Latest Launches – to be sniffed at!

A bouquet of precious ingredients awaits you with this week’s latest launches. From zesty green notes to saffron and Blue Tea, we’re quoting Kilian’s precious vetiver scent when we say “Do it for love!”

Something to brighten even the dullest, gloomiest of winter days, here – fresh, fresh, sparkling and giving the sense that it’s filled with shafts of sunlight, streaming through a green, leafy canopy brilliantly evoked by elements of lentisque and a breeze of galbanum. Aerin Lauder was inspired by the South of France to create Éclat de Vert, gathering notes of citrus, magnolia and jasmine and bestowing on them a mysterious, woody depth. Merveilleux.
£150 for 50ml eau de parfum
harrods.comKilian Do it For For Linda The Perfume SocietyKILIAN
Kilian Hennessy collaborated with Bergdorf Goodman’s Women’s Fashion Director Linda Fargo on this – and it’s ‘rich in the highest concentration of vetiver ever achieved in the perfume industry’, we’re told. Vetiver devotees will find their favourite earthy-woody tropical grass lifted by bergamot and petitgrain, with floral facets of neroli and orange blossom softening the heart. Equally at home on a man or a woman’s body, the bottle itself is sealed with a kiss.
£285 for 50ml eau de parfum

Tom Daxon Midinbght Saffron The Perfume SocietyTOM DAXON
Saffron fans, you’re going to adore this latest from perfume wünderkind Tom Daxon. A striking contrast in warm and cool in which saffron ‘awakens’ lavender, as Tom puts it, it reimagines Provence’s aromatic bounty in a very innovative and wearable way to deliver something really actually quite unlike anything we’ve smelled before, segue-ing from a fresh start to a smouldering finale, buffed by suede and garlanded in jasmine en route. Positively addictive.
£155 for 100ml eau de parfum

With each fragrance celebrating rare ingredients traded on the Spice Routes in their ancient home of Venice, it’s fitting the mysterious blue tea takes centre stage, here – housed in possibly TMOV’s most glorious bottle to date. The wardrobe-style box reveals the be-tasselled Chinoiserie flacon – and inside that, a melange of hushed magnificence, butterfly pea-flower leaves (never before used in perfumery) adding freshness to the floral and nutmeg infusion, which offers a deeply satisfying woody finale.
£180 for 100ml
Aramis Tobacco Reserve The Perfume Society

New additions to the Aramis universe don’t come along every day – and while this retains the DNA of that enduring icon of the male fragrance world, it’s been given an intriguing twist. Bold tobacco leaf stakes its claim at the heart, wrapped around aromatic clary sage, with touches of cassis and of oakmoss. The whole blend is ultimately softened and sweetened by tonka bean, beckoning a new generation to discover Aramis’s delights.
£55 for 50ml eau de parfum

New scents for a new year

We’re always ready to try new fragrances and these fab five are hitting the spot. From fougères to florals via Mutiny (the first fragrance John Galliano’s been involved with at Martin Margiela), we think you’ll agree that these latest launches make an intriguing start to a fragrant year…
Atkinson's White Rose d'Alix The Perfume SocietyATKINSONS
Queen Victoria’s favourite grandchild, Princess Alix, was so fond of Atkinson’s White Rose that she apparently ordered a bottle every six weeks. Now, 108 years later, Atkinsons have reinvented the classic scent for a modern world. The exquisite Chypre floral focuses on a bright, fresh white rose, with lychee and raspberry adding flourishes of fruitiness. A base of soft musks, labdanum, vanilla and patchouli make it exceedingly moreish – the perfect way to tap into your inner princess.
£130 for 100ml eau de toilette

