Latest Launches: Dark Cherries, Velvet Plums

This week’s latest launches are truly a feast for the senses. From Banana Republic Dark Cherry & Amber to Lalique Velvet Plum, with DSquared2 Red Woods, JusBox Black Powder and Zara Fleur de Patchouli along the way, you’ll delight your nose and eyes with these sublime scents in their fabulous flacons.

Black cherries are apparently perfumer Claude Dir ‘s favourite fruit, which seems obvious from the way he garlands them in swags of cherry blossom and pink freesia, before lavishing them delicious dollops of praline and the resinous luxury of a glowing amber accord. A remarkably accomplished gourmand, one for those naysayers who shy away from that family – it’s boozy and rich, but never too sweet. We continue to be impressed by this collection.
£55 for 75ml eau de parfum
If you like your fruit on the fresh side and plumped up with peppery tingles, you’re in luck: the piquancy of cranberry gets the juices flowing as cool lychee laps at velvety rose, smooth magnolia and a radiantly warm amber dry-down. Dsquared2 conjure up a spacious modernity within all their fragrances, so they never feel cloying. And although this one’s earmarked for women, we’d love to smell it on a man’s skin, too!
£44 for 30ml eau de parfum

René Lalique revolutionised Art Nouveau glassware and jewellery, and the house keep his spirit alive with an annual trio of Les Compositions Parfumées celebrating modern, molecular perfumery. Here, we are invited to wrap ourselves in suede and cashmere, soon to be enfolded  bohemian lushness of heliotrope, with iris and osmanthus all snuggled up on a dark chocolate-y patchouli base. And that extraordinary coloured juice! In the frosted bottle, it looks (and wears) otherworldly.
£190 for 100ml eau de parfum
Zara have tapped perfume designer Jo Malone (of Jo Loves) for their new, impressively affordable collection of eight fragrances. (Zara’s home fragrances are under-the-radar gems, created by scent superstars like Alberto Morillas.) Initially drawn to sheer musky-floral Waterlily Tea Dress and sparklingly citrusy Amalfi Sunray, but over time, find ourselves returning compulsively to Fleur de Patchouli: a proper, grown-up, fashion-transcending Chypre. Trust us: they’ll never guess it’s Zara.
From £15.99 for 40ml eau de parfum
Blackcurrant, crisp apple and pimento vibrate with an energy that expresses the 90s grunge music which inspired this latest creation from Jusbox. Intense suede, tobacco and frankincense warm to the sweetness of sandalwood, addictive tonka bean and a transparent, resolutely dry use of patchouli heart. Think Kurt Cobain with kohl-rimmed eyes, frantically thrashing about the stage – dynamic, edgy, gender-bending, like nothing else you’d seen, heard – and now, worn on your skin.
£140 for 78ml eau de parfum

Latest Launches: Enchanting Woods

You’ll be captivated by the wonder of woods with this week’s latest launches. From Atelier Cologne Santal Carmin to Van Cleef and Arpels irresistible Bois D’Amande, these are truly the woods of legend and lore. Isn’t it time you lost yourself in the woods?

Inside this gold lotus-emblazoned limited edition bottle, sumptuous sandalwood is the star ingredient. But the smouldering banquet of woodiness is woven through with golden ribbons of leathery saffron, while piquant notes of lime and bergamot puncture the headiness and darker rivulets of guaiac wood ripple through seams of rich vanilla. Perfumer Jerome Épinette has created an enveloping, comforting cloak to snuggle in and waft clouds of deliciousness wherever you go. Grab it before it’s gone.
£165 for 100ml eau de parfum
This is a fragrance to wear and to listen to (via scanning the packaging’s QR code); composed by perfumer Jean Jacques, Piano Santal is then musically interpreted by French jazz pianist, Édouard Ferlet. In perfume form, it evokes clean white sheets and languorous warm skin; milky, mystical and dream-like, it soothes with ripples of white sandalwood, cedarwood and ethereal white musks, notes of caraway carried like motes of dust on a breeze.
£129 for 100ml eau de parfum

