Fragrances for… feeling eau so sophisticated

Feeling sophisticated is in, not that it ever went away. Well, perhaps a little during lockdown. Now we’re (mostly) out of lounge wear and yearning for something a little more stylish, instead of squeezing into heels (we’ve not even tried) grant yourself an immediate hit of elegance and chic with these recently-launched scents. Sophisticated and effortless? Yes please!



With a launch postponed from last summer, the fragrance world was on tenterhooks for the Olivier Polge’s Le Lion – but it absolutely does not disappoint. Au contraire, all hail to this absolute masterpiece: a smoky swirl of resinous, leathery labdanum, sweet vanilla, with bright flashes of bergamot for contrast. Purring on the skin for hours – at least till sun-up – this is a scent to be worn as we dance on tabletops. (Just watch us. And smell us.)
From £169 for 75ml eau de parfum




There’s such a tale behind this woody-Chypre reimagination of the famous Crown Perfumery perfume, first created in 1892 and inspired by a fabled Japanese princess who wowed the Victorian royal court. Conjuring up that elegance, grace and mystery for a new generation are fresh top notes of pink pepper and bergamot, spiced by nutmeg, a floral heart of Chinese Imperial jasmine and smoky black tea, on a whispering base of amber, musk, mosses and woods.
£325 for 50ml eau de parfum



Geza Schoen tells us that he loves patchouli for its ‘moody beauty’ and its cool, rather aloof woodiness. And do cast aside any notions of hippy-dippiness, please: here, he takes Indonesian patchouli oil and Patchouli Coeur, which has patchouli’s love-it-or-hate-it camphorous quality edited out via a process of fractionation, giving ‘a sophisticated, clean patchouli that pairs fantastically well with Molecule 01’. The perfumer’s words – but we couldn’t put it better ourselves.
£95 for 100ml eau de parfum
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Classics reinvented are another definite trend for the year ahead, and Cartier’s iconic Pasha has a vibrant new edge with this limited edition. The green and citrusy freshness feels like the dawn of a new day, while the amber and cedar base is resonant yet ultra-fine. Interesting fact: the name comes from the ‘pasha’ onboard a ship – someone ‘who had the most charismatic personality, who stood at the helm and set the course.’
£94 for 100ml eau de toilette



Vetiver lovers: put on your smartest attire and sashay forth for a meeting with Mr. Penhaligon himself. We’ve been wondering when he’d make an appearance in the Portraits collection, and here he announces his presence with a distinguished blend of bergamot garlanded with jasmine in his buttonhole. The heart will have you pledging your affections, that cool vetiver encircled with cedar and curls of incense swirling to the base of ambrox, warm as his handshake.
£204 for 75ml eau de parfum

Latest Launches: Where shall we go?

Freedom can go to one’s head, so why not capture that giddy feeling in a fragrance? Travel to Lemon Island with Atelier Cologne, or why not try a touch of Italian chic with Valentino Born in Roma Yellow Dream? Meanwhile, you’ll find us in the souk, wearing Aesop Marrakesh Intense and enjoying a feast of the senses

