This weeks five new scents!

This week we are all about these five new fragrances. We will be spritzing all the way to the weekend with these incredible new scents. Get yourself to a counter now to try them yourselves!

Inspiration comes in many forms. An idyllic Greek holiday in the Pelopponese region of Laconia was the springboard for Tom Daxon’s latest – most specifically, a long, cool drink enjoyed at sunset, which this rising star has sought to recreate via succulent notes of lemon, bergamot, mandarin and orange, water mint, violet leaf and jasmine, ruffled by a breeze of vetiver, cardamom and sea salt. The perfect summer cooler, we find ourselves spritzing and re-spritzing.
£155 for 100ml eau de parfum

A simply intriguing swirl of floral and fruitiness feels exotic yet familiar, citrus dominating the opening, then a succulent greenness dripping with juice. Freesia magnificently carries the composition to unknown heights, and this haze of notes twirls continuously as it warms on your skin, your nose delighted throughout while frankincense swathes the base with labdanum, timber and that freesia-laden fruitiness. John Evans, founder of The Modernist, has two to follow, and we watch with interest.
£145 for 50ml eau de parfum

Mandarine is an explosion of zest – the first citrus in the collection, but still in keeping with the complex construction of Les Infusions – light, airy, yet long lasting. A green mandarin note opens, evoking the raw bitterness of the citrus skin as you peel it, before revealing the bright, juicy flesh of the fruit. Neroli and orange blossom are added for an extra dose of sunshine, and later the sultry warmth of opopanax shrouds you in comfort.
£102.50 for 100ml eau de parfum

Shimmering with the iridescence of a salty, skin-like muskiness and the intoxicating deliciousness of a lychee-laden liqueur, this is the fragrance to reach for when poolside parties beckon. With a distinct fresh fruitiness that gets the taste buds tingling, the senses tingle too in anticipation of high-jinx, laughter and dancing the night away. The music mellows, a sunset washes the sky, musk drifts with happy memories and the prospect of doing it all again, tomorrow.
£73.50 for 80ml eau de toilette

Ripe apricot-like osmanthus blossoms are juxtaposed with a reassuring yet intriguing pairing of smoked beech bark; light-filled jasmine sambac is enveloped by white amber and the osmanthus blooms throughout for a journey that is, by turns, fruit-tinged and floral then smooth, smokily-infused leather. Highly original, it appears so simple at first: a hushed modernity that deserves repeated wearing to fully appreciate the unusual charms of this foray into a masculine iteration of the Alien family.
£52 for 50ml eau de toilette

Make a perfume: day workshops at 4160 Tuesdays

We’d like to share with you an invitation from 4160 Tuesdays, which – as a serious perfume lover – we think you’ll really enjoy. So…

Perfume days for people with a little experience. Small groups, with friendly guidance from Sarah McCartney.

Our studio is mostly used for making fragrances, so we can fit in a small group for our perfume making events. For 2018 we’re dividing our groups into beginners’ events and our slightly more advanced days, with a maxiumum of eight people. (Email us if you’re not sure which one will be best.) 

“One day in the studio is not enough, I need to go back soon. Best thing ever for any perfume lover!” Monique Rausch.

You have morning and afternoon sessions with access to our own materials, both natural and synthetic. You’ll take away a 50ml bottle of finished fragrance*, and all your experimental blends too.

You’ll smell a range of materials and learn how to blend them. It can be quite hard work – lots to learn – but you get as much help and guidance as you need from 4160Tuesdays’ own indie perfumer, Sarah McCartney.

The morning

We arrive between 10.30 and 11 for a drink and introductory chat. Some people travel a long way to get here, so we allow time for arriving and settling in. You’ll smell a carefully curated range of perfumery materials, both naturals and synthetics, and to blend them to create a wearable fragrance.

We generally head off to Paulo’s cafe for all day breakfast at around 1.20, or CJ’s for Thai noodles; you can bring your lunch or get something at Tesco on the corner if you like.

The afternoon 2 – 4.30 ish (sometimes later…)

Blend a scent of your own, using professional perfumery materials. The session includes all materials and equipment, plus tea, coffee, fruit, cake, unusual cordials and a 50ml bottle of your own individual perfume. (We open a bottle or two of champagne at the end.)

Cost including refreshments and your bottle of perfume  : £150


February 2020 – Thursday 6th / Friday 7th / Saturday 8th

April 2020 – Thursday 16th / Friday 17th / Saturday 18th

June 2020 – Thursday 4th / Friday 5th / Saturday 6th

September 2020 – Thursday 17th / Friday 18th / Saturday 19th

October 2020 – Thursday 8th / Friday 9th / Saturday 10th

November 2020 – Thursday 5th / Friday 6th / Saturday 7th

*The formulas are yours to do whatever you like with, and if you need more of your fragrance, you can photograph it and we’ll make it up for you.

Cancelling: Ts & Cs

We realise that things crop up that people weren’t planning for, but our workshops sell out, and we can’t always resell spaces at short notice – although we do try.

If you cancel 30 days or more before your workshop we will refund you completely. If you cancel between 14 and 28 days beforehand, we will move to you to later date. If you cancel within 14 days, you can pass your seat on to someone else, or you can spend the money on our perfume. Fair’s fair.

NB This event is organised by 4160 Tuesdays, rather than The Perfume Society