Dior Rose Kabuki the Perfume SocietyDIOR
Honestly, François Demachy sums up his scents as note-perfectly as anyone can. So here, he explains, ‘I wanted to create a delicate rose swatched in powdery, cottony musks, bringing to mind the immaculate faces of traditional Japanese Kabuki theatre. A rose that is pink at heart, enveloped in a white that haloes its petals. Its caressing softness is pricked with vivid, dew-pearled greens.’ And this utterly fresh, cool rose has us dreaming of far-off summer and rose bowers.
From £200 for 125 ml eau de parfum
dior.comGuerlain La Cuvee Secrete The Perfume SocietyGUERLAIN
Napoleon – an early customer of Guerlain’s – apparently used to splash on Colognes by the bottleful. Were money no object, we’d be doing the same with this: an utterly invigorating, spirit-lifting Cologne, created to a secret recipe that has, we’re told, been handed down over generations in Guerlain’s workshop, including a ‘mysterious dilution and intricate maceration process’. What we do know: this blend of bergamot, lavender and petitgrain is quite simply note perfect.
£135 for 250ml eau de Cologne
Marking the long-overdue return of John Galliano to the fragrant universe, four years after he joined Margiela, this was worth the wait. Dominique Ropion puts tuberose front and centre in Mutiny, deploying three different qualities of the heady white flower. ‘It took me six years and over a thousand tries before succeeding… I kept its structure and took out all the rest – exactly what Mr. Galliano does at Maison Margiela,’ he says. Quite so.
From £83 for 50ml eau de parfum

Lyn Harris shakes up the fougère category, reinventing it for a new generation, attracting women to this longstanding male fragrance category along the way. We’d certainly be happy to swathe ourselves in this blend of bergamot, lemon, grapefruit and neroli, breezily aromatic juniper, lavender and rosemary, transitioning to pepper, angelica seed and cool, transparent musks on the skin. (And we’ve a dedicated piggy bank for the version in the £400 blown glass Michael Ruh flacon.)
From £190 for 100ml eau de parfum
At Perfumer H



Latest Launches: Seasonal Delights!

We thought our wishlist was complete until we discovered these five new perfume launches. With fabulous bottles and irresistible names (White Moss and Snowdrop, anyone?) we’ll be swishing our Angela Flanders Taffeta and embracing this seasonal selection of delights.


Acqua di Parma’s utterly classic, quintessential Cologne gets all dressed up for Christmas – as do their Christmas gifts (see p.23 of The Scented Letter) – in this Colonia Artist Edition, wittily decorated by award-winning artist and art director Clym Evernden. (Do check out his Instagram @clymdraws). A timeless classic, equally at home on a woman’s skin as a man’s, this positively sparkles with lavender, verbena and Damask rose, offering a final embrace of vetiver, sandalwood and patchouli.
£151 for 180ml eau de Cologne

Capturing that time when dusk falls, Taffeta embodies mysterious light, chilled air, the senses alive with possibility. Dewy hyacinth is speckled with the hushed rasp of peppery lavender, adding a dry rustle to the beautifully powdered iris and lipstick rose in the heart. Smoky tendrils of vetiver flicker between the shadows and surprising freshness of the base – a juxtaposition that invites and beguiles while evoking the elusive, colour-changing quality of the fabric it’s inspired by.
£69 for 30ml eau de parfum

Spritz Etro Musk on a woman’s neck. Do the same on a man’s. Whoever wears this latest creation from the jet-set’s favourite boho-chic fashion label, the result is wonderfully nuzzleable, simply enhancing the natural scent of warm skin as only a contemporary musk can really do. Bergamot, grapefruit, verbena, cedar, guaiac and Indian sandalwood also feature, technically – but it’s the musk that delivers the come-hither softness. Not so much unisex as uni-sexy, we’d say.
From £64.80 for 50ml eau de toilette

We have our fingers crossed that this seasonal creation stays firmly put. It’s a reminder of the extraordinary cleverness of perfumers, who can play with molecules to recreate sensations of warm and cool – at first, almost as cold as an Arctic blizzard, its forest mossiness emerges from the snow to be gradually warmed by touches of golden amber and cardamom. The bottle’s a stunner, meanwhile – catching the light, the glass appears cloaked in a rainbow.
£96 for 100ml Cologne

Jolly stylish bottle. Jolly stylish scent. This intensified version of L’Homme Lacoste – more tenacious, more bold – ramps up the power of the original. Fresh mandarin and orange fizz alongside rhubarb and quince, while the heart is a spicy swirl of black pepper and ginger. Cedarwood and akigalawood, amber, vanilla, cypriol and vetiver make for a sensual conclusion, drizzled with almond, for mellowness. And can you make out the jasmine-laden breeze blowing through the whole creation?
£35 for 50ml eau de toilette

Latest Launches: A touch of sparkle

We’ve got a star studded hit parade of new perfumes for you this week and we’re falling in love with all five. With Jessica Chastain fronting the ad campaign for Ralph Lauren Woman, Emma Stone as the ‘face’ of Louis Vuitton and Nick Jonas collaborating with John Varvatos, it’s clear: Hollywood loves perfume, and so do we!