This feels like a letter to a lover: close, personal and intimate. With the soft paperiness of love notes lingering in the background, it’s a whisper of a scent, its opening of cedarwood and black pepper beckoning you closer. A heart of smoked leathers, vetiver and myrrh leads on to a dry-down of sheer softness. A combination of white ambergris, sandalwood and labdanum invites you to relax, cocooning you in utmost comfort.
£60 for 30ml eau de parfum
olfactiveo.comVAN CLEEF & ARPELS
We’re absolutely loving this follow up to the Parisian jeweller’s previous Collection Extraordinaire woody creations, Bois d’Iris and Bois Doré. This time, we discover Sidonie Lancesseur’s exceptionally sensual depiction of almond trees in the Italian sunshine. Woodsy notes of Virginian cedar are contrasted by the powderiness of almond, with the soft sweetness of vanilla pulsing moreishly beneath, enfolding skin in a luminous milkiness. Altogether, quite as delicious as that sounds.
£175 for 75ml
Technically all eight fragrances created by perfume designer Jo Malone for Zara are shareable, but this for us is one of the more masculine-leaning. Pink peppercorn, clove and ebony wood all have their moment in the limelight with this sheer, transparent wood – not in-your-face bold, but stealthily alluring. Pleasingly affordable, they’re all worth sniffing, meanwhile, next time you’re near the checkout. And let’s face it, it’s often a l-o-n-g wait.
£25.99 for 90ml eau de parfum

Latest Launches : A Touch of Silk

Silk and velvet are words that simply belong with the luxurious feel of fragrance and this week’s latest launches have it all. Adorn yourself with Floris Tuberose in Silk or perhaps reach for Jo Malone London Golden Vetiver and Vanilla? With warm woods from Oakwood, Angela Flanders and Nancy Meiland, a sensuous feast awaits!

The word whisky stems from the Gaelic word for ‘water of life’, and this positively swirls with loamy, amber-rich magnificence. First released as a limited edition in 2012, Aqua Alba soon acquired a cult following. Heartbroken fans rejoice: it’s back, and better than ever following a reformulation by Kate Evans, after the brown oakmoss became unavailable. Wind-whipped woodiness tussles soft green moss, smoky peat and banks of heather: a blustery highland walk, bottled.
£79 for 50ml eau de toilette
A ‘celebration of voluptuous tuberose’, think silken peignoirs and marabou slippers, the headiness of this iconic flower enrobed in the solar breeze of jasmine, the soft musk of warm skin and a surprisingly fruity benzoin base. Sourcing a natural tuberose absolute from southern India, there’s sunshine folded within, so it blooms beautifully for hours. In-house perfumer Penny Ellis worked with perfumery director Edward Bodenham to create this hand-poured, small batch edition. Stock up now!
£180 for 100ml eau de parfum

Jo Malone London’s newest Cologne Intense harnesses the bounty of the island of Madagascar, where vetiver and vanilla both flourish, as its cornerstone ingredients. But first, a dash of spicy cardamom. A fresh twist, from grapefruit tea. Then earthy native vetiver sweeps in, to be sweetened with precious Bourbon vanilla (regarded as the highest quality on the planet) and here – so we’re told – hand-harvested from the orchid-garlanded jungle. Opulent and quite delicious.
From £78 for 50ml Cologne Intense
Taking its name from the French word for ‘undergrowth’, this is dark, woody – the first fougère from the talented Sussex-based perfumer. (Traditionally a masculine fragrance family, but so eminently shareable, here, that we’ve swiped it for ourselves.) Opening with cypress and pine, sweet gale and a rain accord, it leads you by the nose to moss campion, black hemlock, birch tar and labdanum, and ultimately to its inviting bed of mosses and resinous woods.
From £65 for 50ml eau de parfum
Created by esteemed British perfumer Lyn Harris, this is a real scent of style, a first for the clothing brand. Shareable, its opening notes of bergamot and neroli tingle in the composition; a glimmer of light shining on a backdrop of dark woods. Softness is brought by chamomile and angelica seeds, while the woody base of cedar and sandalwood are rounded and smoothed by frankincense and amber. Timeless, original and incredibly wearable.
£90 for 100ml eau de parfum

