Latest Launches: Eau so Emotional

This week’s Latest Launches are sure to take you on an emotional journey. Set off on a dramatic note with Ojar Forgiven Outrage before exploring the covetable feline bottle of CH beasts. Skandinavisk offers Island Solitude whilst Buly explores the mysteries of the Ural mountains with Forêt de Komi, before Atelier Materi coaxes ambrette into a scent to swoon for. OFFICINE_UNIVERSELLE_BULY_KOMI_FOREST

Quite what the secret of Parisian apothecary/perfume house/all-round-creative-genius-brand Buly’s Eau Triple water-based scents is, we long to know, for they have all the magic of an alcohol-based scent, and plenty of staying power. Here, woods and minerals are melded together with sage, cardamom, basil, violet and lavender, to evoke an imaginary walk in the Komi forest in Russia’s Ural mountains. If this gender-neutral fragrance was a colour, it would be a deep, shaded, mossy green.
130 euros for 75ml eau triple
For their second shareable eau de toilette, Skandinavisk send sea breezes gusting through gnarled crab apple, dog rose and moss. This marine floral is as romantic as their description of ‘exploring glittering Scandinavian waterways under sail, of archipelagos akin to giant’s stepping stones, navigating with no fixed destination, and encountering rocky shadows to escape upon.’ At a time when travel’s so tricky, we are thankful to escape on scent’s magic carpet, instead.
£45 for 50ml eau de toilette
With an ethos of inspecting an ingredient from every angle – born out of founder, Véronique Le Bihan’s architectural background – here the ambrette seed is coaxed to behave almost fruitily, encouraged by the mandarin and ginger. Then, the floralcy of amyris warms to a skin-like musk supported by Ambroxan and spiced sandalwood. Delicately captivating, it’s perhaps the most ‘masculine’ of the unisex range, but they’re so skilfully nuanced you’ll want to take a turn around each.
£195 for 100ml eau de parfum
Stalking stealthily through an imagined garden, this magnificent beast is a limited edition, so you’d best catch it while you can. Wrapped in green velvet and snarling slightly, the dewy violet leaves and aromatic fir balsam evoke nature freshly drenched from a rainfall. But it’s the dry-down we love best: speckles of black pepper dusting the Cashmeran, labdanum and vanilla base – a provocative purr that begs to be nuzzled but hints at dangerous consequences.
£72 for 100ml eau de parfum
First points go the name, a joy to repeat when someone asks what you’re wearing (and they will, if you allow them that close). Second, to the dual-purpose bottle, which can be a roll-on or used with a dabber, also supplied. Thirdly – and most importantly – it smells divine. Imagine the scent of incense from a Japanese kodo ceremony – a trail of cardamom-speckled smoke twisted with freesias and ylang ylang, grounded by guaiac wood – and relax.
£135 for 20ml absolute

Latest Launches: Scents to Celebrate

With names like Radiant Osmanthus and Juniper Jazz, it’s clear to that this week’s latest launches are something to celebrate. Lacoste brings us visons of Wimbledon with Match Point whilst Creed Aventus glories in its Tenth Anniversary Limited Edition. In the final furlong, Parfums de Marly provides a breath-taking photo finish with the luxurious Pegasus Exclusif. 