Lousi Vuitton Attrape Reves The Perfume SocietyLOUIS VUITTON
Resident Vuitton perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud’s latest translates as ‘dreamcatcher’ and it’s certainly captured our heart, with a little help from the most enchanting ad – or should we say adventure? – starring Emma Stone. In this ‘aromatic incarnation of spiritual wonder’, airy and transparent peony – chosen to evoke ‘visions of shooting stars scattered across the velvet night sky’ – contrasts with earthy, dark patchouli, all infused with the juicy sweetness of litchi, in a refillable Marc Newson flacon.
From £185 for 100ml eau de parfum
4160 Tuesdasy Freeway Perfume Society Latest Launches4160 TUESDAYS
Wafts of orange groves fuse with sweet pastries and jasmine in the air, against a backdrop of evaporating fuel lingering in the atmosphere… Freeway captures the aroma of LA’s roads ‘after the oil runs out’ – an imaginary snapshot of a wildlife haven, with flowers and fields overrunning the faded tarmac. Hot rubber and gasoline, fields of white flowers and juicy oranges, clouds of candy floss still floating around. Time travel in a bottle.
£80 for 50ml eau de parfum
Narciso Rodriguez For Her Musc oil Perfume SocietyNARCISO RODRIGUEZ
‘I can’t imagine a fragrance without musk,’ says Narciso Rodriguez. ‘Because of its uncanny ability to reflect the nature of whoever wears it, musk lends such an air of individuality to fragrance.’ So yet again, the signature ingredient of his perfume collection is showcased here, in a rich perfumed oil, this time, to be applied with the most feminine of gestures via a stem in the lid of the graphic glass flacon. Pure, sensual femininity.
£150 for 30ml parfum
Ralph Lauren Woman The Perfume SocietyRALPH LAUREN
Anne Flipo’s pride at creating a fragrance ‘inspired by Ralph Lauren’s vision of a heroine’ was written all over her at the launch at London’s Allbright Club. Woman’s ‘face’ is Jessica Chastain, Hollywood’s embodiment of strength, its hashtag, #leadlikeawoman. But that most powerful of fragrance notes, tuberose, has been softened in Flipo’s hands, mellowed by cedarwood, patchouli and sandalwood, then captured in a gold-adorned flask. Carry it in your briefcase, with pride.
From £49 for 30ml eau de parfum
John Varvatos JV x NJ The Perfume Society
The music industry’s favourite designer has teamed up with one of its shining stars: John Varvatos and Grammy/Golden Globe-winning musician/actor Nick Jonas tapped into their busy, globetrotting lives to bring us a confident, upbeat urban creation that delivers a watery freshness from start to finish, starring notes like mandarin, kaffir lime, pink pepper, sage, rosemary, lavender, sandalwood, clearwood and Ambrox. And we’re loving how the flacon’s all dressed up in pearlised midnight blue, this time around.
From £52 for 75ml eau de toilette

Latest Launches: from Juicy Couture to Jimmy Choo and more!

We’re spoiled for choice with these fabulous new launches. From Dolce & Gabbana The Only One to House of Herrera Platinum Leather, we have a scent to suit everyone. Have you written your wish list yet? Say ‘Oui, oui, oui!’ to Fever and more!
Dolce and Gabbana the Only One Perfume SocietyDOLCE & GABBANA
An innovative and addictive ‘mocha violet’ note sits at the heart of this so-pretty and seductive floral, blending coffee with soft, sweet iris. First, though, there’s the liveliness of bergamot – and after, a warm base of vanilla and patchouli. We say: do also check out Dolce&Gabbana’s adorable and joyous video – starring Emilia Clarke, by Italian filmmaker Matte Garrone – to mark The Only One’s launch. (And we defy you not to keep humming ‘Quando, quando’, afterwards.)
From £52 for 30ml eau de parfum

