Latest Launches: Scented splendour awaits

We’re under exotic skies with this week’s latest launches. Transport yourself with Tom Ford Tuscan Leather Intense or explore Nordic landscapes with the glacial chic of Zarko Purple Molecule 070.07. Add a lavish lipstick red bottle from Narciso Rodriguez and you’re ready for scented splendour!

The risk of a kiss, captured in scent – a raspberry, lipstick-like note softly dusted with face powder and the sensation of a lover’s caress (achieved, so we’re told, with Exaltone, an aroma molecule that smells musky, soft, like-your-skin-but-better…) Exploratory smooches segue into full-blown passion with a flutter of ambergris-esque Cachalox, a throb of benzoin and patchouli making way for the final, woody flourish. One to proffer on the nape of your neck: who could resist?
£175 for 100ml eau de parfum
Narciso’s musk signature flourish remains unchanged in this counterpart to the Rouge eau de parfum which launched last year, but with a weightless airiness that manages to be discreet, mysterious and sexy all at the same time. A floral bouquet surrounds the musk, with lily of the valley and roses, while the dry-down is a vibrant skin-hum of black cedar, white cedar and tonka bean. And the cube bottle? Simply red – and simply sublime.
From £41 for 30ml eau de toilette
The renowned Serge Majoullier beckons us to a musical spectacular at a grand theatre, to enjoy ‘amusing melodies, touching vocal duets, passionate dramas, the genius and emotion of Italian lyrical tradition.’ Masterfully composed, we encounter the harmonious  interplay of black pepper, geranium, mandarin, Namibian myrrh, cistus and prune. And as the curtain falls, Bourbon vetiver, cedarwood and drifts of frankincense unfurl. Elegant and voluptuous, we’ve a hunch you’ll be back for an encore.
£195 for 100ml eau de parfum
At Harrods
Evoking a summer Nordic landscape, Purple Molecule is bright and breezy. A field of wildflowers, soft winds blowing, crisp air, all freeze-framed within this refined, modern scent. Fusing traditional perfumery with molecular science, Zarko Perfume has ripped out the middle notes of this fragrance, relying only on top notes of wildflowers, white orchids and magnolias to bewitch at first sniff, before a base of vanilla, sandalwood and silver musk cocoons the wearer.
£104 for 100ml eau de parfum 
Leather is as animalic as a note gets – and here, you can virtually hear it roar out of the bottle in a powerfully intense version of Tuscan Leather that reinvents the original with fresh osmanthus and davana, alongside aromatic inflections of saffron and thyme, gusts of voluptuous jasmine and rose, cedarwood and papyrus. Designed to be shareable, it develops quite differently on a man’s and a woman’s skin. Prepare to wrestle over this.
From £220 for 50ml eau de parfum 

Latest Launches: Amber, spice and all things nice

With a hint of autumn in the air, it’s time to get cosy and with Jo Malone Violet and Amber Absolu and Dior Spice Blend, we’ve got you covered. Add some Frederic Malle magic and a sprinkle of Guerlain and you have latest launches to snuggle up with…

Julien Rasquinet’s is the latest talent to be harnessed by Frédéric Malle for his perfumer-driven portfolio – and having followed Julien’s star in its ascendency, we’re not surprised. The latest in the Desert Gems collection, which celebrates Middle Eastern culture, The Moon showcases oudh at the heart of an opulent mélange of rose, frankincense and ripe berries, designed subtly to conjure up the fruit-flavoured shisha enjoyed across the region. Our verdict? Smoking hot.
£320 for 50ml eau de parfum
Ylang ylang is known as ‘the flower of flowers’: a powerful bloom with decadent fruity and honeyed facets. Selected by Thierry Wasser for the 10th in Guerlain’s rich L’Art et la Matière collection, which showcases exceptional raw ingredients, this exotic floral unusually gets star billing in opulent Embruns d’Ylang. Spicy, luminous, dazzling, it evokes ‘bracing sea spray carried by a stormy sky into a flower that is idyllic and enchanting in equal measure.’
£185 for 75ml eau de parfum
One of many exclusive olfactive treats to enjoy as you wander through the new Harrods Beauty Halls, this ombré bottle, capped with purple, contrasts quintessential English florals with some of the most mysterious and best-loved ingredients that embody Middle Eastern fragrance tradition. Ethereal violet petals and cool violet leaves are enfolded in amber’s soft, sensual warmth, alongside oudh, resinous labdanum and white musk in a poised perfumed cultural exchange.
£200 for 100ml eau de parfum
Globetrotter perfumer extraordinaire Alberto Morillas travels here to the wild Camargue of the South of France for L’Artisan Parfumeur, a landscape of lagoons, rice fields, wild horses, marshlands and pink flamingos. Ultra-feminine and flowery, with a creaminess reminiscent of the rice plant – a Camargue rice note is showcased in the fragrance’s heart – it opens with a whoosh of bergamot and mellows on the skin to milky sandalwood. Unusual and intriguing
£115 for 100ml eau de parfum
‘Like a gust of wind, Spice Blend leaves us wondering if it fans the fire or cools it down,’ says François Demachy, who took inspiration for Spice Blend from a bottle of Bay Rum Cologne that sat in his father’s medicine cabinet during his childhood. Fast forward, and Bay St. Thomas from the Dominican Republic is blended with a delectable rum absolute –from real Martinican rum – then infused with a mix of spices. Hot and very cool, we’d say.
£200 for 125ml eau de parfum