Continuing their celebration of feminine fragrances that evoke the excitement of world-travel, the osmanthus here truly is radiant – orange blossom and succulent peach a fragrant choir of fruitiness amidst glowing jasmine, sheer amber, smooth sandalwood and fluffy musk. A prescient scent if ever there were one, how we shall wrap ourselves in this and dream of sunnier days, of being frivolous again and relishing every single adventure. Joyful mood-enhancement to wear at any time.
£165 for 100ml eau de parfum
Outside, Juniper Jazz is dressed up Art Deco-style. But the bottle itself has a holographic shimmer that is very ‘now’. Launched as a limited edition, we are sincerely hoping that this does not do a Cinderella-esque vanishing act on us – we’re so taken with the contrast of fascinating metallic molecules, softened by warm, musky woods and patchouli. In the unlikely event of any dancing on tabletops this party season, expect us to be wearing this.
£85 for 100ml eau de toilette
Celebrating a decade of the iconic, blockbusting men’s fragrance, for the first time, Creed offer a stunning special edition bottle. We know there are millions of fans – and with good reason: it’s a vibrantly sensual explosion of pineapple, perfectly balanced with florals, spices, citrus fruits and woody notes – and this so-collectable bottle should definitely adorn your dens. For uber fans it’s a must-buy, and for those yet to experience it? Get set to stun!
£280 for 100ml eau de parfum
Never mind Match Point, this is game, set and match to Lacoste for a thrillingly fresh aromatic creation that pitches two poised accords against each other. In the opening game, enjoy the green, exhilarating energy of basil and gentian, with an intriguing yet subtle bitter edge. But ultimately, as with all fragrances, it’s the base notes which win through – here, the composed, calm elegance of vetiver, smoothed by Cashmeran. Trophy-worthy, this one.
From £35 for 30ml eau de toilette
When Pegasus first launched, it became an instant success – the kind of cult fragrance perfumistas nodded in quiet appreciation of, while passing a fellow fragrance lover. Returning with a twist, Pegasus now rides again as an Exclusif version. Retaining two of the most characteristic ingredients found in the original – bitter almond and vanilla – the warmth of guaiac wood and natural oudh radiates further when contrasted with the zingy opening of bergamot and pink pepper.
£160 for 75ml eau de parfum

Latest Launches: Fragrant Road to Freedom

Succumb to the charms of this week’s latest launches as freedom beckons and happier times pave the way. Contradictions in Ilk Virtuous transports you to Tuscany while Bentley For Men Silverlake entices you to roll down the windows and enjoy the ride. Skandinavisk Kapitel 12 Freedom to Roam invites exploration and adventure and we are more than ready for both!

We have few excuses to get dressed up, right now – but we can still enjoy when our fragrances get an haute couture outfit. Giorgio Armani’s latest pair have been designed in homage to the ancient Indonesian dyeing technique of ikat. Ikat Bleu’s mood is Oriental-spicy, first tempting us with spicily fresh bergamot and pink pepper, embroidered with iris and patchouli that ultimately give way to Bourbon vanilla and guaiac wood. Just 1300 pieces, worldwide.
£565 for 100ml eau de parfum
We’ve come to love the great outdoors more than ever over the course of 2020 – catching up with our Scandinavian contemporaries, here. Now Skandinavisk, a much-loved bath, body and candle name, set out to capture that spirit of wilderness with a debut trio of scents. First up: Freedom to Roam reflects an ancient Scandinavian law which invites exploration and adventure, imagining heather-line trails above the tree line via notes of wild berries, herbs and woods.
£45 for 50ml eau de toilette

As we’ve lately abandoned boardrooms for bedrooms (or front rooms/kitchen tables/wherever we can #WFH), this launch feels pertinent indeed, inspired as it is by escaping the city and driving to the mountains. Iced lemon and peppermint shiver delightedly to foresty, verdant violet leaf, with sheer lavender evoking the silvery sheen of a distant lake. Finally, the amber-rich base of musky woods makes us want to roll the window down and whoop, joyously. Impressively done.
£69.50 for 100ml eau de parfum
Transported to the Tuscan countryside via an aromatic herb garden, this personality-led house invites you to ‘follow in the shadow of a Carthusian monk.’ Contrasting scentscapes of dewy leaves and incense-infused leather books are linked via oakwood and moss for spiritually uplifting experience. But wait; don’t be bound by one ‘type’. Explore your less than pure side by layering with their passionate Libertine scent – or any of the six others waiting to tempt you.
£118 for 50ml eau de parfum
A second new Eau Triple, from Buly. (Whose stores, by the way, as and when we can freely travel again, are worth putting on your perfume bucket list.) Here, saffron – also known as ‘red gold’ – is showcased alongside oudh, a pair of ingredients chosen to conjure up the legendary Silk Road that snaked through Isfahan, Cairo, Damascus and Samarkand. You’ll leave behind a sensual trail of patchouli, sandalwood, amber and musk, in your (or your camel’s?) wake.
130 euros for 75ml eau triple

Latest Launches: Tender Blossoms (Hello Spring!)