Carolina Herrera Platinum Leather The Perfume SocietyHOUSE OF HERRERA
Opening with a whipcrack of freshly crushed pink pepper and ultra-dry cypriol, there’s no messing about here – this scent means business. Buttery soft leather sashays forth slowly then utterly fills the heart. Given a steely backbone of jasmine, accenting the smoothness like a scented sash of slightly metallic sweetness, the dry-down trails a patchouli-laden vanilla/musk accord as your cloak of invincibility – the fragrance equivalent of a fits-like-a-glove garment you never want to take off.
£230 for 100ml eau de parfum

Jimmy Choo Fever The Perfume Society

Jimmy Choo shoes have collectors. And we suspect the fragrances do, too, eager for the next incarnation of the now-classic, tactile Murano glass-inspired flacon. This time it appears in deep burgundy/purple – daring you to strap on your highest heels and strut your stuff, in a Nathalie Lorson confection that walks a tightrope between gourmand and floralcy, contrasting black plum nectar, lychee, heliotrope, vanilla orchid, jasmine, roasted tonka, benzoin and sandalwood. Bottled glamour.
From £43 for 40ml eau de parfum
Oui Juicy Couture The Perfume SocietyJUICY COUTURE
Fun, irreverent and charming: three words we’ve always associated with Juicy Couture fragrances, and this one continues that playful tradition – decidedly fun in a bottle. Cheeky, juicy and a little tart, it blends waterlemon (a unique accord that fuses watermelon and lemon) with açai tea and pear. The heart is a floral bouquet of tuberose, jasmine and honeysuckle, while the base purrs with amber and musks. We say, ‘Oui, oui, oui!’
£43 for 30ml eau de parfum
Cuir Imperiale ormonde Jayne The Perfume SocietyORMONDE JAYNE
Give this to a man and we’d put money that you’ll be borrowing it – Cuir Impérial sits equally beautifully on the skin of both sexes. Taking its inspiration from the eternally entwined histories of leather and perfumery in Grasse, this intoxicating creation places leather centre stage, orbited by Cognac oil, clary sage, bergamot, pink pepper, cardamom, orris, rose, suede, freesia, tonka, sandalwood, patchouli, cedar, vetiver, and incense. Complex? For sure. Sublime? Utterly.
£195 for 50ml eau de parfum

Five fab new favourites from Tom Ford to Trussardi

We’ve chosen these five fab new fragrances as our favourites this week. From Tom Ford to Trussardi, we think you’ll find a new favourite too. Here’s this week’s line-up to keep your finger on the pulse…

Molton Brown Jasmine &Sun Rose The Perfume SocietyMOLTON BROWN
A contemporary Chypre that stands up with the very best of them, Molton Brown’s Jasmine & Sun Rose is a welcome addition to this most sophisticated family – but with a modern edge. Fruity accents come from succulent raspberry, sparkling bergamot and juicy peach, laid atop fruity roses, smooth jasmine petals and apricot-like osmanthus, while its trail of rich, resinous labdanum, softly earthy patchouli and delicate musks linger on the skin after dark.
£45 for 50ml eau de toilette
Ramon Monegal cafe Del Mar The Perfume SocietyRAMON MONEGAL
Inspired by evenings in Ibiza, chilling out while wandering the beach after the party’s finally over, rich, dark coffee drips through a golden apple’s luscious juiciness. Fragrant wafts of freesia, lavender and lily then gently warm like the rising sun to a lip-smacking salty vanilla base, a sweet something quaffed as the coffee drifts back to you again. From an Ibiza-inspired trio, this is deliciously woody and almost gourmand, in a dashingly grown-up way.
£150 for 100ml eau de parfum
Trussardi Sound of Donna The Perfume Society
Emilie Copperman’s Ambrée-floral-gourmand-woody clearly has a lot going on – but then so does the contemporary women she’s created it for, young, multi-tasking individuals who love their jobs and their free time – and the ‘sound of whose voice is heard above everything’. After a vivacious intro of tangerine and green almonds, hypnotic tuberose draws you into the composition, caressed by feminine heliotrope and rose, gathering to a crescendo of sandalwood, patchouli and a ‘Mont Blanc accord’.
97 euros for 30ml eau de parfum
Van Cleef Arpels Rose Rouge The Perfume Society
There are roses, roses everywhere in Julian Rasquinet’s Rose Rouge – but here Turkish rose absolute and Rose EssentialTM bloom alongside notes that endow the fragrance with an elegant Chypre signature. Mouthwatering elements feature, too – a ‘frosty wisp’ of peppercorn, Burgundy blackcurrant absolute, and an unexpected serving of raw cacao. There’s cool, dry vetiver – and plenty of patchouli, which pairs so perfectly with cocoa, and ultimately, the fragrance mellows to a come-hither inviting muskiness.
£130 for 75ml eau de parfum
Tom Ford Ombre Leather The Perfume Society
Wear this, promise Tom Ford, and you will ‘embark on a southwestern scent journey, transported to the desert heart of the West.’ (Where Mr. Ford also happened to make his home for some time.) To conjure that sun-baked landscape, second-skin black leather wraps patchouli and vetiver, alongside white moss and ‘warm canyon amber’, spicy saffron and cardamom mimicking ‘the heat of sunlit earth, the smoulder of rock and sand at the finish.’ We’re there, Tom.
£82 for 50ml eau de parfum

