Latest Launches: put Spring in your step!

This week’s Latest Launches are perfect for putting Spring in your step. With new takes on classics from Chanel and Mugler, new niche from Ex Idolo and Bedeaux and an encore from John Varvatos and Nick Jonas, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Sussex-based Amanda Beadle is a talented, self-taught artisan perfumer, artist (and Perfume Society V.I.P. Club member) whose Chienoir fragrance scooped an Art & Olfaction Award in 2018. A luscious floral-musk, Chouette (one of a trio of her fragrances) sets out to evoke balmy summer nights with fireflies a-flicker in an orchard of ripe fruits, via notes of sweet citrus, cassis, soft woods, amber and musk, garlanded by jasmine. A highly impressive debut.
From £30 for 15ml eau de parfum


An olfactory exploration of lucid dreaming – that semi-meditative state in which sleepers can control their dreams – Ex Idolo bring us fizzing citrus, pink pepper and davana that softens into softly smoked osmanthus and clouds of rose petals hovering on the updraft of white patchouli incense. Beautiful illustrations were commissioned to accompany Ex Idolo’s new collection (see them on their website), with Lucid Dream’s featuring a fox turning into a butterfly. This feels equally transformative.
£95 for 30ml eau de parfum
Fenwick Bond StreetAttachment Details SL35_LL_CHANEL_CHANCE_EAU_TENDRECHANEL
Oh so beautifully rounded, like layers of tulle or the petals of a flower, this new interpretation by Olivier Polge envelops you in waves of deliciousness that seem to float around you in a fragrant cloud. A softly powdered, cottony yet creamy elegance follows your every step, but that opening zing of grapefruit and quince really adds energy and lifts the composition to above and beyond, ensuring it never feels heavy or too swaddling.
£67 for 50ml eau de toilette
One minute it’s hot, the next it’s cool. (Well, strictly, Alien is always cool.) A new addition to the Alien universe, its futuristic, talismanic bottle reinvented in fiery, translucent ruby red, this sets out to bring us ‘the power of an eclipse, captured in a bottle’, via radiant sambac jasmine and orange blossom, ablaze with ginger and cinnamon, with carnal tuberose igniting the heart before white amber and Madagascan vanilla make their presence known.
From £49 for 30ml eau de parfum


The second collaboration between the rock stars’ go-to menswear designer and musician Nick Jonas, this limited edition Cologne is one for the after-party, long after the last chord’s been played on stage. Calabrian bergamot, crushed cedar, carbonated coffee (that’s a new one!) and Cuban rum jostle for space in the deep red lacquer signature Varvatos bottle with lavender, leather, saffron, ambergris, labdanum, vetiver, salted musks and Ambrocenide®. JV x NJ fans will love this encore.
From £52 for 75ml eau de toilette

Latest Launches: fairytale flacons

This week’s Latest Launches are dressed to impress with fabulous fragrances that smell as good as they look. These fairytale flacons just belong on your dressing table. From Britney’s Rainbow Fantasy to Kilian’s Princess, you’ll want them all.

Ablaze with iridescent oranges, pinks and blues, here’s another eye-popping edition to delight Britney Spears scent collectors. Inviting us to ‘imagine a place where the troubles of reality do not exist and dazzling surprises await’, it strikes up with fresh notes of lemon caviar, cloudberry and pear, giving way to a melody of Show Girl Peony, iridescent water lily and jasmine petals, before the finale of vibrant woods, amber and ‘Prismatic Cotton Candy’. A sweet Britney treat.
From £21.50 for 30ml eau de toilette
The Girl Of Now ‘gang’ will spend Summer 2019 partying in Ibiza, we’re reliably informed, where swimming pools, crystalline seas and life itself sparkles dazzlingly. Sophie Labbé and Dominique Ropion set out to capture that carefree spirit via a ‘Lebanese lemonade’ note (a nod to the designer’s home country), blending lemon zest and raspberry with a new rose-blackcurrant distillate. As the sun sets, patchouli, cashmeran and vanilla come out to play – ready to party all night.
From £42 for 50ml eau de parfum