This week’s latest launches make for a scented bouquet of florals that tell us spring is in the air. Indulge in Clive Christian Crown Collection Crab Apple Blossom, explore iris buds in Guerlain L’Heure Blanche and discover English meadows with Yardley London English Daisy. Winter is so last season!CLIVE_CHRISTIAN_CRAB_APPLE_BLOSSOMCLIVE CHRISTIAN
Once upon a time, a blossoming crab apple tree stood outside the Kensington headquarters of Crown Perfumery – the chosen perfume house of British royalty – which Clive Christian rescued from being lost to history. Now, the house pays homage to the original 1886 scent, and celebrating their unique heritage, the spring blossom is dressed in modern finery, with a salty marine bergamot accord atop fizzy rhubarb and matured sandalwood. Gloriously evocative of sunny days.
£325 for 50ml eau de parfum
This second signature scent from the design house echoes one of their made-to-measure dresses, draping the skin in layers of transparent green notes and the fresher side of peony. Givaudan perfumer Natalie Cetto-Gracia caresses a restrained citrus opening to reveal a hyper-realistic juicy pear, before enveloping the floral heart with a scattering of rose, ending with a cool jasmine tea granita. Effortless Euro-chic, we wistfully picture Tuscan terraces as the setting for romantic canoodlings.
£70 for 50ml eau de parfum

A positively celestial and very special white bee bottle, here – there are 1888 pieces, worldwide – for an utterly celestial fragrance by Delphine Jelk, who was drawn to materials that would evoke the colour white: milky notes, iris, musk. Inspired by an exhibition at Guerlain’s Parisian flagship by French plastic artist Claudine Drai, it brings to life ‘the white hour’ – the perfect counterpoint to l’heure bleue, or twilight, famously and classically captured by Guerlain.
£490 for 125ml eau de parfum
We are soothed by the very names of these Scandi scents, never mind the aromas themselves. Remote Refrain is ‘written as a sonnet to fresh pear, its delicate white flowers and the subtle honey scent of their pollen, carefully wrapped inside the sensory amphitheatre of fjordland and accented by the water reverb of its surrounding falls.’ A scent to induce visions of spring blossoms in ancient orchards and the joy of simple pleasures.
£45 for 50ml eau de toilette
Sometimes you just want to wear something that makes you feel like you’ve rushed out into the sunshine, run to the garden and flung yourself on the lawn to roll in the daisies – and here’s the scent to spritz when you need to capture that feeling. Green apples and dewdrops on leaves giggle into uplifting hyacinth and white rose, before warming to a comforting embrace of sandalwood and musk. Memories of spring picnics, bottled.
£20 for 50ml eau de toilette

Latest Launches: Feeling Brighter

The dazzling rainbow flacons of this week’s latest launches are lighting our way to spring. Who could resist the sunshine yellow of Carolina Herrera CH Beauties Limited Edition? Or the temptation of Tom Ford Bitter Peach? Jeroboam Gozo shakes off its usual black to  bring us a new look orange flacon, while Perfumer H Salt makes us yearn for the sea.  Ånd Frank-ly, we can’t stop at one!