Scents that look as good as they smell

This week’s selection of new fragrance launches includes some truly fabulous bottles. From the classy Clive Christian Noble XX Water Lily bottle to the stunning Penhaligon’s Blazing. Mr Sam, with its gold statuette lid. These scents smell as good as they look – so time to go shopping…?

Joining the Noble Collection and inspired by Art Nouveau, Water Lily is an utterly enchanting Chypre that commands attention from first spritz. After a fizzy aldehydic introduction, it soon unfolds into rich green elements, with florals wafting airily through the composition – the sweet, addictive nature of jasmine and tuberose is counterbalanced with green leaf and a super-soft, supple orris, while the base swirls with patchouli and vetiver. Sophisticated, rich and dark.
£350 for 50ml eau de parfum

How does a perfumer dare to create a perfume with the same name as one of the scent world’s true icons? With great care and consideration, as François Demachy brings us a Joy by Dior for the 21st Century filled with crystalline shafts of bright sunshine from mandarin and zingy bergamot, which fade into an explosion of airy Grasse rose absolute and jasmine, enfolded in sandalwood and powdery musks, for a skin-like effect. Joyful, truly.
£75 for 50ml eau de parfum
Reese Witherspoon is an apt choice for the ‘face’ of My Fifth Avenue: she recalls looking up at the tall buildings on 5th Avenue and feeling ‘totally overwhelmed and intimidated’. But baby, look at Reese now – and as she acknowledges, ‘5th Avenue is about ambition – and ambition is beautiful.’ How do you express that in scent? Via a chic, contemporary floral blend of mandarin, lotus flower, jasmine and an orris accord, in a suitably skyscraper-esque flacon.
£35 for 50ml eau de toilette
From Absolus d’Orient series – this time in a red lacquer version of its signature bottle – Musc Noble is Thierry Wasser’s latest play on traditional Middle Eastern perfumery ingredients – after oudh, sandalwood and incense. But it’s equally alluring to those of us closer to home, a floral-woody-musk that smoothly progresses from pink pepper and geranium to a mist of white musks, settled on a cloud of rose, a-swirl above warm cedarwood and a flourish of white amber.
£129 for 125ml eau de parfum
Penhaligon’s Portraits would now like to introduce you to ‘an American abroad – in London to be precise – who spends freely, lives fast and talks loudly.’ Known ‘for his proud claims of opulence’, we’re told, this note-perfect composition runs hot and cold with spices – cardamom, black pepper and cumin – on a base that thrums with sensual woodiness, bringing in tobacco, patchouli and the snuggle of cashmere. He’s going to feel right at home on the bathroom shelf.
£185 for 75ml eau de parfum