Vanilla as you’ve never smelled it – resonant of an orchid’s majestic warmth – is generously swirled through bright blackcurrant, violet, creamy ylang ylang and luminescent jasmine. Touched with the tingle of cloves and wrapping you in a soft, spacious hug, måd (for ‘Madagascar’) does good while smelling great: as with all their fragrances, ånd insist on sourcing from ethical, eco-friendly independent producers, giving back directly to the indigenous people who grow and harvest the fragrant ingredients.
From £35 for 10ml eau de parfum
Ramping up the feel-good factor here is the partnership behind the star lemon oil ingredient, via a project which supports 260 growers in Rodrigues, the ‘lemon island’ in the heart of the Indian Ocean (and how much do we long to visit that place…?) Indian jasmine and a vanilla infusion from Madagascar soften the citrus tang, evoking ‘the scent of the ocean with the perfume of sunscreen left on your skin.’ Oh. Yes. Please.
From £55 for 30ml Cologne Absolue
Not sure if we’re more Lara Croft or Indiana Jones, but wearing this it’s a whole lotta fun imagining exploring ruined temples in a humid jungle. Rather than face snakes and frizzy hair, let’s spritz on this aqueous floral filled with a rare white flower known as ‘jazmin yucateco’ in Spanish, sweeter than (yet unrelated to) jasmine. Lapped by luscious bergamot, entwined with passionflower and laced with drifts of lemon-y incense-like copal: exotic adventures await.
£148 for 50ml eau de parfum
Celebrating ‘a new beginning, full of life, hope and optimism’ (YES please!) we’re imagining a golden sunrise over Rome – lemon coloured blossom carpets the pavement as a confident woman strides forth to greet the new day. Floral yet fruity (in the most grown up, effervescent way), this gives us vibes of just-washed hair gleaming in the sun, a vibrant yellow dress, heels kicked off, a musky trail followed in bare feet on sun-warmed cobbles.
£77 for 50ml eau de parfum
Redolent of a Moroccan souk, the richness of the original has been stepped up a gear with an animalic intensity that nonetheless wears close to the skin, so wont knock someone over from the other side of the room. If they’re allowed close, be prepared for swooning (velvet cushions on standby) wafts of dried roses woven with aromatic clove, smooth sandalwood and a caress of cool cardamom. Wear with silk PJs and enjoy the intimacy.
£67 for 10ml parfum

Latest Launches: Softly does it

With trends pointing at the calming and the contemplative, this week’s latest launches are perfectly suited. Lush Keep It Fluffy comforts and uplifts with an olfactory cuddle whilst Juliette Has A Gun Musc Invisible offers cotton  flower and soft musk. Nancy Meiland Gaia and Sana Jardin Incense Water stay true to the theme, rounded off with an instant classic from Michel Almairac, Brioni.

‘A fluffy scent as comfortable and unfussy as your favourite old jeans,’ Romano Ricci promises with his powdery-musk latest. ‘As appropriate at work as on a casual date.’ Not so sure about that, in the current climate – though we do of course always wear scent while #WFH – but this s one to snuggle up to, dreamily blending jasmine absolute with almost nose-tinglingly soft cotton flower, resting on a featherbed of white musk.
From £20 for 7.5ml eau de parfum

What’s with the ‘fluffiness’ trend we’re seeing in scent right now? Well, at a time when we all need extra TLC, there’s something just so comforting about the idea of a fragrance that wraps you in an olfactory cuddle and holds you tight. Powdery, sweet and cocooning, this fragrance previously wafted forth under the B Never Too Busy to be Beautiful brand in 2004, and makes a welcome return here, using a regenerative rose absolute from Turkey, caressed by vanilla.
£80 for 100ml eau de parfum
We’re sensing a trend for contemplative scents that offer moments of meditation, and this limited-edition attar more than fits the bill. An ultra-soothing and concentrated blend of Calabrian bergamot, nutmeg, jasmine sambac, blue lotus absolute, Atlas cedar and New Caledonian sandalwood are blended within an organic jojoba oil base. Delivered via a so-handy rollerball bottle, we’ve been anointing pulse points and taking a deep breath in moments of stress (read: often!)
£45 for 30ml attar
Cool and comforting, this is a fragrant respite for frazzled nerves. Perfumer Carolos Benaïm worked alongside ‘an up-and-coming NY based perfumer in lockdown’, we’re told, and for inspiration, took to his garden, literally stopping to smell the roses last year. The result? A sheer scent that marries May rose to crystalline patchouli heart with the piquancy of pimento berries and raspberry leaf on a pellucid sandalwood base. Like wearing an echo of a comforting dream.
£95 for 50ml eau de parfum
Can a new launch be an instant classic? We think this is! Characterful, suave and assured as the perfectly tailored menswear it’s the fragrant emblem of, founded in Rome in 1945, the pared-back style is perfectly reflected in Master Perfumer Michel Almairac’s hands. Green apple studded with pink pepper feels like a cool sip of gin, while violet and Ambroxan are perfectly blended with tonka bean and musk – like a second skin. Sublime!
£70 for 60ml eau de parfum