Latest Launches: Sparkle for spring

This week’s latest launches have us sparkling for spring with Diptyque Eau Capitale and the romantic roses of Gucci Guilty Love Edition, a siren call answered by the fabulous fougère of Gucci Guilty Love Edition Pour Homme. Ferragamo offers metallic violets in a thoroughly modern flacon whilst armfuls of AERIN Wild Geranium have us enraptured!AERIN_WILD_GERANIUM.jAERIN
‘Wild Geranium is happiness. It’s a colourful, whimsical escape to a field full of wildflowers,’ declares Aerin Lauder of her latest introduction. Pink pepper and winter lemon make for a sparkling debut, before the tangle of geranium, dewy narcissus, orange flower petals and soft white peonies unfurls alongside ultra-feminine Rosa Centifolia and tuberose, with resinous benzoin offering a second-skin sensuality. This has us dreaming of walking through meadows, soon, soon, soon.
From £99 for 50ml eau de parfum

An excess of rose is a wonderful thing, and Diptyque laden us down with armfuls in this glorious creation – their first Chypre, and (ssssshhh) our new favourite. We’ve a hunch you will also succumb to silky blooms sparkling with fresh bergamot, before plunging headfirst into an opulent patchouli base. Parisian chic personified, it’s the first time Diptyque have paid tribute to their home city, but by golly it was worth waiting for.
£120 for 75ml eau de parfum
In a hazily pink flask reminiscent of a bygone era, a scent that nods to romance, created for ‘eccentric lovers’. Equally vintage-feeling, the narcissus at the heart of this melds with grapefruit, bergamot, a transparently fresh watery accord, raspberry, violet and jasmine sambac, with patchouli and a mineral amber delivering staying power and warmth in equal measure. As it’s a limited edition (originally launched for Valentine’s Day), hunt it down forthwith.
From £73 for 50ml eau de parfum
The mint green (limited edition) counterpart to the Gucci Guilty Love Pour Femme, this aromatic fougère offers up spicy green elements that put a contemporary spin on that trending fragrance family. A study in contrasts, it balances cold spices with masculine woods: mandarin, pink pepper and a kumquat accord giving way to fresh and energising ginger, cool lavender, geranium and rosemary, with smoochy patchouli and benzoin ensuring this goes the distance on skin.
From £55 for 50ml eau de toilette 
An intriguingly metallic violet accord marries the leafy green freshness of verdant undergrowth with a shady haze of powdered softness – imagine slipping on a cashmere sweater and setting off for a walk in the woods. Sunlight filters through treetops as silvery musk swirls through the coolness of vetiver. Fresh yet snugglesome, refined in a casual way; we’d consider hiking on the dampest of days if we got to follow a trail this good.
£44 for 30ml eau de parfum 

Latest Launches: All That Glitters

Only in the world of fragrance could you have a selection inspired by Rigoletto and Britney Spears and this week’s latest launches are no exception. You’ll be freeing up space on your dressing table for Tom Ford Beau de Jour, L’Occitane Herbae, Maison Francis Kurkdjian L’Eau À La Rose and more (and so will we).ACQUA DI PARMA NOTE DI COLONIA VACQUA DI PARMA 
The Note di Colonia collection recreates the most world’s most famed operas in beautifully orchestrated scents. This latest is a tribute to Verdi’s ‘La donna è mobile’, from Rigoletto. The tingle of citrusy bergamot, lemon along with pink pepper mimic the joyous violins that open the piece. The heart is a chorus of effervescent ginger and bracing juniper, while a quiet whisper of soothing sandalwood and strong cedarwood finishes the performance.
£350 for 150ml eau de parfum 

