than yet another pair of slippers; but fear not: we have you covered! The Scented Gent Discovery Box is ELEVEN fragrant gifts in one perfumed package, and we know will be welcomed by the father figure (or any fragrance fan) in your life…


This selection of classic and new fragrances crafted for the stylish gent – or for those who want to be – offers the opportunity to try each in their own time, and all from the comfort of their own home. With zero hassle or stress to gift-giver and gift-receiver alike, if you felt extra generous you might consider adding an I.O.U card, offering a full-size perfumed promise of whichever they most favour. But that decision may be harder than they imagine, with designers such as Bvlgari, Jimmy Choo, Kenzo, and Brioni tempting the senses alongside niche names like Parfums de Marly, Floral Street, and Shay & Blue. There’s luxury appeal from Bentley, Montblanc, Tumi, and Floris to celebrate in fragrant form, too. Altogether, a fragrant feast for the senses – and a gift which will be treasured long after Father’s Day has finished.

With your Father’s Day present sorted via one click, we think this gift can’t be beaten for its ability to please all perfumed personalities! For further inspiration, feel free to browse the extensive Smelling Notes, and watch senior writer, Suzy Nightingale, describing the appeal of each fragrance, here…






The Scented Gent Discovery Box includes…


Bentley For Men (1.8ml eau de toilette)

TOP NOTES: black pepper, bay leaves, bergamot
HEART NOTES: rum, cinnamon, clary sage, leather
BASE NOTES: cedarwood, patchouli, musk, siam benzoin

Indulging in the finest raw materials and clear must-haves for Bentley’s fragrances: wood and leather – best known from the luxurious handcrafted interior of Bentley cars.




Jimmy Choo Man (2ml eau de toilette)

TOP NOTES: lavender, mandarin, melon
HEART NOTES: geranium, pineapple leaf
BASE NOTES: patchouli, amberwood

The Jimmy Choo Man has an effortless attitude and a confident, overtly masculine style with a refined sense for detail and a rebellious sense of humour. This masculine fragrance is a woody aromatic fougère, full of modern freshness.






Kenzo Homme Intense (1ml eau de toilette)

TOP NOTES: calypsone, sea notes, pink pepper, spices
HEART NOTES: fig tree, fig, vetiver
BASE NOTES: sandalwood, akigalawood, patchouli

Inspired by the intensity of bamboo and serenity of a sea breeze. The freshness of pink peppercorn coupled with a sea breeze contrasts with the warmth of a fig wood and sandalwood accord, like salty skin warmed by the sun.


Montblanc Explorer Platinum (2ml eau de parfum)

TOP NOTES: violet leaf
HEART NOTES: clary sage
BASE NOTES: cedarwood

The combination of masterful elegance, noble materials and heritage craftsmanship is reunited in an ingenious fragrance bottle.


Parfums de Marly Percival (1.2ml eau de parfum)

TOP NOTES:  bergamot, mandarin, aromatic water
HEART NOTES:  jasmine, violet, geranium, lavender, coriander, cinnamon
BASE NOTES:  musk, pepper, fir balsam

A fresh fragrance but one with a strong character, Percival plays on aromatic notes through the bergamot and mandarin scents on a woody base.



Shay & Blue dandelion fig 100ml


Shay & Blue Dandelion Fig (2ml eau de parfum)

CONCENTRATION: Eau de parfum

TOP NOTES: dandelion leaf, lemongrass
HEART NOTES: tomato vine, juniper

Shay and Blue says:
Dandelion Fig is different, fresh, modern. Inspired by childhood dandelions. Unusual, unisex, eclectic. Whisper-soft layers of fig and dandelion leaf. Blended with lemongrass, tomato vine and juniper.


Tumi Continuum [12:00 GMT] (2ml eau de parfum)

TOP NOTES: green mandarin, incense, earthy amber
HEART NOTES: tobacco leaves, ciste absolute, orris root
BASE NOTES: oud, suede, smoke muskCONTINUUM [12:00 GMT] captures the power that the urban man draws from reconnecting with his environment. Combining the vitality of the elements, the fragrance dares to push the boundaries.

Floral Street Black Lotus (1.5ml eau de parfum)

TOP NOTES: black cherry, red peppercorn, saffron
HEART NOTES: centifolio rose, black violet accord, narcotic musk flower
BASE NOTES: patchouli fraction, labdanum, black leatherBlack Lotus – is the classic English-Rose dressed in a black leather jacket. Intoxicating, spirited, bohemian and alive. Complex and multi-faceted, the sweet honeyed scent of centifolia rose adds depth to lighter, spicy nuances by way of red peppercorn and saffron. Once smelt, forever adored.