Latest Launches: Meet this week’s fab five, from Moresque to Mugler

We can’t get enough of these five new fragrance launches from Mugler, Nejma, Prada, Trussardi and Moresque. From the emerald Mugler Aura bottle to the midnight blue of Prada Moonlight Shadow, we’ll be finding room for these at home.MORESQUE
Powerful women are everywhere at the moment, in their role as muses to perfumers – in this case, Catherine the Great, the Russian Empress who was independent, educated (unusually), but elegant, too. Her cherished rose garden is brought to life, here; pink pepper makes for a bright opening to a heart of – what else? – May rose, on a base of vanilla, musk and cinnamon destined to capture hearts, if not countries.
£260 for 50ml parfum

Mugler Aura EDT The Perfume Society

The covetable, glowing emerald Aura bottle is reprised for the eau de toilette concentration of Aura, faceted like a jewel and set with a metallic M. (It’s the colour of luck, hope and intuition, we’re reliably informed.) The juice itself features three ‘hearts’ (Mugler-speak for accords), the ‘Instinctive Heart’ (almondy, sugary, smoke Tiger Liana essential oil), ‘Floral Heart’ (pear extract and hibiscus), and the ‘Animal Heart’, purring with white vanilla Tahitiensis and velvety wolfwood.
From £42 for 30ml eau de toilette
We’re so pleased to follow the career of young perfumer Alice Lavenat (read her profile on p.17 of our most recent edition of The Scented Letter), again proving her talents via smoky clouds of incense mingling with a deliciously root-y smelling carrot seed oil, angelica flower and succulent black cherry before the beauty of the iris heart blooms. Swirled through with dark seams of licorice wood, the violet and musk wallow in mallow seed on a sumptuous ambergris, sandalwood, and leather-y musk base.
£215 for 100ml eau de parfum
The magnificent Les Mirages collection offers surrealistic fragrant fantasies taking their cue from Prada’s darker palette of patterns and scent moods – and Daniela Andrier has outdone herself with these outstanding compositions. This new addition is all ripe figs wrapped in fruity leather on a dark chocolate base, so delicious we’d bite your hand to get at it – and exquisitely presented, its midnight-hued flacon nestled within a silk pouch.
£220 for 100ml eau de parfum

This sexy black bottle features a collectors limited edition Riflesso, by perfumer Véronique Nyberg, inspired by the MV Augusta Brutale 800 motorcycle. (Bike geeks will know what that is, even if we’re less au fait.) An Ambrée-woody, the scent itself offers up a citrus cocktail (bergamot, pink grapefruit, green apple), a floral heart of geranium, violet and lavender, and the va-va-vroom of Italian leather, tonka and vetiver as it reaches full throttle.
£77 for 100ml eau de toilette

Five new launches we love: from Gucci to Gaultier

This week’s fabulous new fragrances are from some of the best-known perfume houses out there. G is for gorgeous – but also for Guerlain, Givenchy, Gaultier and Gucci. For a masculine take, we have Dunhill Century in its chunky glass bottle.  Wouldn’t they all look good on your dressing table?

Givenchy L'Interdit The Perfume Society

A reimagining of the 1957 classic, Givenchy’s latest is an ode to modern femininity – just as the original was. This time it centres around addictive, intense tuberose, combined in a bouquet with other bewitching white florals, jasmine and orange blossom, revealing a heart of sheer elegance. The base offers up a contrastingly dark accord by fusing soft, sensual Ambroxan with harsh earthy vetiver and a chocolate-y patchouli. Would L’Interdit muse Audrey Hepburn love it…? You decide.
£31 for 30ml eau de parfum
Gucci Bloom Nettare di Fiore
Chypre-florals are having a moment – and personally, we couldn’t be more pleased. A third Bloom collab between Gucci’s Alessandro Michele and the utterly legendary Alberto Morillas, Nettare di Fiore captures flowers at their most abundantly full and fragrant, with osmanthus, jasmine, Rangoon creeper and tuberose scrambling over woodsier notes of patchouli and musk, warmly spiced by ginger. All of the signature sophistication of a Chypre – but with a distinctly modern twist.
From £81 for 50ml eau de parfum
Guerlain Shalimar Souffle de LumiereGUERLAIN
They’ve been busy bees at Guerlain. Now it’s the turn of the legendary Shalimar to take on a new luminosity, in the hands of Monsieur Wasser, introducing a jasmine extracted from one of the fruitiest in the world, Calabrian Jasminum grandiflorum. Bergamot, ylang ylang, white musk and benzoin also feature in a fragrance that is both pure Shalimar, and something else again, its misty radiance exquisitely showcased in a translucent, almost alabaster bottle.
£74 for 50ml eau de parfum
Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal by Night
Ramping up the brazen charms of the original, Scandal By Night delves deeper into the Parisian party scene, kicking up her heels and diving in tuberose, honey, sandalwood and tonka beans. Addictively moreish, you’ll want to join in this hedonistic fragrance’s festivities, but can you keep up with her ebullient joie de vivre? As ever with Jean Paul Gaultier, the bottle’s to die for – high-kicking legs atop the burgundy flacon.
£95 for 80ml eau de parfum
Dunhill Century The Perfume SocietyDUNHILL
In quite the most fabulous flacon we’ve seen for ages, Dunhill excel design standards once again with a stunning convex glass bottle. Luckily the fragrance lives up to the packaging, too, with a delicious citrus opening that remains the right side of lemon-meringue. Slinking down to a neroli and olibanum heart studded with cardamom, the woody, nargamotha (cypriol) base is smooth as freshly shaved skin. So stylishly delightful, we might have to borrow this, permanently.
£59 for 75ml eau de parfum