Just when we thought we’d dusted away the last speck of Xmas glitter, Britney shows up with this so-Britney pink metallic sparkling flacon, insisting: ‘You can never have enough glitter! It adds a touch of magic to everything.’ You’ll leave a trail of crystallised red berries, red plum, lotus blossom, heliotrope and the gloriously-named Sparkling Pink Puff Violet Accord, which dry down to musks, a touch of agarwood and benzoin resin as the curtain falls.
From £21.50 for 30ml eau de toilette

‘Herbae’ is Latin for herb – ‘a wink to this vegetal story’, as L’Occitane put it. Spring-like, fresh and citrusy, akin to a meadow in a (very pretty) bottle, this interlaces petal-soft wildflowers like clover, marshmallow and angelica with wild grasses in a delicate, luminous reinterpretation of the original Herbae. As with many L’Occitane fragrances, L’Eau launches with a full line-up of body treats, so you can layer and ‘feel wild at heart all day’.
£52 for 50ml eau de toilette

Inspired by a painting of Marie Antoinette holding a Centifolia rose, Francis Kurkdjian has created an even more transparent version of the original À la Rose, with no loss of strength. Airily beautiful, this is a truly lifelike ‘see-through’ rose with a soft sensuality. Opening with bright Calabrian bergamot and Californian orange, pear and lychee add playful touches. In the heart, rose garlands violet and magnolia blossoms, deftly drizzled with honey, radiating absolute femininity.
£150 for 70ml eau de parfum

‘Classic. Sharp. Maverick.’ Is it us, or do the descriptions of Tom Ford’s fragrances generally convey the virtues of the designer himself? For the exquisitely-groomed perfume-wearer, this perfectly-balanced fougère makes its entrance with armfuls of Provence lavenders, its core offering African rosemary, geranium, mint and green basil. There’s a leather quality, from oakmoss, while amber and patchouli bring their earthy warmth to the base. Utterly masculine, from first spritz to final nuzzle.
From £83 for 50ml eau de parfum

Latest Launches: Sinfully Sublime

Surrender to temptation with this weeks latest launches. Embark on an exotic journey from Tauer L’Air Des Alpes Suisses to Beaufort Terror and Magnificence, via the beauty of Perfumer H Rose Oil and the intrigue of Linari Drago Nero. Round off your olfactory travels with HOC 5 p.m in time for tea in London.

HOC 5 pm
HOC stands for Histoire Olfactive Collective, a new niche brand founded by Masha Zanier, a Parisian fashionista with Russian/Georgian heritage. Harnessing the talents of perfumer Vincent Schaller, London’s landscape is captured at three distinct times of day, with 5pm inviting you to tea. Green notes are swathed in a steam cloud of smoky tea, buttery shortbread biscuits and an elegantly enveloping musk. Super-stylish bottles, too, with artful, weighty caps depicting inspirational words.
£325 for 100ml eau de parfum
At Fortnum & Mason

Dragons symbolise wisdom and luck in Asian mythology, offering the inspiration for rule-breaking perfumer Mark Buxton’s intoxicating fusion for the Italian perfume house. It starts lively and almost juicy, via mandarin, bergamot, magnolia, apple and pineapple, before presenting the wearer with a bouquet of Turkish rose, carnation, orange blossom, violet and iris. Calming vetiver ultimately tethers the whole creation, amidst the complexity of musk, amber, oakwood, guiaiac and tonka in the scent’s final tail-swish.
£140.00 for 100ml
Rouiller White
Its name is deceptive – because of course, Lyn Harris’s Rose Oil is more complex than simply decanting that into a bottle. In this study of an ingredient perpetually at the heart of Lyn’s perfumery, she enhances a 3% concentration with 2% of rose absolute, and deft touches of raspberry, geranium, chamomile, iris and vanilla, ‘with a dousing of sweet musk to paint a pure and simple picture of the rose oil.’
From £170-450 for 50ml eau de parfum
At Perfumer H
Ever following his own path, this time we find so-talented, self-taught perfumer Andy Tauer scaling a mountain summit in his beloved homeland of Switzerland. And you can really feel the chill – an icy gust of bitter herbs and mineralic granite followed by intriguing snippets of spices carried on a breeze, red Alpine lilies, and more than a hint of assured grandeur. Grab on to your grappling hooks: you’ll want to follow him to the top.
£105 for ml eau de parfum