Frankincense-powered Encens Mythique joins the lacquered line-up of Les Absolus d’Orient, its black flacon tied with a ribbon trim and adorned by a cap that ‘echoes the rounded lines of the pinnacles of Eastern monuments,’ we’re told. Smoulderingly smoky, Thierry Wasser’s ‘neo-Ambrée’ (as Guerlain describe it) has a spiced rose at its heart – evoking, to us, a walk through a souk at dusk towards an old wooden doorway and a secret garden beyond.
£139 for 125ml eau de parfum

‘Princess’ for short, the full title of this new departure for Kilian is ‘I Don’t Need A Prince By My Side To Be A Princess’. The My Kind of Love is targeted at ‘fierce females’; Princess sassily spices green tea mocha with a shot of ginger. The My Kind of Love collection (there’s a trio) is eye-catchingly packaged in a black bottle emblazoned with graphics – and is pleasingly accessibly-priced. Fun and furiously flirty.
£55 for 30ml eau de parfum VINCI
Used for centuries in Buddhist meditation rituals, the dry, nutty, woodiness of sesame seeds entwines with the shadowy cool depths of vetiver for quite the most comforting fragrance. Perfectly in balance with Anima Vinci’s feel-good ethos, a warm hug of ginger tingles through an almost iris-like carrot heart, with hazelnut and cedar grounding us further in the softly woody base. Might we go so far as to suggest it’s transcentdental…?
£170 for 100ml eau de parfum


Latest Launches: decadent & daring

This week’s new launches have more than a touch of decadence about them. From precious elixirs to glittering gold, swoon into roses, woods and luxury leather.  We’re powerless to resist and we think you will be too.


Atkinson’s Gold Fair in Mayfair is like a love affair between cacao and nutmeg – and for us, that’s a union that was surely meant to be. Housed in a flacon inspired by their luxe boutique – head-to-toe gold leaf – it fuses absinthe with spices. The heart of soft iris is cocooned in warm cocoa beans, on a base of vetiver, sage and Ambrox that feels like a warm embrace. Gentle, delicious and all kinds of comforting.
£180 for 100ml eau de parfum


Inspired by a subversive 16th-century Irish song, still sung to this day, this Roisin Dubh (‘little black rose’) smoulders beguilingly with smoky incense, tobacco absolute and those velvety rose petals sprinkled in pepper. We sense ringlets romantically tangled by the wind, a softness of candlelight on ink-stained love letters and the peaty depth of patchouli swirled throughout. A glorious Galway-based house to be celebrated, Cloon Keen combine contemporary elegance with emotional lyricism.
£136 for 100ml eau de parfum

You might want to keep this under lock and key. Although all Jo Malone London’s creations are technically shareable, this is more unisex than most, as warm and smoky as an evening by the fireside in a book-lined library, its blast of juniper and grapefruit evoking the citrus-infused gin & tonic in your hand, with a pulse of vetiver adding to Bronze Wood & Leather’s distinct air of mystery, in the lingering dry-down.
From £75 for 50ml Cologne Intense

A powder-pink bottle hints at a juice to bring out the soft side of even the most kick-ass scent-lover. The latest from fragrance expert Roja Dove is the richest of bouquets, with a fruity intro of raspberry and peach segueing to armfuls of geranium, rose, jasmine, heliotrope, ylang ylang, lily of the valley, cooled slightly by violet leaf. The conclusion is definitely rated 18+, melding cinnamon, cedar, sandalwood, cashmere woods, ambrette and musk.
£225 for 100ml essence de parfum


Amouage’s The Library Collection sets out to ‘defy all preconceived notions and transcend gender, age, race, trend and time.’ For the eleventh olfactory exploration in the Opus line-up, Christopher Chong combines oudh with marjoram, styrax and a note of Woodleather to deliver a smoky, mysterious, powerfully animalic sillage. The tactile box and bottle, meanwhile, are inspired by the shape and feel of a small book – a pleasure to hold, and to spray.
£235 for 50ml eau de parfum


Latest Launches : blue sky vibes

This week’s latest launches are giving us the blue sky vibes, from Sirens and Sailors to Pacific Lime. Surf the All Saints Metal Wave, stop at Kerosene’s Flower Factory and alight with Versace’s Eros Flame. What larks!