Dressed in sunshine yellow, emblazoned with butterflies, this bottle could hardly be jollier (or more collectable), perfectly expressing the characteristics of the fragrance inside. A whoosh of crisp pear and mandarin – the fruit of the moment in the scent world – gives way to a joyous entanglement of neroli, jasmine and peony in the heart notes. As it warms on the skin, amber, sandalwood and vanilla plump the base – a pillowy landing, having fluttered so prettily.
£92 for 100ml eau de parfum
A break with tradition: the first time Jeroboam have strayed from black bottles, with this ker-pow orange. It was born of a meeting between Jovoy’s globetrotting founder François Hénin and Qatari social media megastar and A-list perfumista, Abdulaziz Al Ajail. As ever with Jeroboam, perfumer Vanina Muracciole translated the vision into scent, swirling together a heady cloud of tuberose, cedarwood and Ambroxan to evoke ‘heaven on earth’ – the Maltese island of Gozo.
£100 for 30ml eau de parfum
Don’t be put off by the name. (When did Mr. Ford ever let us down?) This is a welcome reminder of summer’s joys, luscious with Sicilian blood orange, the signature pêche de vigne (peaches on the vine) accord and a dash of cardamom in the opening, beckoning us towards a boozy afternoon with rum, cognac, davana oil and jasmine absolute, in time to enjoy a golden sunset moment with sandalwood, benzoin, vanilla, tonka and patchouli. Sigh.
£228 for 50ml eau de partum
Instead of the usual ‘dark, churchy dusty incense and smells of a dodgy pipe smoking priest’s frayed robes,’ as ånd fragrance wittily put it, the surprisingly fresh side of frankincense is explored here. Directly sourced frankincense resin has been lovingly harvested by at least 20 generations of families who supply this ingredient, but more recently though a deadly combination of drought and economic pressures have pushed trees to the edge of extinction. A true feel-good scent.
£35 for 10ml parfum
Gusty walks on wind-whipped dunes, breathing the freshest imaginable air. Lyn Harris weaves wild herbal notes of rosemary, white sage and coriander with angelica seed and cardamom, with the earthiness of patchouli and oakmoss mellowed by orris. An interesting ‘fresh Chypre’, aromatic and yet sexy at the same time. If you to opt for the ultramarine £400 handblown glass flacon, showcasing 100ml of eau de parfum, we know you’ll want to showcase it forever.
From £150 for 50ml eau de parfum

Latest Launches: Sugar, Spice and All Things Nice

Spring is blooming into colour and you will be too with this week’s latest launches. From the rainbow swirls of Britney Spears Festive Fantasy to Maison Sybarite Spicy Calabria, you’ll be luxuriating in an olfactory feast of sugar, spice and all things nice, and thanks to Les Indemodeables Vanille Havane a touch of rum and cocoa too!

We know many collectors of Britney Spears’s fragrances (see blogger Sarah Major’s ‘Share My Stash’, in our Issue 41) – and this vibrant flacon is destined for the limelight on their dressing tables. It is, we are told, Britney’s invitation to ‘Live to celebrate life!’ (definitely our motto for 2021). Lusciously feminine, the line-up of notes includes cherry, plum, dewberry, star gazer lily, freesia, sugar musk, sandalwood and a vanilla beignet accord (it’s a deep-fried dumpling, FYI).
£35 for 100ml
Perfumer Antoine Lie collaborated with founder, Valerie Pulverail, using natural vanilla to create a contemporary gourmand that’s darkly sensual rather than overtly sweet – and its outrageously addictive. Seeking to explore every nuance of vanilla, Lie says he ‘pushed the rum, cocoa, spices – clove, cinnamon, cardamom’ elements of the vanilla bean, ramping up ‘the tobacco, woods, floral and leathery facets’ until even gourmand naysayers will be begging: ‘Please, sir, can I have some more…?’
£186 for 50ml eau de parfum
We’ve always loved the sculptural feel of the Olympéa bottle, with its nod to Ancient Greece with its sculptural shape. But we’ve loving this limited edition incarnation, the cap fashioned to look like black marble shot through with copper veining and a sun-setting-over-the-Aegean ombré rose gradient, on the glass itself. Inside? Those familiar notes of mandarin, ginger lily, jasmine, salted vanilla, ambergris and sandalwood – a composition deserving of its copper laurel wreath adornment.
£82.50 for 30ml eau de toilette
We’re delighted to showcase this in our latest men’s collection, The Super Man Box (launch 4th December): a stunner from the perfume house’s Nero collection, with an unusual opening of Christmassy dried fruits, neroli, tonka and cardamom leading to a crescendo of warm woods, patchouli and soft vanilla, which positively bursts out of the chic, moody bottle. Then as the pace slows again, enjoy a smoky-sweet base accord that swirls with soft musks.
From £110 for 100ml eau de parfum
Celebrating the citrus notes Calabria is famed for, juicy ginger and black pepper add to the zing-appeal here while powdery orris cushions the decadently wormwood- rippled base. Cedar adds a grounding note of contemplation, but really, it’s party-central, limette thrumming with woody oudh and patchouli. All their fragrances are alcohol-free moisturising mists – created from saponine, olive oil and water – leaving a sexy sheen the Sybarites would surely have approved of!
£160 for 75ml eau de parfum