Latest Launches: Blooming Good

This week’s latest launches will reward you with armfuls of blooms in hope of warmer days in the garden. Enjoy floral bouquets of rose, tuberose, jasmine iris and more with Jo Malone Scarlet Poppy, Molton Brown Lily & Magnolia Blossom and Dolce and Gabbana Dolce Rose, with its jaunty lid and bow. As the sun goes down, Tom Ford Tubéreuse Nue emerges seductively from a surprisingly chaste white bottle.

Perfumer Violaine Collas adds a perfect bloom to Dolce & Gabbana’s bouquet of Dolce creations with an ultra-feminine fruity floral, contrasting rose absolute and crisp, fresh rosa Centifolia with tart redcurrant, green apple, mandarin and white peach, all wrapped in soft musks, snug as a cashmere wrap on a cool summer evening. The cap of the now-iconic bottle is reinterpreted in a deep rose red, adorned with a black grosgrain ribbon that is too, too chic.
From £68 for 50ml eau de toilette

A permanent addition to Jo Malone London’s Cologne Intense Collection, Scarlet Poppy is inspired by the overblown flower that cloaks the wild steppes of Asia. But poppies are scentless, we hear you chorus. It’s the flower’s exuberance that’s expressed here, via notes of velvety iris, tonic bean, barley and luscious fig, making for a truly grand, extravagant floralcy. We’re very taken with the new incarnation of the classic JML bottle: simply red, simply fab.
From £86 for 50ml Cologne Intense


The rose is the signature flower of Lancôme, and here, Givaudan’s Marypierre Julien was charged with making it bloom anew. As she puts it, ‘Imagine walking through a spring garden. You catch sight of a young woman wearing a delicate dress that looks like a collection of flower petals. Her light-footed steps create an airy blend of peony and wild rose, set off by a hint of ambrette, musk and a dash of elegant raspberry.’
£162 for 100ml eau de parfum[MOLTON BROWN
An olfactory ode to Cornish woodlands, close your eyes and sense the serenity of a patch of wild blooms at the first blush of daylight, lily of the valley’s delicate white bells shivering in the breeze, creamy magnolia shot through with crisp white tea and fresh, green mandarin. At once sparkling with optimism and still every-day demure, this is one to wear when you feel restless and need a spark of hope, something beautifully comforting.
£120 for 100ml eau de parfum TOM_FORD_TUBEREUSE_NUETOM FORD
Extravagant. Intoxicating. Sensual. Tuberose may be a love-it-or-hate-it note in perfumery, but its swooning fan base will be head-over-heels for this. Rendering the white floralcy even more intoxicating, night-blooming jasmine trails through the heart of Tubéreuse Nue, which is spiced Akigalawood and Nepalese timur pepper, resting on a snugglesome blanket of musks. An illicit encounter on a summer’s evening in a moonlit garden – in a deceptively virginal white flacon.
From £228 for 50ml eau de parfum

Latest Launches: The smell of weather turning

As buds turn to blooms dare we hope that summer is coming? This week’s latest launches celebrate the best of seasonal change, captured in scent. Elizabeth Arden White Tea Ginger Lily is certain to add a floral charm to your day, whilst Karen Timson Pendragon brings the mystical forest magic. Geza Shoen ventures into iris territory with Escentric Molecule Iris+01 and we are more than ready to follow.