Latest Launches: Velvet musks and roses, roses, roses

With a fresh take on Mugler Aura and brand new scents from Chopard and Dolce & Gabbana, this week’s latest launches leave us spoilt for choice. Will you be a Femme de Force with Crabtree & Evelyn? Or will you lose yourself in L’Eau D’Issey Rose & Rose? There’s only one way to find out…

If you go down to the stores today, you’re in for a big surprise: Crabtree & Evelyn just underwent a huge makeover, shaking off the chintz and positioning themselves firmly in the now. This fragrance, too, is something different – ‘the fiery spirit of rose with extra attitude’, boldly bursting into life with Italian lemon, cassis, frankincense and elemi, its rose heart warmed by nutmeg and cashmere woods, on an anything-but-shy base of vetiver, musk and guaiac wood.
£71.50 for 95ml eau de parfum
A shareable addition to the Velvet collection, this inky flacon hints at the mysteries within, a seductive mix of woods and spices blending cumin, cardamom, saffron atop rose and cypriol oil on a base of musk, Ambroxan, sandalwood,, cedar and tonka. An intriguing and wearable mix of Eastern and Western tastes, capturing (despite the midnight blue of the bottle) the warmth of sunshine – currently the hottest trend in perfumery.
£200 for 50ml eau de parfum
Two different roses are showcased here: Damascene rose and Bulgarian rose essences, which give an almost photo-real sense of burying your nose in those blooms, such is its rosiness. ‘An invitation to experience nature’s generosity,’ is how Issey Miyake put it, with pink peppercorn, raspberry and pear adding a fruitiness to the floralcy of osmanthus and those roses. The earth in which the roses flourish, meanwhile, is represented by patchouli, Ambrox and cashmeran.
From £65 for 50ml eau de parfum intense
With an almost prismatic bottle that catches the summer light beautifully, Sensuelle is the most feminine yet interpretation of Mugler’s recent blockbuster, blending freshness and sensuality via its pairing of flowers and cool green leaves. Intoxicating gardenia is enfolded in cinnamon leaf in the heart, while white musk and Sri Lankan sandalwood make for soft, silky, animalic trail, inviting you ‘to reconnect with your inner nature and exalt your sensuality.’
From £44 for 30ml eau de parfum
A quartet of masculine luxury fragrances showcasing exceptional raw materials, Garden of the Kings pays tribute to the cornerstone of Middle Eastern perfumery, oudh, all created with the ever-deft touch of Alberto Morillas. In Or de Calambac, Morillas infuses it with the colours of South America, dialling up the heat via pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, adding gourmet flourishes of cocoa, tonka and vanilla while further enhancing its woody signature with vetiver and guaiac wood.
£260 for 100ml eau de parfum
At Harrods

Latest Launches: Scents to tempt

With flacons as beautiful as these, you’ll want all five of these breathtaking new fragrances, and they smell as good as they look. From Lalique to Elie Saab, we’re saying “oh la la” to them all!