Bvlgari Man Rain Essense (1.5ml eau de parfum)

TOP NOTES: green tea, orange essence
HEART NOTES: white lotus accord, crystal musk accord
BASE NOTES: mineral amber accord, guaiac wood essence

Bvlgari says:
Bvlgari Man Rain Essence is an invitation to experience the unstoppable creative force of water through the transformative and regenerative power of rain.

Brioni Éclat (1.8ml eau de parfum)

TOP NOTES: grapefruit, pink pepper, frankincense
HEART NOTES: turkish rose, patchouli
BASE NOTES: sandalwood, ambroxan

Brioni says:
The spirit of the scent was inspired by an enchanted day, from sunrise to sunset. In this new fragrance, you can feel both the freshness of the early morning and the reassuring softness of nightfall.


Floris No.007 (2ml eau de parfum)

TOP NOTES: bergamot, sweet orange, juniper, geranium
HEART NOTES: rosemary, rose, carnation
BASE NOTES: amber, sandalwood, oakmoss, musk

Floris says:
No.007 is a rich, multifaceted scent, with a warm depth and an air of style and sophistication, whilst exuding a sense of insouciance and excitement.


The Scented Gent Discovery Box: £23 / £19 for VIP members

What makes a ‘summer’ fragrance? (Plus: get scent samples, here!)

Are all scents ‘seasonal”, and what makes a fragrance truly fit for summer? We’ll answer your questions about summer scents (and when to wear a fragrance), plus give you the low down on the perfect perfumes we’re flying high with this season; and telling you how to get your hands on samples of all the scents we mention, in the Summer Box

Temperature matters:

Firstly, with the ever-present queries about if you should wear one type of scent in the summer or save others for colder weather. Basically put, all aromatic molecules need an amount of heat (usually from your skin) to work. The temperature of your skin and the air dramatically alter the rate at which the molecules evaporate and dissipate, and this then changes the way the perfume smells – to you, and others around you.

Personal preference:

Because of this, many of us prefer to wear lighter, brighter fragrances in warmer months and swap for something cosier as the temperature drops, but is it really true you should only wear (for example) citrus / fresh fragrances in summer? Not necessarily! Don’t forget that these days we have all sort of brilliant synthetic notes that are mixed with those fresher ones, and which massively lengthen their staying power on your skin. Plus, perfume ‘rules’ of the old days have really relaxed (along with the strict ideas people used to have about gendering scents).

Think about ‘texture’:

So, while it definitely comes down to personal preference, there’s no doubt that the majority of perfume lovers still prefer to switch up the more swaddling fragrances that almost feel opaque and heavier in ‘texture’ and character, for something with a bit more space about it, and that feels more sheer – as though you can see the light through it – in warmer weather. These scents tend to have a texture that feels breezier, a scent that seems to waft and float in the air around you, rather than sit on your skin. It all depends on the molecules – citrus and fresher notes evaporate more quickly, so they radiate around you, sparkling like the rays of sunshine on a cresting wave.

Get scent samples:

Fragrance samples are the mode du jour when it comes to wearing fragrance in warmer weather – you can pop them in your bag or pocket for on-the-go-spritzing, and really live with a scent on your skin to make sure it works for you this season before you commit to a full size bottle. In the Summer Box 2024 you will discover niche and beloved names alike, each of which have been selected for their suitability for this time of year, but also for their ability to offer something a bit different, with something for all tastes.

The joy of a Seasonal Scent Subscription is that a ready-curated selection of fabulous fragrances, mainly female and unisex scents, from globally adored leading brands (potentially including miniatures) will land at your door each passing season (approximately every three months) – so you will always have a new scent to make you feel fabulous. Choose your preferred subscription plan here, and you’ll never have to worry what to wear next!

No matter your preferred style, we’re sure you’ll love sniffing your way through the fantastic selection of scent samples in the Summer Box 2024. Just look at the fragrant array which awaits…






TOP NOTES: Green Geranium, Pink Peppercorn

HEART NOTES: Iranian Rose, Raspberry





TOP NOTES: Pink Peppercorn Extract, Pink Peppercorn Leaf, Angelica Root

HEART NOTES: Orange Blossom, Tonka Bean, Iris

BASE NOTES: Ambroxan, Ambery Musk, Oud Wood




TOP NOTES: Fig Leaf, Pistachio Leaf

HEART NOTES: Pistachio, Hazelnut

BASE NOTES: Cedarwood, Vetiver, Benzoin




TOP NOTES: Mandarin, Clementine, Lime

HEART NOTES: Iris, Hazelnut, Fig

BASE NOTES: Bourbon Vetiver, Suede, Moss




TOP NOTES: Pear, Violet Leaves, Grapefruit

HEART NOTES: Peony, Freesia, Lilly of the Valley, Jasmine

BASE NOTES: Sandalwood, Amber, Cedarwood




TOP NOTES: Italian Bergamot, Pink Pepper

HEART NOTES: Marine Accord, Grey Amber

BASE NOTES: Patchouli, Woods





TOP NOTES: Blueberry, Orange

HEART NOTES: Magnolia, Orange Blossom

BASE NOTES: Musk, Cashmere Wood




TOP NOTES: Seabreeze, Lemon, Hints of Saltiness

HEART NOTES: Vanilla, Wood Leather, Basil

BASE NOTES: Cedarwood



Honey fragrances – get ready to bee inspired…

Our theme this month is honey – warm, luxurious and comforting, honey works wonderfully in fragrances to emphasise floral notes, or add touches of amber richness.  There’s a whole hive of honey and beeswax scent notes in fragrances, and perfumer  Christine Nagel explains why she loves using it…