Inspired by the architect Nicholas Hawksmoor, perfumer Pia Long has perfectly captured the brooding Gothic style of his awe-inspiring work. There’s an echoing spaciousness to the cold flagstones and incense-infused wooden church pews; a hint of polished sharp knives wiped on supple leather and dark cellars, of mystic practices and mist-shrouded vistas. Unsettling rather than terrifying, perhaps, but most certainly magnificent – you could quite easily seduce crowds to join your cult, wearing this.
£115 for 50ml eau de parfum

Latest Launches: Scenting the golden hour

This week’s latest launches will have you dreaming of sunsets, dusks and golden skies. Initio Parfums brings us Oud for Greatness, whilst Juliette Has a Gun is In the Mood for Oud. Miller Harris blooms with Sublime Blossom and Parterre presents the dreamy Hour of Dusk and Gold. 


Oudh is loved in Middle Eastern perfumery not only for its rich woody exoticism, but – so we’re told – because it’s said to improve mental and spiritual wellbeing by generating balance, inner peace and personal growth. Something to bear in mind as you apply this shareable harmony of saffron, nutmeg, lavender, oudh, patchouli and musks. Oudh as a meditation aid? We’ll certainly bear that in mind, when spritzing from the mystical gold and black flacon.
£250 for 90ml eau de parfum
Setting fire to the fuse of another ‘little love bomb’, as Kilian Hennessy puts it, perfumer Calice Becker concocts a seductive cocktail with a freshly cut herb garnish. Soon, a sip of blackcurrant syrup slips deliciously to a juicy heart of lychee, before the sun finally sets and the musk, rose and patchouli have their wicked way. It’s a cheeky wink to wear while flirting outrageously, then walking home tomorrow, now carrying your party shoes.
£55 for 30ml eau de parfum
At The Perfume Society, we’re massive fans of the ‘new floristry’, which is so vibrant and exciting. And so are Miller Harris, who used it as the starting point for Sublime Blossom, at first citrus-fresh and then gathering together notes of Egyptian jasmine, freesia, Rather than use the traditional fragrance pyramid definition of ‘base notes’, MH prefer to use the phrase ‘lasting impressions’ – and here, that means sandalwood, ambergris, driftwood, sweet musks and vanilla.
£75 for 50ml eau de parfum
Inspired by a trip to Essaouira in Morocco, languid sunsets over sparkling seas are evoked by the unexpected green lushness of angelica root and a powdered kiss of spiciness from wild Persian carrot seed. What really makes this fragrance unique is the fact that the principal ingredients were grown and distilled in Dorset, at their base of Keyneston Mill. Wearing this you’ll be able to imagine balmy air caressing your skin, wherever you are.
£160 for 100ml eau de parfum
An olfactory tale of two halves: the first all succulence and dewy bergamot, ripe and glistening; the second, a far more animalic affair which snarls a little and then swoons on your skin. The oudh is infused with saffron – preening and magnetic, slickly charming before sharp raspberry surprises and delights. Papyrus brings coolness to the growing heat, lulling your senses before the vanilla bean spills its black speckles to creamy tonka. And you’re hooked.
£220 for 75ml eau de parfum

Latest Launches: Scents for all seasons

This week’s latest launches truly have a fragrance for every season and mood. Comme des Garcons brings us Odeur du Théâtre du Châtelet, whilst Neom presents the simply titled Scent to De-Stress. Add some spice from Parfums de Marly Kalan and a touch of exquisite FUYU from Tom Daxon and voilà! The perfect selection.