A scent you might find lingering in on plush velvet seating in the back of a nightclub, to the background hum of an elegant jazz saxophone: Rose Smoke is dark and intimate. With just three central notes, it may seem simple, but the harmonious dance they perform on the skin is anything but. Rose, papyrus and guaiac wood blend together to give a lasting imprint of something smoky, sexy, dark and deeply sophisticated.
£325 for 200ml Cologne absolue
Orange blossom and patchouli have become an iconic accord for the house, here rendered even more regal by perfumer Maïa Lernout crowning the composition with the addition of radiant mandarin, bejewelled with rose and neroli, and a rich sandalwood, amber and vanilla dry-down that slinks along behind you like an ermine train. We recommend grabbing all the fragrances in the line; each one a triumph, representing a noble lineage in modern fragrant history.
£65 for 50ml eau de parfum
Is there anyone alive who doesn’t love the citrusy airiness of L’Eau d’Hadrien? If so, we’ve yet to meet them. Summer-perfect, inspired by the burning sun and blinding light of Tuscany, with its cypress-lined terraces, it beckons us to the shade of lemon trees ‘to re-read a few passages from the Memoirs of Hadrian,’ we’re advised. Equally wearable – in this eau de toilette form – for a day at work, we’d suggest: a crisp white shirt, in scent format.
£76 for 50ml eau de toilette
At Harrods
Like the sunshine streaming through your window, Soleil puts a smile on your face. Cardamom is softened by mandarin and mouthwatering pear granita. The heart is a swirl of deliciously gourmand notes, almonds, pink praline and an addictive caffé latte accord, with jasmine skilfully woven through the whole scent. A scent that smells like summertime, in a bottle shaped like the rays of the sun. (We guarantee you’ll be staring at it.)
£48 for 30ml eau de parfum
Definitive proof that a fragrance really can be a holiday in a bottle, Jean-Christophe Hérault’s Mediterranean-fresh spin on Chrome invites us to dive into its cool turquoise depths. Surging on a tide of ultra-fresh and aromatic green notes, ‘like a clean breeze that intermingles with sea foam’, so we’re told, its aquatic freshness is delivered via zingy grapefruit, aromatic basil, spearmint and Haitian vetiver. A limited edition – thus as fleeting as summer itself.
From £33 for 50ml eau de toilette

Latest Launches: New scents galore with Armani and more!

This week’s latest launches are a joyful blaze of colour and scent. Start your journey with Orangerie Venise from Armani Privé and end it in the arms of Hugo Reversed, stopping at Hollister, Bamford and Etro on the way.ARMANI_PRIVE_ORANGERIE_VENISE.pngARMANI/PRIVÉ
Imagine yourself in ‘an enduring and blissful Italian greenhouse’, with this sunlit latest from Armani’s most exclusive scent line-up. (A Venetian greenhouse, if the name’s anything to go by.) Many fragrances built around bigarade orange, neroli and bergamot have but a fleeting life on the skin, but compounded with fresh buchu wood, cedarwood, moss and Ambroxan, Orangerie Venise is not only zesty, fruity and vibrant, but pleasingly long-lasting on summer skin.
£135 for 100ml eau de parfum
‘Oriental lite’ is how we’d describe the second of the two new Bamford eaux de parfum, which this time carries Carole Bamford’s middle name, Gray. Richly warm and woody, it showcases sandalwood, patchouli and vetiver, lifted by flourishes of orange blossom – and if Camille is spring days, this is sultry nights. The wonderfully tactile flacon for both fragrances was designed by Lady Bamford herself – very pleasing in the hand, like the very smoothest pebble.
£95 for 50ml eau de parfum
This, Etro tell us, ‘is dedicated to brave souls that are not scared by the flames of passion.’ (And not, as the name might suggest, for habitués of techno nightclubs.) A shareable creation, it envelops the senses with a heady fusion of lemon, cypress, peach, galbanum and armfuls of roses, the temperature ramped up by cinnamon, and ginger, while the base parties on the skin for hours, fusing creamy Mysore sandalwood, vanilla and amber.
£92 for 100ml eau de toilette
A vibrant celebration of a scent, Festival Nite for Her fuses tropical fruits with luscious florals. A trio of exotic coconut, pink freesia and juicy tangerine dance together, before blackcurrant, delicate apple blossom and tiger orchid take to the floor. The last dance is all vanilla-infused marshmallows and syrupy amber, invitingly sweet. An olfactory expression as colourful and bright as any festival’s lights, to take you from Port Eliot to Coachella and beyond.
£22 for 30ml eau de parfum
Cool as they come, Calabrian bergamot sidles up in handmade shoes and smiles, beguilingly. An icy cocktail of grapefruit is sipped in the shade of Haitian vetiver – a whisper of lush grassiness and verdant gardens to be explored at dusk. One imagines fireflies dancing, a slow dance to song you hum yourselves, and dashing headlong into the waves at sunset, laughing uproariously, full of joy at being alive, being right here, right now.
£45 for 75ml eau de toilette

Latest Launches: scented memories, favourite places

This week’s latest launches are a celebration of time and place. 4160 Tuesdays brings us seaside memories with Kiss me Quickly whilst Memo Paris adds wings to your imagination, and to the beautiful bottle that holds Siberian Golden Wood. Let your mind, and your nose, wander!4160_TUESDAYS_KISS_ME_QUICKLY4160 TUESDAYS
All the fun of the fair, bottled. Think: after dark, the smell of hot metal and toffee apples, a stolen candyfloss-tasting kiss ‘round the back of the dodgems, a blur of pastel colours on the carousel.’ Wafts of laughter are carried aloft on a brisk, salty sea breeze, the air filled with excitement and a drift of tobacco from hastily hand-rolled cigarettes. Happy memories captured forever – but it’s a limited edition, so move fast!
£55 for 50ml eau de parfum
A gauzy tapestry of petals that feels like wearing a tulle gown sprinkled with sequins. The jasmine and rose are laced through with bright violet leaf and a shivering flurry of lily of the valley; ribbons of white musk and ambergris weave through the succulent fruitiness of papaya, and the whole ensemble is a living jewel of twinkles, a rainbow of scent, all captured in the prettiest rose gold and turquoise-encircled bottle.
£72 for 100ml eau de parfum