Scandi brand Bjork & Berries fragrances are inspired by the volatile seasons in northern Sweden, where they certainly have to be more patient for spring than in the UK. Green notes, crisp lemon and cedarwood open up to bittersweet blackberry, garlanded by sprigs of jasmine, then warmed by deep amber and soft musks, resonant of the sun rising over the frozen landscape. True to their eco-roots, this features 84% natural ingredients, with 71% certified organic.
£85 for 50ml eau de parfum
Taking its name from the bar in cool and groovy Saint-Germain in the 60s, beside Diptyque’s first store, Orphéon sets out to evoke the warm, buzzy atmosphere where the brand’s founders relaxed to the sounds of jazz, while exploring boundlessly creative ideas. Woody, floral and subtly spicy, it’s a fabulous fug of tonka, cedarwood, jasmine and juniper that is gender-free and a super-wearable ‘tribute’ to the inspiring heritage of this fabled fragrance name.
£125 for 75ml eau de parfum
Rejoice, all you lovers of the phenomenally successful White Tea fragrances, because – as they like to do each year – Elizabeth Arden have once again unveiled a twist on the original, to keep you interest piqued. The exhilarating, bright floralcy is freshened by a burst of bitter orange, with ginger lily blossoming at the heart. Tethering it to the skin, meanwhile, is a soothing, almost earthily sensual white cedarwood. Our cup of White Tea.
£40 for 100ml eau de toilette
Geza Schoen set the cat amongst the perfumed pigeons when he dared to decant a single note with a complex olfactory profile – Iso E Super – into a bottle, and market it as Molecule 01. The molecule – which some can’t even perceive, while others swear it’s pheromone-like, in its power to attract – has become a global cult classic. Now, Molecule + perfectly pair the original molecule with other single ingredients – starting here with creamy, powdery iris.
£95 for 100ml eau de parfum
There’s definitely something magical about the melding of the verdant herbaceous notes with smoky leather, it’s like a clandestine exploration of an alchemist’s garden with an almanac secreted beneath your cloak. Sweet coriander’s shrouded in a haze of bright bergamot, a dry, peppery undertone uniting the green foliage and the swirl of incense-like sandalwood and oakmoss beneath them. Picture that mystical hour just before the sun sets, when even the familiar is rendered peculiar and enticing…
£99 for 100ml eau de parfum

Latest Launches: Here for the drama

As spring is in full bloom and our freedom tiptoes back to us, this week’s latest launches have a scent for every mood. Byredo Mixed Emotions sets the tone, with a fragrance designed to “reflect the nature of tumultuous times.” By Kilian offers Love Don’t Be Shy Extreme and we don’t mind if we do. Speaking of drama, who could fail to covet the theatrical red stiletto of Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl? Not us!

An unapologetically immense swathe of rum-soaked, floral-licked lusciousness, perfumer Antonio Gardoni worked in collaboration with Luke Pritchard, lead singer of The Kooks, and his singer-songwriter wife Ellie Rose, to celebrate their new musical project: Duo. Gardoni says ‘I wanted to produce something that echoed their dark, smoky, lustful sound.’ Cue heady ylang ylang and plush gardenia wrapped in a tobacco and champaca infused heart, ripe jasmine harmoniously swooning to the sticky, resinous base. Encore!
£190 for 50ml extrait de parfum

Mixed Emotions has been created, so we’re told, ‘to reflect the tumultuous nature of our times’. Yet the fragrance itself seems to offer something of a welcome antidote to that: a beautiful, cool blend of maté tea, sharply sweet blackcurrant, Ceylon black tea, violet leaves, tethered by papyrus and birch wood. ‘A refreshing reminder that it is OK to not be OK – and that from unsettling experiences, a new reality might emerge,’ conclude BYREDO. Here’s hoping.
From £122 for 50ml eau de parfum
Embodying the spirit of fun, fabulous and fearless, even if you’re not ready to squeeze back into your actual heels; we know many who’ll be reaching for the instant glam of this so-collectible new version of the best-selling scent. Redcurrant and lychee make the mouth water before a swag of red roses garland the heart (we imagine them draped around the shoulders, like a feather boa), while the base swirls seductively with vetiver and vanilla.
£55.50 for 30ml eau de parfum
The dark, heady, shareable counterpoint to Dolce Rose is this woody-Ambrée, conjuring up a time when precious goods from the East would arrive in the ports of Italy, filling the air with the scent of the patchouli used to protect precious fabrics en route. Davana, blood orange, clary sage, tonka, caramel and sweet vanilla build a seriously intriguing construction that positively smoulders. One for patchouli-lovers – but also, one to convert patchouli refuseniks.
From £200 for 50ml eau de parfum 
Get ready to clutch your pearls, girls (and anyone who loves wearing the original), because this Kilian bestseller has been ramped up with an extra dose of Bulgarian rose. Part of the ‘Narcotics’ collection, they warn us that it’s now such an addictive pleasure that ‘sensitive souls are asked to abstain…’ With heady orange blossom up top and pillowy marshmallow in the base, the even-more-voluptuous floral heart won’t spare your blushes…
£225 for 50ml eau de parfum