IFF’s Caroline Demur was tasked with creating this scented homage to one of Paris’s most historic theatres, showcase for the great Ballets Russes, Stravinsky, Diaghilev and Satie. Conjuring up ‘the reality of life with the magic of the theatre, the dreams and the dangers’, the juice is accordingly complex, spanning aldehydes, coffee accord, orange blossom, heliotrope, Virginian cedarwood, Cashmeran, frankincense and musk. What we know is that once you spray, you’ll want an encore.
£110 for 200ml eau de toilette

This blushing, pale pink beauty ‘invites you to experience the emotion of a suspended moment’ – that once-in-a-lifetime coup de foudre that happens when eyes lock, hearts stop and the world seems to stand still. A romantic spin on the original Lacoste Pour Femme, it bursts from the bottle via a profusion of roses, orange blossom, gardenia and jasmine sambac, tethered by woody elements of incense, sandalwood and patchouli. Will you be seduced…? Try it for yourself, then decide.
From £29 for 30ml eau de parfum
Wellbeing fragrances are a coming trend, harnessing the mood-shifting power of aromatherapeutic essential oils in a more traditional construction to be worn as a perfume. One of a 100% natural trio from much-loved British aromatherapy brand NEOM, we’re choosing to showcase a scent that seems rather welcome at this frenzied time of year, designed to dial down the stress-o-meter with earthy vetiver alongside ylang ylang and tonka, delivering ‘balance and calm while easing tension.’
£40 for 30ml 
neomorganics.comTOM DAXON
Imagine a cold white peach in a porcelain bowl. Blushed by the winter sun it slowly warms and you brush your lips on the fuzzy skin, sink your teeth into the succulent flesh. Delicacy, modern elegance and hyperrealism are the hallmarks of this house, and this restrained scent unveils quietly, revealing ripe Fuyu persimmon, creamy woodiness, a whisper of iris and translucent jasmine on an angel’s kiss of feathery musk. Simply sublime.
£155 for 100ml eau de parfum
Parfums-de-Marly-Kalan-Eau-de-ParfumPARFUMS DE MARLY
The first thing to hit you at your first spritz of Kalan is its unabashed use of spices. Bold and vivid, blended with a tingly black pepper and juicy, tart blood orange in the top, the movement in the heart comes from a hint of lavender and the bright sparkle of orange blossom, the base mellowing to woods, amber, tonka bean and moss. Refined, powerful and just plain sexy, Kalan is quite the ride.
£160 for 75ml eau de parfum

Latest Launches: Peonies and Pale Blue Eyes

Feast your eyes and delight your nose with this week’s latest launches, from Ormaie L’Ivreé Bleu to the pearlescent pink of Armani Privé Pivoine Suzhou. Will you lose yourself in Roos & Roos Pale Blue Eyes or maybe shimmer in Tom Ford Soleil Neige? Calvin Klein Eternity Eau de Parfum completes the picture in glorious grassy green.

A whisper of opalescence kisses skin as you spritz this luminous limited edition, from the haute couture Les Eaux Collection – a pearlised spin on the original Pivoine Suzhou, paying homage to China’s most prized flower. Peony petals flutter alongside May rose, with mandarin, pink pepper and raspberry accentuating their spicy and fruity facets, ultimately enveloping skin in mysterious musk, Orcanox and patchouli. And a poem written in bronze Chinese characters adorns the ivory box.
£155 for 100ml eau de parfum

Evoking the exoticism of a jungle (as painted by Gauguin, perhaps) you’d never believe this was a 100% natural fragrance, such is its depth and complexity. Rich, caramel seams of rum ensnares ripe mandarin, narcotic lily, the skin-like sensuality of violet dusted with powdery iris and a heavenly (but definitely sinful) base of vanilla, patchouli, benzoin and dark cacao. Imagine a velvet-coated panther, slightly snarling, petted until blissfully purring and begging for tummy rubs.
£180 for 100ml eau de parfum