‘Honey has two facets – half devil, half angel. In Ambrée structures, it has a sweet, comforting effect, taking you back to childhood. But a small touch in a feminine structure can be extremely sexy…’

There are so many varieties of honey, each taking their smell (and colour) from the flowers on which the bees that produce it have feasted.  Orange blossom honey.  Eucalyptus honey.  Acacia honey:  the variations are almost limitless, sometimes woody, flowery, herbal or even tobacco-y.  The ancient Arab perfumers were the first to capture honey’s sweetness in perfumery, but today the honey featured is generally a synthetic note – one that’s drizzled sensually over quite a few fragrances in the past few years.

Now, can you envisage getting sweet on any of these honey-centric scents…?

Guerlain L’Art & La Matière Tobacco Honey

There’s something about honey which goes beyond delicious to downright irresistible in this fragrant nuzzle-me-closer scented experience, which had us purring from first spritz. Imagine a fine tobacco that’s been kept dry in a precious, carved wooden box, yet somehow suffused with nectar; enrobed in a nugget of glowing amber, but sliced with shards of light. Defiantly rich, yet it it floats in drifts around you like a gilded cloud.

£295 for 100ml eau de parfum

Parfums de Marly Oajan

Talk about a honeyed charm, this fragrance has it by the jar-full! Silky honey slinks to a sizzle of cinnamon, with apricot-tinged fruity osmanthus sweetly gliding to the smoothest amber, resinous (incense-like) labdanum and and rich benzoin. Swirled with addictive vanilla and toasty tonka bean, the earthy patchouli and dried fruity note of davana grounds the base. An all-day wist or neck-sniffer, for sure.

£245 for 125ml eau de parfum

Floral Street Sunflower Pop

Celebrating their collaboration between the Van Gogh Museum, Floral Street unveil a scent inspired by the artist’s most famous painting. The very definition of optimism, it’s sunny to look at and sunny inside, vibrant with fresh mandarin, Calabrian bergamot, and accords of vegan honey and Bellini cocktails. We’ll raise a glass to a fresh scent that allows us to hang onto summer for a wee while longer.

From £110 for 100ml eau de parfum


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Floris Honey Oud

A really good introduction to how oudh can be used in a nuanced way – almost as a seasoning instead of the main flavour – this one is actually delicious (as in, if it came in a jar, you’d want to lick it off your fingers, or slather it on buttered toast and guzzle it, ). The spiced honeyed note intensifies as oudh softly adds depth.. Intensely nuzzle-able, there’s nothing whatever to frighten the horses, here, even if you’ve avoided oudh!

From £30 for 10ml eau de parfum

[NB: Also available to sample as part of the Floris Private Collection set, for only £35, and including some of their most iconic scents].





Thameen Bravi

What if the diva lost her voice and needed the power of perfume to regain her bravado? This imagined story was the starting point for the third in Thameen’s ‘Britologne’ series, Bruno Jovanovic adding aphrodisiac ginger’s tingle to decadent tuberose, seducing with the decadent wild honey, and wonderfully smoky toasty-ness of walnut throughout, this packs a seriously addictive gourmand punch. Encore!

£250 for 100ml Cologne elixir


Written by Suzy Nightingale

Inside the House of Kajal

Moe Khalaf is the founder of Kajal, but his passion for fragrance began long ago in childhood – suitably enough, with his first sniff of the Calvin Klein scent of Obsession


‘I managed to get my hands on a bottle that I kept hidden,’ he smiles, ‘and would spray small spritzes of just to enjoy the scent. I think the love of amber, vanilla and spicy notes in scents was fuelled by this first fragrance – I was quickly frag-addicted.’ As we all know, this first fragrance adoration is a slippery slope for any perfume-lover, but for Moe, that first sniff can truly be said to have changed the course of his life. You see, he’d grown up in a household where no fragrance was ever used, as his father had various allergies that were exacerbated by perfume; ‘So, fragrances were not something that we could spray or have readily,’ he recalls, ‘…but I guess this fuelled my passion for scents.’