Take five Latest Launches: florals, spice and all things nice

We love these exciting new fragrance launches from some of the biggest names in perfume. From Lalique’s Electric Purple to Guerlain’s Habit Rouge Dress Code, you’ll find florals, spice and all things nice. Dive in and discover a new favourite!Goutal Chat Perche The Perfume SocietyGOUTAL
Isabelle Doyen’s latest for Goutal Paris taps into childhood memories of a game she used to play, giving Chat Perché its name. Light, fresh, definitely playful, it has sunny-day notes of lemon blossom, nasturtium, sweet pea and soft white musks. One to make you nostalgic for your own early years, for sure – or perhaps for sharing with a young girl, who’s bound to love the embossed cat pattern, which is magnified through the juice.
£66 for 100ml eau de toilette
cologneandcotton.comLalique Electric Purple The Perfume SocietyLALIQUE
Paying tribute to René Lalique’s modernity, a trio of contemporary scents – the others are Sweet Amber and Pink Paradise – infuse the highest quality synthetics with dreamy naturals, embracing the best of both ingredient worlds. Here, Nathalie Lorson balances boysenberry with bitter grapefruit, mint and violet leaves, all nestled on a mossy base. Housed in a streamlined, Deco-inspired bottle that’s destined for dressing table lustfulness, it’s the perfect fruity twist for a modern Chypre.
£190 for 100ml eau de parfum
lalique.comMiller Harris Powdered Veil The Perfume SocietyMILLER HARRIS
A sheer veil of amber wrapped in cashmere – intimate, warm and deeply sophisticated. Powered Veil captures the delicate nature of amber, cloaking the Ambrée note in a blanket of transparent florals. Labdanum has been used to enhance the rich, resinous essence of amber, alongside vanilla and sandalwood draw the sweetness out. Last but not least, musk and cashmeran add a cosiness to the whole fragrance. The result? A scent that softly glows.
£75 for 50ml eau de parfum
millerharris.comSerge Lutens Participe Passe The Perfume SocietySERGE LUTENS
We’re often asked: ‘What are balsams?’ And the answer is resinous saps, tapped from trees and shrubs, which add a warmth and sweetness to perfumery. Canada balsam is the star here, pulsing alongside an unusual note of cumin in the latest enigma from Monsieur Lutens, who ‘was determined to use this fragrance to evoke the time it takes to bring a conscience or story to light.’ Our advice: just get out and smell it.
£160 for 100ml eau de parfum
harveynichols.comGuerlain Habit Rouge Dress Code The Perfume SocietyGUERLAIN

One for the ‘neo-dandy’, as Guerlain put it, dressed up in a red camouflage flacon, this is elegant yet luscious – and oh-so-French. Thierry Wasser has boldly dared to play with Guerlain’s classic Habit Rouge once more, his choice of sparkling top notes introducing the spices familiar from the 1965 original. The woods remain – but are softened, with the ultra-masculine leatheriness in the final sillage softened, unexpectedly, by praline. The result? Decidedly moreish.
£79.00 100ml eau de parfum