From mother and daughter duo Chantal and Alex Roos, a fragrance which is almost literally light at the end of the seasonal tunnel, evoking ‘springtime, blue sky – a perfume blowing a gentle breeze into your heart.’ En route, it’s ruffling notes of blackcurrant bud, iris, rose, tonka, cashmere wood, vetiver and sandalwood. And we wonder: is the name a coincidence, or was it chosen because creator Chantal has the bluest eyes of almost anyone we know…?
£170 for 100ml eau de parfum
At FenwickTOM FORD

This gets you ski-slope-ready, mimicking (as Tom puts it) ‘the serene shimmer of sun on snow.’ Prepare to be dazzled by jasmine grandiflorum, orange flower and an ingredient glorying in the name of Karmaflor Captive, which blends white flowers with Turkish rose, while ultimately, the scent slaloms towards cistus labdanum, musk, benzoin and vanilla. We’re also fans of Soleil Neige Shimmering Body Oil – perfect for layering onto exposed skin, for the coming season of soirées.
From £164 for 50ml eau de parfum
Well, helloooo, Jake Gyllenhaal – signed as the ‘face’ of the first-ever eau de parfum for men in Calvin Klein’s scent portfolio. For this quintessentially ‘modern fragrance for the modern man’, perfumer Pascal Gaurin deploys ozonic notes, sage, apple and something called ‘Pamplezest’, opening to lavender and geranium. He lays Eternity’s signature fougère essence on a woody base of orris, vetiver, ambergris, suede and cypriol, for depth, staying power and a powerful trail.
From £35 for 30ml eau de parfum

Latest Launches: Simply sensational

Bright, fresh and modern: that’s how we’ll be seeing in February with these sensational latest launches. We’re diving into Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume Superdose, exploring Atelier Versace Cédrat de Diamante  and feeling thrillingly energised by Ralph Lauren Red Rush. We think you’ll love this fab five as much as we do!
The ‘Atelier Versace’ is described as ‘an experimental laboratory’, where the concept of creativity is free to reign, with six ultra-luxe scents unrestrained by budget. Here we are carried to the Mediterranean on luscious waves of long-lasting pink grapefruit and Italian lemon with every spritz. The bright sunshine notes are fanned by a verdant heart of vetiver, grounded by the most elegant cedarwood base, and beckon us to breathe deeply, dappled in bliss.£320 for 100ml eau de parfum

Continuing the journey through New York’s evocative and varying landscapes, this time we celebrate one of the historic neighbourhoods, shot through with a youthful vibrancy by Michel Almairac. So succulent lychee and apricot sashay up to an elegant, romantically velvet-like rose while an addictive base of vanilla and musk – usually a cosy combo – here feels filled with an electric vigour. One to wear while toasting the city that never sleeps by dancing until dawn.
£340 for 100ml eau de parfum

The 2010 original was a massive success, and now this ‘Superdose’ turbo-charges it for greater lasting power. Made of a single ingredient ­– a fragrance molecule called Cetalox, often used in perfumery as a base note – that note shines, a minimalist but still characterful and sexy scent that’s clean, woody, and musky all at once. Promising ‘zero allergens’, it’s safe for anyone to snuggle up to. And oh, you’ll want to.
£130 for 100ml eau de parfum

Everywhere we look (or maybe sniff), the traditional, heady style of Oriental perfumery is being brightened, freshened and modernised, and Keshen Teo’s latest creation for his all-natural Prosody fine fragrance house certainly falls into this burgeoning fresh Oriental family. Imagining a riverbank at sunset, he opens with a citrus accord, mellowing to orris, peony leaf and a touch of lemongrass, resting on a base of warm, resinous myrrh and grassy vetiver.
£135 for 50ml eau de parfum
Inspired by the ‘acceleration, elation and intensity during the very beginning of a race,’ perfumer Olivier Gillotin fuses red mandarin ‘for an impulsive, crispy start’ and then a fresh whoosh of mint ‘for its energising power.’ You can read the full interview with him on our website, but pressing the fast-forward button, red saffron zips past with orange flower, cedar adds sleekness to roasted red coffee and the smooth musky trail ensures it’s a winner.
£55 for 75ml eau de toilette