However, before this secret passion took him to his fragrant fate, Moe began his career in another sensorial direction. ‘The “creator” in me started when I worked in a high-end, fine-foods company and I produced a line of gourmet capers and sun-dried tomatoes,’ Moe explains.  ‘This passion was ignited once again when during my work with Esteé Lauder Companies, and I was asked to create a fragrance brand/line that was relevant to the region that we oversaw as a subsidiary. I felt that this was my calling…but since I had planned to immigrate to Canada, my tenure ended at the very start of this project.’




How easily he might have completely abandoned any notions of entering the fragrance world, except we all know how persistent the call of perfume is in our souls… The idea of founding his own house to honour his culture simply wouldn’t disappear, and so, he says, ‘That is when I decided to continue this journey that I very much enjoyed, and it set the pillars of creating Kajal Perfumes.’

Moe knew that he wanted his perfume house to authentically resonate with his culture and traditions, so working with some of the world’s finest noses, he created, ‘A brand that truly depicts the essence of East meets West’ because fundamentally, Moe continues, so ‘Kajal is an ode to timeless beauty and cultural reverence. Rooted in the Indian tradition, ‘kajal’ signifies the mystique of kohl-lined eyes, a symbol of allure and enchantment. Yet its core significance delves deeper, mirroring the Arabic term ‘Khajal’, which captures the virtues of humility, modesty, and the gracious act of viewing others with dignity and esteem.’ This ethos of cultural traditions and the worldwide reverence for beauty is a thread that traces through ‘all the inspirations and stories found in all our fragrances,’ he says, which ‘reflect an instance, portray an image of the beauty of the world we live in.’





Wearing fragrance truly is a way to connect outer, physical manifestations of beauty with the inner sense of beauty within our souls – and Kajal Perfumes invite you to waft your innate beauty (inner and outer) with the joy of celebrating beauty in the world around us…

Now, we invite you to explore these meaningful creations – you can read the entire history of the house, and read all the perfume’s descriptions, in our page dedicated to Kajal – but for the moment, let’s take a look at some scented highlights from the fragrance collection…


“Eyes that seek beauty in all that they behold,
Cast light upon the overlooked splendour surrounding us,
Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.”

[By Christian Carbonnel.] ‘Veiled in understated allure and seductive whispers, Kajal draws inspiration from ‘Khajal’, an Arabic term signifying modesty and self-awareness, highly esteemed across Arab cultures for its profound respectfulness. By welcoming others with respect, regardless of their journey, we reflect our own integrity and acknowledge the inherent dignity that exists in every soul. The essence of our true spirit is often illuminated by the magnetic allure of our eyes. Captivatingly beautiful, eyes that radiate kindness, sincerity, and compassion highlight the luminous purity of a virtuous heart.

Kajal opens with the refreshing vibrancy of Amalfi lemon, mandarin, and bergamot, renowned for their ability to enhance spiritual awareness. As the heart notes unfurl, Turkish Rose makes a graceful debut, gradually blossoming into a rich, velvety embrace, complemented by the luxurious softness of orris. The base notes settle into an intoxicatingly warm, sensual embrace of musk, amber, Madagascan vanilla, tonka beans, and a hint of Mysore sandalwood, cherished for its ability to promote a sense of serenity.’

£168 for 100ml eau de parfum






“While the darkness may feel eternal,
Only we have the power to grant it permanence,
A tenacious desire for life rewards us sublimely.”

[By Christian Carbonnel.] ‘Warek, an Arabic ode to history, captures the allure of meticulously hammered and flattened silver coins, each a symbol of astonishing fortitude. As Silver endures each relentlessly forceful strike, it is stretched and thinned to the brink of fragility. It may relinquish its former shape, but it emerges more magnificent, shining with unparalleled clarity. This exquisite metamorphosis serves as a poignant metaphor for resilience and rebirth. It reminds us that the trials and hardships we endure do not diminish our essence; rather, they reveal our true strength, purpose, and beauty.

Warek opens with an earthy and ethereal blend of Saffron and Incense. Saffron was chosen for its known properties to increase inner peace and enhance emotional healing. As the heart notes emerge, we discover an enticing fusion of Rose, Patchouli, Amber, and Guaiac Wood, each associated with promoting positive energies. The base notes reveal a captivating unity of sumptuous Vanilla, the timeless elegance of rich Leather, and the mystifying allure of Oud. Warek, ignite your inner resilience, unveil your radiant essence.’

£168 for 100ml eau de parfum


Kajal Yasmina

“Yasmina is…power.”