Latest Launches: Scent memories revived!

This week’s Latest Launches beckon you outside to revisit happy memories past and present. Bath House Climbing Trees sets the tone alongside Malin + Goetz Strawberry and Bel Rebel Bubble Gum. Who can resist the tall flowers of Kenzo FlowerbyKenzo EDT, looking as if it’s already in a vase for you? Round off a day of blue skies with Marc Jacobs Daisy Spring Limited Edition and its irresistible bottle.BATH_HOUSE_CLIMBING_TREES
A collaboration with British perfumer Ruth Mastenbroek, the name alone conjures wonderful images, while the scent doesn’t disappoint. Memories of carefree childhood summers and fields of sun-scorched grass are evoked through vetiver, cedar and amber representing the woodland floor. Clambering effortlessly through canopies of aromatic green leaves, sweet bergamot and radiant jasmine sparkle like dappled sunshine, while lemon and rosemary feel like crisp countryside air. Basically, the scent of freedom, bottled!
£72 for 60ml eau de parfum
One sniff and you’re immediately propelled back to the days of flipping through teenage magazines, dancing madly at the disco and illicit snogs around the back of the bike sheds, while covering your beau in fruit flavoured lip gloss. The photo-realistic bubble gum scent bubble pops to reveal a cool, chic wave of Cashmeran on a base of sheer patchouli and vanilla, the sudden sophistication juxtaposed with the giggle-inducing joyousness of the opening.
£139 for 69ml perfume
The archetypal fantasy floral feels shot through with sunshine – each spritz feels as though we’re not so much walking through the poppy fields but flying above them. The wind gleefully ripples our hair as scarlet petals scatter beneath us, a whisper of white musk dotted with sparkles of lemon, fluffy clouds of organic vanilla sprinkled with Bulgarian rose water. If the original’s too powdery for you now, try this flight of fancy.
£41 for 30ml eau de toilette

Forget strawberry jam and berry shortcake: this is strawberry ‘reimagined’ by the artistic team at Malin + Goetz. They ‘deconstructed’ and reinterpret the garden strawberry, invoking its luscious freshness via bright shafts of pink pepper and bergamot, given a floral flourish by orris root, jasmine petals and warm musks. ‘A dynamic scent that challenges the conceptions around the strawberry,’ they promise. What the fruit has in common with this, however, is a decided moreishness.
£75 for 50ml eau de parfum
The boundless airy optimism of Daisy gets three limited edition seasonal twists, our favourite being the barely yet unfurled new-shoots green of Daisy Love. Perfumer Alberto Morillas drizzles freshly picked, still sun-warmed figs with the powdery blossoms of blowsy pink peonies, lapped by cool fig milk in the base. It’s a gourmand-esque comfort to those of us not nearly ready to ditch the tights but welcoming every lighter day with a whoop.
£60 for 50ml eau de toilette

Latest Launches: Eau so Emotional

This week’s Latest Launches are sure to take you on an emotional journey. Set off on a dramatic note with Ojar Forgiven Outrage before exploring the covetable feline bottle of CH beasts. Skandinavisk offers Island Solitude whilst Buly explores the mysteries of the Ural mountains with Forêt de Komi, before Atelier Materi coaxes ambrette into a scent to swoon for. OFFICINE_UNIVERSELLE_BULY_KOMI_FOREST