Tapping into the hot (almost literally) trend for solar fragrances is this sunshine-in-a-bottle spin on Wonderlust, radiating solar warmth via balmy notes of orange flower, amber and tiaré. The leitmotif of the Wonderlust fragrance is a dianthus note – better known to British gardeners as ‘pinks’, with their carnation-like floralcy. Designed ‘to evoke that feeling at the end of a tropical day when sand, sea and sun lotion have melded into your body.’ We’re there.
From £49 for 30ml eau de parfum

YSL offer an entire wardrobe of exclusive fragrances within Le Vestiaire de Parfums collection, each interpreting an iconic element of couturier Yves Saint Laurent’s design portfolio. Inspired by his use of finely-grained suiting fabric in women’s clothing, this latest is as powdery as the name implies: a nimbus of black peppercorn, coriander, bergamot, musk, suede and benzoin around a core of violet leaves, osmanthus and clary sage. Our kind of investment dressing.
From £145 for 75ml eau de parfum
From MEMO Paris’s latest Flying Collection, Siberian Golden Wood is a rhythmic ode to the Trans-Siberian railway. Its addictive woodiness derives from the combination of a spiky vetiver oil soothed by a silken sandalwood. Sesame oil lends its dry earthiness to the scent, maintaining its smooth sophistication and rugged appeal. A woodsy dream of a scent, housed in a cherubic winged bottle that should become the centrepiece on any bathroom shelf.
£295 for 75ml eau de parfum

Latest Launches: scents to swoon for!

From AERIN Aegea Blossom to Chantecaille Darby Rose and lots more luxe in between, this week’s latest launches are set to stun. With frosted flacons and glossy flanks, this is a scent selection to swoon for!


There’s a cool blue crispness to the Aegean sea that has been perfectly captured in Aerin Lauder’s newest unveiling, which is inspired by the breezes, the blue sea and pure light of Greece. Think: bergamot and verbena, like a shaft of brightness through blue-shuttered windows. Think: orange flower and neroli petals, with their white floral loveliness. And evoking the end warmth of end-of-day sunlight on the skin, a conclusion of sandalwood, vetiver and glowing musk.
£99 for 50ml eau de parfum HERRERA
Exclusive to the new Harrods Beauty Halls is this most eye-catching addition to the luxurious Herrera Confidential collection, which seeks to capture the ‘royal character’ of emeralds in scent. (Precious emeralds have been worn over four generations of the Herrera family, we’re told.) With a rich Middle Eastern signature, it opens with pink pepper, smoothly mellows to rose, orris and a rack of leather, then smoulders with vanilla, amber and the signature musks.
£235 for 100ml eau de parfum
Sylvie Chantecaille is just crazy for roses, essences and fragrances of which infuse so many Chantecaille skincare treats. Headspace Technology captured the precise scent of her favourite garden flowers in a stunning bouquet which unfurls after tart raspberry and crisp lemon notes to reveal Darby roses blooming pink magnolia and osmanthus, underscored by sandalwood and patchouli, representing the earth. The so-pretty box is a limited edition collaboration with de Gournay wallpapers.
£188 for 75ml eau de parfum
A few years back, Diptyque launched their precious Essences Insensées, a new angle on Grasse’s mille fleurs tradition, which owes everything to the luck of the harvest and showcases a specific bloom which may have flourished particularly abundantly. In 2018, there was no Essence Insensée launched – but for 2019 it’s the turn of Tahiti’s exotic tiaré flower, captured for summer 2019 in an exquisitely bottled fleeting edition alongside pink pepper, frangipani and vanilla absolute.
£170 for 100ml eau de parfum
Exuding metropolitan style, take a trip to the sea (we’re imagining Capri, not Clacton), for an ozonic accord that breezes through to bergamot, and a delicious roast coffee note. Perhaps we’ve stayed for breakfast? Well who can blame us with a salty, hot skin sizzle of cumin, smoothly layered woods and silken sheets of patchouli to slip between? Given the sexy dry-down, we might stay for lunch, and tea, too…
£75 for 100ml eau de toilette