[By Valérie Garnuch-Mentzel.] ‘A jasmine flower, when held in the hand, can be perceived as delicate, soft, and fragile. But the inner hidden secret of this flower is its scent, which is symbolic of strength, projection, and power. “My childhood memories of jasmine are strongly linked to my grandmother – calling out to me to run into the gardens at the break of dawn to pick figs from the tree in our farmhouse. I remember running to the tree through weeds of chamomile, thistles, and dandelions. I would climb the first branches to get to the softer, juicier figs at the top, and I would take care not to get some of the white sap on the stem of the fruit onto my skin. But the most important part came next –after filling the bowl with enough fruit, it was imperative that I run to the jasmine tree and carefully pick the delicate flowers. I’d fill the bowl with jasmine so that the figs barely showed. The scent would fill my nose, and I remember even sucking on the base of the cut flowers to get a very mild sweetness from the nectar.” – Moe Khalaf (Founder & Kajal Creative Officer)

This memory has been captured by perfumer Valérie Garnuch-Mentzel from Drom. Yasmina… delicate yet powerful, bold and strong. On the first whiff of this majestic scent, you discover the strength of Yasmina: confident and animalistic, demanding attention and position. The fragrance notes of Yasmina are surprising, revealing rough cardamom, saffron and rose. The animalistic properties of jasmine and orris give this scent a captivating power. In the middle, you get a rugged leather aroma mixed with a unique whiskey scent. Some tameness is felt at the base with vanilla and tonka beans combined with patchouli – an overall powerful scent.’

£184 for 100ml eau de parfum





Kajal IV

“The warm embrace of an exotic breeze,
The intoxicating allure of adventure.”

[By Kevin Mathys.] ‘Infinite grains of sand form an undulating golden panorama, vast and untamed, blending harmoniously into spectacular glowing skies. Sun kissed skin shimmers, evocative of the celestial stars soon to emerge. The gentle caress of a sultry, aromatic breeze encapsulates the elation of adventure. Our footprints may be a momentary reminder of our presence, but the memories we make last forever.

Spiritually, four represents calmness and balance, the stability of feeling connected to the present moment. It also symbolizes the wholeness of the universe, four elements, four seasons, four cardinal points, connecting us all. Kajal IV is a celebration of nomadic exoticism, echoing the wilderness of the African Savannah. An inviting opening reveals the mysterious warmth of Davana Gaze, infused with a vivacious blend of Cassis, Rum, and cardamom. At the heart, the exotic sweetness of Jasmine and Palm flowers merge deliciously with a tranquil Leather richness. The base notes lead to a wild, natural paradise where lush palm trees bear delectable Kholas Dates, adding a fruity freshness to a seductively charismatic combination of Musk, Woods, and Vanilla.’

£184 for 100ml eau de parfum


“Patience and hope, never fade with time,
Despite the darkness and pressure, we must endure.”

“We emerge in a light, so precious, sublime,
Shining with beauty, exquisitely pure.”
– Jo Khalaf

[By Marc Daniel Heimgartner.] ‘Masa, the Arabic name for a singular diamond. If we had an eternity to sift through a sea of diamonds, we would never find two the same, they are renowned for their uniqueness as much as they are for their astonishing beauty. Diamonds represent resilience, eternal love, purity, and new beginnings. These enchanting attributes highlight the ambiguous elements of this gem’s invincibility and the inherent delicacy of the one who wears it.The Moon is a symbol of illumination, each Lunar phase is represented in the design of Masa in Silver, which is associated with strength, abundance, and enlightenment.

Masa embodies the precious luminosity of the diamond through a perfect balance of herbal freshness and ambered wood notes. Masa opens with a delicious combination of bergamot, Mirabelle and grapefruit highlighted by the warm spice of Ginger root. The heart notes consist of a fresh blend of Patchouli, Aquatic accord, Petitgrain and Cardamom. In the base, we find a wrapping mixture of Amber, Vanilla, Atlas Cedarwood, Vetiver, Guaiac Wood, and Violet which enhance the vivid radiance of the diamond within each bottle of Masa.’

£184 for 100ml eau de parfum


Written by Suzy Nightingale

The Ledger Series – Floris dip into their archive for fabulous fragrant inspiration…

Reviving nine archival scents for their thrilling new collection, The Ledger Series is a fantastic opportunity to wear some of the most truly iconic – and timeless – Floris fragrances


The long-distinguished history of Floris first began in the dreams of one Juan Famenias Floris, who in 1730 sailed from his native Minorca to set up in London. Marrying an English girl, he settled in business as a barber on Jermyn Street within the fashionable St. James’s area, first making hair combs and then assuaging his homesickness by blending fragrant oils he’d transported from Europe. Customers soon took to ordering bespoke blends, all recorded in leather-bound ledgers, enabling Floris to re-create them should further supplies be required in the future – and thus a fragrant dynasty was born.

Many of those original ledgers, order forms and letters of thanks are still in existence, preserved by successive generations of the Floris family, and offering a uniquely fascinating glimpse of British fragrant taste through the ages. Their books boast orders from Admirals serving under Lord NelsonFlorence NightingaleGeorge IV, through to Winston Churchill. In 1820, Floris received the first of 16 Royal Warrants, the most recent being the title: Perfumers to HM The Queen Elizabeth II and Manufacturers of Toilet Preparations to HRH The Prince of Wales. (Now, of course, King Charles!)