Latest Launches: Posies of Roses

The perfume industry has always embraced roses, and oh! So do we. This week’s latest launches will have you blooming and blushing as Kilian Roses on Ice tempts with its divine flacon. 4711 puts a rosy spin on its cologne with Floral Collection Rose as Versace, Ojar and Maison Sybarite offer armfuls of luxurious blooms. We’re so ready for la vie en rose!

Perhaps our favourite of the new trio – because who doesn’t love the rose? – this offers the most sparkling opening, with cool notes of mandarin, bergamot and green tea. Dewy, romantic rosiness is certainly apparent, here, but expect touches of cyclamen and freesia, with musk and sandalwood again featuring in the dry-down. We’re thrilled that the folks at 4711 haven’t messed with the iconic flacon, for this line-up – though they’ve added a spray for easy misting.
£18 for 100ml eau de Cologne
It’s all about the decadent, decanter-esque glass flacon, for Christmas 2020 – bottle trend we’re happy to raise a glass to, especially when it showcases a stunner like this first-time collaboration with perfumer Franck Voelkl. Kilian ask: ‘Anyone for notes of gin, distilled with rose and cucumber?’ A rhetorical question, as we enjoy the icy freshness of juniper berries, contrasting with the velvety warmth of rosa Centifolia, sandalwood and musk. Chin, chin!
From £165 for 50ml parfum
Sybaris was an ancient city founded in 720BC, famed for its hedonistic inhabitants, who slept (among other activities) on beds of rose petals, apparently insisting on fresh roses every night. (Quite right, too). Today, ‘Sybarite’ refers to persons given to self-indulgence and luxury – something else we can get behind, along with anointing ourselves in this sumptuous scent. Roses rest on powdery orris, electrified with spicy sparks and tolu balm, hints of lasciviousness belying the freshness.
£160 for 75ml eau de parfum
A tingle of pink pepper infuses blood orange before a mellow haze of oakmoss rises to greet the softness of rose, encircled by white amber and swathed in patchouli. As shady vetiver kisses the base of white musk and vanilla, you’ll be entranced. Calling on the brand’s Middle Eastern heritage, 18 glorious perfume oils, in all, are long-lasting yet close to the skin, cloaking the wearer in a scented veil rather than filling a room.
£130 for 30ml absolute

Here, we encounter the Moroccan Centifolia rose at dawn, delicately hand-picked before the sun spoils the petals. Feeling tenderly draped in a dewy mist, it slowly unfurls to the warmth of Ambrox – a shimmering sunrise comprising amber, hazy incense, smooth wood, a nuzzle of tobacco and billowy musk. Embodying the Atelier Versace ethos of exquisite workmanship and attention to detail, the stunning range deserves to be fully explored – but this is a great place to start.
£320 for 100ml eau de parfum

Latest Launches: A Night to Remember

This week’s latest launches are certain to captivate. YSL Black Opium Storm Illusion offers bold glamour and a glittering flacon, while Byredo tempts with the ruby coloured juice of Tobacco Mandarin. Connock London, Jo Malone and Paco Rabanne offer glamorous bottles and irresistible scents. Which ones will you choose…?