Quite what the secret of Parisian apothecary/perfume house/all-round-creative-genius-brand Buly’s Eau Triple water-based scents is, we long to know, for they have all the magic of an alcohol-based scent, and plenty of staying power. Here, woods and minerals are melded together with sage, cardamom, basil, violet and lavender, to evoke an imaginary walk in the Komi forest in Russia’s Ural mountains. If this gender-neutral fragrance was a colour, it would be a deep, shaded, mossy green.
130 euros for 75ml eau triple
For their second shareable eau de toilette, Skandinavisk send sea breezes gusting through gnarled crab apple, dog rose and moss. This marine floral is as romantic as their description of ‘exploring glittering Scandinavian waterways under sail, of archipelagos akin to giant’s stepping stones, navigating with no fixed destination, and encountering rocky shadows to escape upon.’ At a time when travel’s so tricky, we are thankful to escape on scent’s magic carpet, instead.
£45 for 50ml eau de toilette
With an ethos of inspecting an ingredient from every angle – born out of founder, Véronique Le Bihan’s architectural background – here the ambrette seed is coaxed to behave almost fruitily, encouraged by the mandarin and ginger. Then, the floralcy of amyris warms to a skin-like musk supported by Ambroxan and spiced sandalwood. Delicately captivating, it’s perhaps the most ‘masculine’ of the unisex range, but they’re so skilfully nuanced you’ll want to take a turn around each.
£195 for 100ml eau de parfum
Stalking stealthily through an imagined garden, this magnificent beast is a limited edition, so you’d best catch it while you can. Wrapped in green velvet and snarling slightly, the dewy violet leaves and aromatic fir balsam evoke nature freshly drenched from a rainfall. But it’s the dry-down we love best: speckles of black pepper dusting the Cashmeran, labdanum and vanilla base – a provocative purr that begs to be nuzzled but hints at dangerous consequences.
£72 for 100ml eau de parfum
First points go the name, a joy to repeat when someone asks what you’re wearing (and they will, if you allow them that close). Second, to the dual-purpose bottle, which can be a roll-on or used with a dabber, also supplied. Thirdly – and most importantly – it smells divine. Imagine the scent of incense from a Japanese kodo ceremony – a trail of cardamom-speckled smoke twisted with freesias and ylang ylang, grounded by guaiac wood – and relax.
£135 for 20ml absolute

Latest Launches: Scents to Celebrate

With names like Radiant Osmanthus and Juniper Jazz, it’s clear to that this week’s latest launches are something to celebrate. Lacoste brings us visons of Wimbledon with Match Point whilst Creed Aventus glories in its Tenth Anniversary Limited Edition. In the final furlong, Parfums de Marly provides a breath-taking photo finish with the luxurious Pegasus Exclusif. 