And now, Floris have returned to their archive to revive NINE stunning fragrances from their archives, as part of The Ledger Series. Floris explain: 

‘The Ledger Series stands as a testament to the passion and dedication of our perfumery team. This collection is a labour of love, bringing back nine fragrances from the Floris archive that were once discontinued. Meticulously delving into the original family formula books, our team studied and carefully revived these fragrances, ensuring they are preserving the timeless essence of Floris.
Utilising the authentic formulas and employing the finest available ingredients, our perfumery team diligently restored these classic scents within The Ledger Series. This exceptional collection includes Rose Geranium, Malmaison Encore, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Red Rose, Islay, Edwardian Bouquet, Soulle Ámbar and Stephanotis. Each scent, meticulously revived, encapsulates the essence of its historical roots, promising a sensorial journey through time and sophistication.’
You can read the full fabulous stories behind each fragrance in the links below, but for now, let’s explore the fascinating collection…

Floris Ledger Series: Rose Geranium

‘Rose Geranium was first introduced by Floris in 1890 when pink geranium was added to the existing Geranium fragrance. One of our most esteemed and loved clients was Marilyn Monroe, a star that has transcended time and captured our imaginations like no other. The characteristic notes of geranium are enhanced by the fresh citrus nuances of citronella and a hint of rose. A harmonious heart with an uplifting blend of palmarosa, the timeless beauty of rose, and the gentle touch of rosewood. A captivating heart that evokes elegance and grace leaves space to a simply woody base note accord of cedarwood. A grounded warm woody presence adds depth and sophistication to the delicate bouquet.’
£220 for 100ml eau de parfum

Floris Ledger Series: Sandalwood

‘Led by the legendary Sir Ranulph Fiennes, the historic Great Transglobal Expedition of 1979 embarked on a daring journey to the South Pole, meticulously tracing the Greenwich Meridian. Amidst this epic odyssey, Floris proudly supported the expedition with a suite of provisions, including our intrepid Sandalwood Eau de Parfum. Using the finest sandalwood oil from Mysore, the fragrance is enriched by a captivating blend of bergamot, rose, cardamom and black pepper in the top note, creating a harmonious and intriguing opening. Sandalwood reveals an enchanting heart with orris and star anise, infusing the scent with a mesmerizing blend of floral elegance and subtle spice. The smooth sandalwood scent is enhanced by warm musk’s and the allure of earthy notes of pachouli, creating a creamy and woody base.’
£220 for 100ml eau de parfum

Floris Ledger Series: Malmaison Encore

‘Malmaison was a firm favourite of Oscar Wilde who used to visit the Floris Shop to see the Floris family, proudly wearing a green dyed carnation in his lapel. Malmaison Encore opens with a spicy blend of clove, cinnamon and zesty lemon, creating a warm and inviting top note. The floral bouquet of carnation, rose, and ylang ylang, build the romantic and sensual heart of the fragrance, while the base notes of cedarwood, musk and patchouli bring depth and sophistication leaving a lingering trail of captivating allure. The final touch of vanilla together with the spicy carnation, evoke the elegance and timeless beauty of this floral oriental fragrance.’
£220 for 100ml eau de parfum

Floris Ledger Series: Islay

‘The unisex scent pays homage to the flora of the romantic and isolated Islay and to the wonderful whisky that has lovingly been produced on the island, it is said, since the 1300s. Inspired by the tasting notes and deep flavours of the rich amber liquor, as well as the beautiful island itself, known as “The Queen of the Hebrides”, Islay is also a celebration of the time-honoured ritual of appreciating the deep complex flavours and subtle nuances of whisky.
Earthy green top notes of galbanum bring to mind the wild, windswept gorse hedgerows of Islay complimented by bergamot, highlighting the initial citrus character found in many of Islay’s whisky blends. Orris adds a smooth and soft floral note whilst adding balance to the rich, rugged peaty and smoky accord of prickly juniper oil and patchouli. Finally, just a subtle hint of vanilla with warm comforting musk’s in the base of the fragrance imbue a reassuring outro to the scent.’
£220 for 100ml eau de parfum

Floris Ledger Series: Stephanotis

‘One of the original Floris fragrances created in 1816. Stephanotis draws inspiration from the Stephanotis flower, also known as the “bridal veil” flower. The fragrance uses oil from the “Madagascan Jasmine”, a flower which symbolises “happiness in marriage”, a delicate beauty and sweet fragrance that embodies love, purity and devotion. Originally created as a bridal perfume for the high society weddings that often took place at the magnificent St. James’s church, built by Christopher Wren in 1684, Stephanotis soon became an established favourite to be worn by brides.
Stephanotis opens with a vibrant freshness of orange blossom, petitgrain, and a touch of green galbanum note. The heart notes of spicy carnation, aromatic coriander, delicate stephanotis and intoxicating jasmine create a floral symphony that captivates the senses with its elegance and allure. A velvety embrace of musk, the soft powdery notes and the soothing essence of sandalwood in the base gracefully concludes this fragrance, leaving a long-lasting warmth and sophistication.’
£220 for 100ml eau de parfum