Part of the Night Veils collection, you’ll be hurrying to disrobe and drape yourself in this interplay of citrus and spice. Sparkling mandarin’s immediately shot through with the deeper sizzle of cumin and coriander. This particular combination always puts us in mind of skin that’s slightly sweaty from salacious shenanigans, enhanced by the creamy leather that swathes the heart. Then tobacco and labdanum swirl the base in a smoky hit that seals the deal…
£235 for 50ml extrait de parfum
At last, a long-awaited follow-up fragrance from British brand Connock London, whose original bestselling Kukui, with its whisk-you-to-the-tropics white floralcy, has long been a favourite of ours. If Kukui is sun-drenched days, this is steamy nights: an elegant encounter with notes of rose, sandalwood, jasmine and patchouli, skin-warmed to reveal notes of oudh and black amber. They recommend it ‘anytime you want to up the glamour level a little.’ Which is most of the time, these days.
£45 for 30ml eau de parfum
Especially for Christmas 2020, Jo Malone London bring us a dazzling, crystalline bottle containing a seasonal fragrance in which warm, sensual amber slow-dances with a sexy midnight musk accord. It actually opens with a fast-tempo green accord of juicy mandarin, but develops a smoochy second-skin warmth as the soft, powdery musks and amber pulse on your skin. And oh, that luminous, faceted, dressing table-worthy bottle – pure Roaring Twenties glamour.
£105 for 100ml Cologne
Black Opium is clearly going for collector status here, with this flacon for the seductive ‘rock couture’ fragrance. The coffee-powered eau de parfum is unchanged, but emblazoned here with a shimmering lightning bolt of black, pink and silver that will get the party started – even if it’s just you, a cocktail or two, and the fragrance’s caffeinated jolt of black coffee, bergamot, orange blossom, jasmine sambac, vanilla and white musk. Grab the limited edition while you can.
We’re absolutely loving the limited-edition bottle – a stunning black stone effect shot through with metal, looking for all the (under)world like something that deserves a place on the mantlepiece, never mind the bathroom shelf. It truly reflects the juice, too – the marine accord, laurel leaf, ambergris and grapefruit zest echoing the slivered glints of silver amidst a darkly glowering guaiac wood patchouli base that positively pulses with power. Becomingly seductive and fascinatingly sinister, in turn.
£69 for 100ml eau de toilette

Latest Launches: Going For Gold

This week’s latest launches are sure to add a glimmer of glamour to your fragrance wardrobe. Enrobe yourself in the J.U.S. Sexycrush Gold Edition with its layers of rose, oudh and vanilla. Or perhaps you’ll swoon for By Kilian Angel’s Share – we covet both bottle AND fragrance. Serge Lutens, Playboy and Storie Veneziane by Valmot offer gold flacons full of temptation and we’re helpless to resist.

Fervent fans of this hypnotic scent will be in raptures over this pure parfum edition, exclusive to Harrods, suitably presented in a gold flacon. Those of you yet to try, meanwhile, should rush to wrap yourselves perfumer Aliénor Massenet’s sumptuous composition – luscious rose, oudh and vanilla entwined with rippled ribbons of labdanum. Wearing this is a gift to your skin, and to anyone lucky to stand close enough to float on your fabulously fragrant trail.
£165 for 100ml parfum
With an ethos of ‘anyone can make the cover’, this bright fragrance beams with cheekiness – Givaudan perfumers Roxanne Kirkpatrick and Louise Turner gilding the juiciness of ripe peach and pineapple with a quick floral lick of sheer rose, transparent lily of the valley and luminescent jasmine. Drying to a smooth, woody base and a hint of skin-warmed creaminess; it’s a flirty little number full of happy confidence – easy to wear any time.
£22 for 50ml eau de toilette
Exclusive to Harrods is this gilded flacon showcasing Serge Lutens’s enigmatic latest, the pleasing shape echoing the very first bottles he ever launched in Paris’s Palais-Royal, which essentially kickstarted the whole trend for niche perfume. Taking its name from the Arabic word tarab, referring to the trance-like state in which the body is ‘lost in dance’, the Chypre construction swirls and twirls hypnotically with elements of cypriol, Turkish rose and oudh. Dizzyingly gorgeous.
£300 for 75ml eau de parfum
Valmont’s co-founder Sophie Guillon tells us that this latest Murano glass-masked fragrance ‘celebrates hedonism, extols excess, flirts dangerously with lust… We designed this extract with an ardent spirit, driven by exhilaration, a sense of addiction to the intensity that once surged through the Casino del Ridotto in Venice.’ Inside, Nathalie Lorson’s juice is an indulgent gourmand-Oriental cocktail of rum, Chantilly cream and vanilla that has us coming back for seconds. And thirds.
£451 for 100ml eau de parfum
Founder Kilian Hennessy maintains that he is introducing a new fragrance family here – which he should label ‘boozy’, as a reflection of its intoxicating qualities (inspired by his own family heritage). Perfumer Benoist Lapouza takes a jigger of cognac essence, adds oak absolute (an echo of the barrels themselves), spiced by cinnamon essence, tonka bean, praline and vanilla. Family-wise, we’d still position this hovering between Oriental and gourmand – but we’re certain of its irresistibility.
From £165 for 50ml parfum