Continuing their celebration of feminine fragrances that evoke the excitement of world-travel, the osmanthus here truly is radiant – orange blossom and succulent peach a fragrant choir of fruitiness amidst glowing jasmine, sheer amber, smooth sandalwood and fluffy musk. A prescient scent if ever there were one, how we shall wrap ourselves in this and dream of sunnier days, of being frivolous again and relishing every single adventure. Joyful mood-enhancement to wear at any time.
£165 for 100ml eau de parfum
Outside, Juniper Jazz is dressed up Art Deco-style. But the bottle itself has a holographic shimmer that is very ‘now’. Launched as a limited edition, we are sincerely hoping that this does not do a Cinderella-esque vanishing act on us – we’re so taken with the contrast of fascinating metallic molecules, softened by warm, musky woods and patchouli. In the unlikely event of any dancing on tabletops this party season, expect us to be wearing this.
£85 for 100ml eau de toilette
Celebrating a decade of the iconic, blockbusting men’s fragrance, for the first time, Creed offer a stunning special edition bottle. We know there are millions of fans – and with good reason: it’s a vibrantly sensual explosion of pineapple, perfectly balanced with florals, spices, citrus fruits and woody notes – and this so-collectable bottle should definitely adorn your dens. For uber fans it’s a must-buy, and for those yet to experience it? Get set to stun!
£280 for 100ml eau de parfum
Never mind Match Point, this is game, set and match to Lacoste for a thrillingly fresh aromatic creation that pitches two poised accords against each other. In the opening game, enjoy the green, exhilarating energy of basil and gentian, with an intriguing yet subtle bitter edge. But ultimately, as with all fragrances, it’s the base notes which win through – here, the composed, calm elegance of vetiver, smoothed by Cashmeran. Trophy-worthy, this one.
From £35 for 30ml eau de toilette
When Pegasus first launched, it became an instant success – the kind of cult fragrance perfumistas nodded in quiet appreciation of, while passing a fellow fragrance lover. Returning with a twist, Pegasus now rides again as an Exclusif version. Retaining two of the most characteristic ingredients found in the original – bitter almond and vanilla – the warmth of guaiac wood and natural oudh radiates further when contrasted with the zingy opening of bergamot and pink pepper.
£160 for 75ml eau de parfum

Latest Launches: Fragrant Road to Freedom

Succumb to the charms of this week’s latest launches as freedom beckons and happier times pave the way. Contradictions in Ilk Virtuous transports you to Tuscany while Bentley For Men Silverlake entices you to roll down the windows and enjoy the ride. Skandinavisk Kapitel 12 Freedom to Roam invites exploration and adventure and we are more than ready for both!

We have few excuses to get dressed up, right now – but we can still enjoy when our fragrances get an haute couture outfit. Giorgio Armani’s latest pair have been designed in homage to the ancient Indonesian dyeing technique of ikat. Ikat Bleu’s mood is Ambrée-spicy, first tempting us with spicily fresh bergamot and pink pepper, embroidered with iris and patchouli that ultimately give way to Bourbon vanilla and guaiac wood. Just 1300 pieces, worldwide.
£565 for 100ml eau de parfum
We’ve come to love the great outdoors more than ever over the course of 2020 – catching up with our Scandinavian contemporaries, here. Now Skandinavisk, a much-loved bath, body and candle name, set out to capture that spirit of wilderness with a debut trio of scents. First up: Freedom to Roam reflects an ancient Scandinavian law which invites exploration and adventure, imagining heather-line trails above the tree line via notes of wild berries, herbs and woods.
£45 for 50ml eau de toilette

As we’ve lately abandoned boardrooms for bedrooms (or front rooms/kitchen tables/wherever we can #WFH), this launch feels pertinent indeed, inspired as it is by escaping the city and driving to the mountains. Iced lemon and peppermint shiver delightedly to foresty, verdant violet leaf, with sheer lavender evoking the silvery sheen of a distant lake. Finally, the amber-rich base of musky woods makes us want to roll the window down and whoop, joyously. Impressively done.
£69.50 for 100ml eau de parfum
Transported to the Tuscan countryside via an aromatic herb garden, this personality-led house invites you to ‘follow in the shadow of a Carthusian monk.’ Contrasting scentscapes of dewy leaves and incense-infused leather books are linked via oakwood and moss for spiritually uplifting experience. But wait; don’t be bound by one ‘type’. Explore your less than pure side by layering with their passionate Libertine scent – or any of the six others waiting to tempt you.
£118 for 50ml eau de parfum
A second new Eau Triple, from Buly. (Whose stores, by the way, as and when we can freely travel again, are worth putting on your perfume bucket list.) Here, saffron – also known as ‘red gold’ – is showcased alongside oudh, a pair of ingredients chosen to conjure up the legendary Silk Road that snaked through Isfahan, Cairo, Damascus and Samarkand. You’ll leave behind a sensual trail of patchouli, sandalwood, amber and musk, in your (or your camel’s?) wake.
130 euros for 75ml eau triple