Floris Ledger Series: Vetiver

‘Vetiver was a firm favorite of Legendary Actor and Director Sir Laurence Olivier who used to visit the Floris Shop to see the family. Originally inspired by the exotic aromas, vibrant colours and energy of India. The vetiver plant has been revered for centuries in the mystical land of India. It captures the essence of the rich cultural heritage, spirituality and natural beauty. The earthy and aromatic roots of the vetiver plant embody strength and a connection to nature, creating a captivating and sophisticated scent experience. A twist of bergamot and lemon lifts the distinctive and tenacious notes of vetiver from the heart of lavender, and geranium.
The Vetiver fragrance entices with aromatic heart notes of cinnamon, clove and invigorating coriander blending with the earthy and smoky essence of vetiver. The warm spices contrast with the deep and long-lasting base notes of amber, soothing frankincense, rich patchouli, and comforting sweet tonka bean, creating a captivating and inviting olfactory journey.’
£220 for 100ml eau de parfum

Floris Ledger Series: Edwardian Bouquet

‘Edwardian Bouquet is an expression of the good life; it’s the finest of town and country. Rooms perfumed with hyacinths in springtime, delicate blooms of jasmine in the garden and weekend forest walks, the autumn air heavy with woods and rich oakmoss. Edwardian Bouquet was first introduced into the Floris range in 1901 as a celebration of the new era. The fragrance was then reintroduced in 1984 with the rediscovery of the original formula while going through the family archives.
Opening with the sparkling citrus freshness of bergamot and mandarin combined with a distinctive green accord and the delicate allure of hyacinth. The heart reveals a bouquet of flowers, jasmine, delicate rose and sensual ylang ylang intertwine their floral beauty to create a timeless and elegant olfactory experience, while the fragrance resonates with a base of warm amber, velvety musk, and rich earthy notes of oakmoss and patchouli, creating a sense of elegance and nostalgia.’
£220 for 100ml eau de parfum

Floris Ledger Series: Soulle Ámbar

‘Sun-filled days and languid evenings where opulent sparks of pineapple and zesty citrus drift on the breeze. Inspired by Floris founder Juan Famenias Floris’s roots on the Balearic Island of Minorca, the fragrance embodies a leisurely Mediterranean spirit. The name Soulle, translates from Spanish as ‘sunlight and eastern wind’. A spirit of adventure, a statement of freedom, Soulle Ámbar excites the senses, anticipating new discoveries just over the horizon inviting you to embrace life and take a chance.
Soulle Ámbar opens with a fresh crisp vibrant note of pineapple capturing the senses. Lentisque and galbanum create an elegant, modern green accord balanced with fresh crisp fruity note of pineapple. A burst of invigorating bergamot creates a vibrant opening to the fragrance. The heart reveals the lush of jasmine, geranium and melilot. The spicy resinous notes are complemented by the tingling pink peppercorns. As it unfolds, the delicate sweetness of vanilla, amber and musk captures the essence of sophistication and leaves a sensual base to complete the fragrance.’
£220 for 100ml eau de parfum

Floris Ledger Series: Red Rose

‘Worn by many well-known names over more than two centuries and particular cherished favourite of legendary Vogue Editor Grace Coddington writes in her memoirs: 1959 – “I was probably 19 or 20 when I moved to London with a friend to go to modelling school. We rented a room in Notting Hill Gate, which is an incredibly smart area now, but in those days it wasn’t like that at all. I met people in the coffee bar who signed me up for the Vogue modeling contest, which I won, and who introduced me to the photographer Norman Parkinson. My first picture was a nude for him! [With the money I made] I went to all the old arcades with all the old shops, because I loved old, traditional things—I will, always—and Floris was one of those stores. I didn’t go in with the intention of buying a perfume. I went in because I was responding to the visuals as much as a fragrance I found there called Red Rose. I just loved the idea that it was pretty much crushed rose petals and that was that.”
Red Rose opens with sparkling leafy green notes before the balanced, enigmatic rose character gradually reveals itself. The fragrance blooms with the warmth of cinnamon leaf and clove bud intertwined with the delicate embrace of palmarosa, and the essence of Rose Absolute at its heart. The base notes of vetiver, cedarwood and sandalwood create a comforting effect, while the sensuous depth of musk create a captivating and enduring fragrance.’
£220 for 100ml eau de parfum
Written by Suzy Nightingale

Scent-matching Bridgerton Season 3… Scents for debutantes & heartbreakers!