Latest Launches: Eau So Romantic

As Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) Day approaches, love is truly in the air with this week’s latest launches. We’re shamelessly coveting the magnificent bottles from The House of Oud (THOO), while Guerlain Shalimar Philtre de Parfum will fit any collection with its unmistakable flacon. Vines House has a Love Story that we want to be part of, rounded off with an olfactory bouquet of Maison Crivelli irises, of course.

Shalimar-lovers, be reassured that Thierry Wasser has faithfully maintained the unique spirit of your fragrance here, creating something that is definitively Shalimar – but if anything, even more so. He masterfully highlights the velvety facets of iris and vanilla, adding a ‘fresh flight’ of bergamot and lavender and an aromatic lavender edge. It’s as rich, as sensual, as long-lasting on the skin as ever, with a single drop lingering on our pulse-points, next morning. Sublime.
From £81 for 50ml eau de parfum
What we all need now is a massive hug. And if there is one ingredient that enfolds you in its arms, it is powdery iris. Here, it wraps its arms around cypress, leather, amber, musks, vanilla and a surprisingly animalic note of mimosa, confected to create ‘the mind-blowing discovery of iris fields on the edge of a desert.’ (Imaginary, but we’re right there, thanks to this shimmering mirage of a scent, from this exciting, new-to-the-UK perfume name.)
£75 for 30ml eau de parfum
An olfactory ode to the synergy of voice and spirit, Up to the Moon is inspired by the perfectly rounded soprano tones of Georgian opera singer, Nino Machaidze. Refreshing raspberry floods the senses, vibrating with crisp pear, a caress of rose and jasmine, held aloft in a sensual cocoon of amber, ambrette and rich vanilla. Charismatically captivating, the fruity vitality and warm longevity makes this a scent show that’s bound to garner a standing ovation.
£190 for 75ml eau de parfum
This romantic tale begins softly, draping innocent violet leaf in a veil of powder, trickling with plump raspberry juice and adding a frisson of pink pepper to set your senses tingling. As the chapters unfurl on your skin, the passion grows – a stunning floral heart of Damask rose, jasmine and geranium throbbing to the spicy-sweet undercurrents of cinnamon, clove, saffron and tonka. At once intriguing and bewitching, it’s a ‘happily ever after’ affair.
£100 for 50ml eau de parfum
Created for Italian baritone Guido Loconsolo, perfumer Maurizio Cerizza sought to echo his deeply virile voice with this, which has been composed specifically to ‘reach straight for the heart’ . Ginger tingles through citrus before the voluptuous heart vibrates with aromatic davana, coriander and cardamom. A soothing harmony of chamomile and angelica root signals the grand finale: a thrum of patchouli resonating with juniper berries, ambrette absolute and precious woods. Bravo!
£190 for 75ml eau de parfum