Dearest Reader,

Society is ABUZZ with the welcome return of Bridgerton Season 3, and the mamas of the blushing debutantes (sometimes blushing for very good reason) are all set to find their perfect matches in the ballrooms and palaces (and – ahem – bedrooms) we’ve so missed waltzing through. Yours Truly has been busy making matches, too, as you shall discover, with this Whistle[down]-stop tour through the fragrances some of the main characters should be hastily spritzing if they know what’s good for them (which most of them assuredly do not.)

Before we begin with the olfactory introductions, lets us quickly adjourn to a précis of all the best gossip, via the ever-knowing wonders of the Bridgerton Wiki website. However, gentle readers must BE WARNED for their are potential SPOILERS ahead. So do not come to us with your pearl-clutching chagrin if you have not yet watched the first four episodes on Netflix (with the final four making an appearance on June 13.) 

‘Penelope enters Season 3 finally ready to give up her longtime crush on Colin. However, that doesn’t mean she’s done with love. Instead, Penelope has decided it’s time to take a husband — and preferably one who will give her the freedom to continue her double life as Lady Whistledown, far away from the prying eyes of her mother and sisters. Lacking in confidence, Penelope’s attempts on the marriage mart fail spectacularly.



Meanwhile, Colin has returned from his summer travels with a new look and a serious sense of swagger. But he’s disheartened to realise that Penelope, the one person who always appreciated him as he was, is giving him the cold shoulder. Eager to win back her friendship, Colin offers to mentor Penelope in the ways of confidence to help her find a husband this season. But when his lessons start working a little too well, Colin must grapple with whether his feelings for Penelope are truly just friendly. Complicating matters for Penelope is her rift with Eloise, who has found a new friend in a very unlikely place, while Penelope’s growing presence in the ton makes it all the more difficult to keep her Lady Whistledown alter ego a secret.’

WELL! What a to-do. The only thing for it is to reach for a new fragrance (and possibly the smelling salts, given all the drama and passion afoot). Which of these you may also decide to plump for is entirely up to you, of course, but we urge you to try them – and be careful whose hearts you may break along the way…

Yours truly,

Suzy Nightingale


Penelope Featherington + Alexandre J Butterfly

Penelope wishes to be a social butterfly, but she’ll need to come way out of her comfort zone and spread her wings. Will Colin be the man who can help her to fly? There’s certain to be lots of flutterings while wearing this. Butterfly whisks one away in a flurry of florals. Imagine handfuls of tuberose and neroli petals borne aloft on ribbons of pear and pink peppercorns, streaming joyously to a buoyantly soft musky/vanilla base.

£325 for 100ml eau de parfum



Colin Bridgerton + Goldfield & Banks Silky Woods Elixir

There’s something different about Colin – whatever could it be? He’s attracting all sorts of attention these days… Freshly returned from thrilling adventures abroad and having gathered a bronzed glow, this fragrance has heaps of wood and will waft for miles. Despite the steamy scent of the tropics, a definite greenness can still be glimpsed through the smokey, sultry swagger, and there’s comfort to be found in the reassuringly fluffy base.

£215 for 100ml elixir




Francesca Bridgerton + Thameen Fanfare

There’s a sparkle to this scent that just never dulls – perfect, then, to reflect the light that shines from Francesca as she navigates her way through the tumultuous marriage market. Bursting with talent (and only truly at peace when playing the piano that’s her guiding passion), she needs a fragrance that fills a room with its presence but never has to try too hard. Inspired by London’s musically-imbued history of Covent Garden, and the flower market it was famed for; Fanfare is a clarion call of white florals amidst the refreshing brightness of crisp citrus.

£250 for 100ml Cologne elixir

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Will Mondrich + Parfums de Marly Perseus

Attempting to get used to his new life – with his son having inherited Lady Kent’s entire estate – Will requires a fragrance that’ll make him feel like a king in his own perfumed court. Breezily fresh, this veritably gallops out of the bottle with vibrant grapefruit, bergamot and green mandarin, before an air of supreme sophistication takes over, via grounding vetiver and head-clearing geranium. Vigorously masculine at times, soft as a cashmere caress at others, it’s a scent which perfectly balances brightness with a newly found elegance.

£200 for 75ml eau de parfum



Eloise Bridgerton + Yardley English Jasmine

Oh, Eloise has got herself into such a predicament. We suggest she gets herself out of the corner she’s put herself in and goes for a long walk in the meadows surrounding the Bridgerton family home. Wearing this, the distant coolness of tuberose thaws to joyous frangipani and the dawning light of jasmine’s tenderness, while lemon and mandarin cut through any nonsense. Embracing simplicity, as it dries down, the warmth of musk and cedarwood make an appearance – as we hope her treasured friendship with Penelope might yet emerge…

£17.50 for 125ml eau de toilette


Craving even more scent-matching shenanigans, or craving a catch-up? Do take a look at our Scenting Bridgerton Season Two.