Crisp, cold juniper berries are juxtaposed with dry papyrus wood in Metal Wave, from All Saints – part of their new trio of impressive unisex scents. The sharp citrus but honeyed scent of magnolia weaves into the fragrance, while a wave of soft, sweet notes washes over you. An unexpected contrast of notes that is a true pleasure to wear – and feels, we have to say, far more comforting than metal on the skin.
£49 for 100ml eau de parfum
Describing themselves as ‘smell-trotters’, Atelier Cologne’s vagabond founders Sylvia Ganter and Christophe Cervasel continue to seek scent inspiration from far-flung lands – in this case, paying tribute to the tropical heat, eye-popping colours and exotic scents of the Pacific Mexican coast. A This cocktail of 91% natural ingredients, it zings with lemon, orange, spearmint, lime, eucalyptus, with a coconut note from naturals purveyor Robertet that delivers a milky yet sun-drenched warmth.
From £55 for 30ml Cologne Absolue

The unforgettable British soul singer, Amy Winehouse was yet another talent gone too soon. Her spirit is the source of inspiration for the musically-themed fragrances JUSBOX have made their name by: sultry rose with a kiss of peachy osmanthus sweetness beneath the smoky swagger of rum and whisky absolute. That double-shot of booziness in the heart softens to suede-like whispers and a smooth patchouli base that will resonate until way past your bedtime.
£140 for 78ml eau de parfum


An unconventional name from a highly unconventional house you’re going to fall hard for, thrillingly now stocked in the UK by Roullier White. Those of you who’ve joined us in following the cult-status of motorcycle mechanic turned self-taught perfumer, John Pegg, get ready to wrap your noses around this. ‘Flowers spiked with grit’ is the start of a filth-laden ride – think tyre-tracks on crushed petals, chilli-speckled blooms and a salty lick of ambergris. Don’t walk, run.
£135 for 100ml eau de parfum
Presented in a stunning, ruby red flacon that hints at the passion within, at first spritz we plunge into a fabulously dandy mix of orange, rose and geranium – hoorah for adding more flowers to fellas’ fragrances! The heart is a sensuous feast of patchouli rippled with vanilla and tonka beans, and just in case you’d thus far resisted the God of Love the fragrance is inspired by, get ready to succumb to the unashamedly pepper-speckled base.
£85 for 100ml eau de parfum

Latest Launches: glittering gems!

This week’s latest launches are making us want to channel our inner Holly Golightly with Tiffany, Chanel and big, big bows. With bottles to swoon for, these gems glitter like diamonds, bursting with fruits, musk and flowers –  and it’s all topped off with a brand new Spicebomb!Chanel Les Exclusifs 1957 the Perfume SocietyCHANEL
Why 1957? Because that was the year Chanel received the highest honour in American fashion, the Nieman Marcus Award for Distinguished Service. And because Chanel’s New York flagship (where this has been exclusively available till now) is on E. 57th Street. This utterly divine tribute by Olivier Polge is at first bergamot and neroli, transforming to a skin-scent based on no less than eight different musks and iris, ultimately becoming honeyed and powdery while remaining quintessentially ‘Chanel’.
From £155 for 75ml eau de parfum


It’s always all about the bows, for Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy – but this limited edition takes that to an extreme. (How timely, with bows in all shapes and sizes dominating our #Insta feeds, this season.) A ‘tidal wave of luxe, pink, over the top fantasy’, it conjures up a sun-drenched pool party via the solar vibrancy of tiaré, introduced by Italian mandarin, Williams pear and honeydew, all tied up in addictively creamy tonka bean.
From £52 for 30ml
The bottle for this will stop you in its tracks even before you get a whisper of what’s inside, with its unique iridescent rainbow finish, created using innovative PrismaTM technology. That was born out of perfumer Marie Salamagne’s vision for a rainbow garden, ‘full of sparkling flowers’ – brought to life via an Italian bitter accord, faceted with jasmine, plum blossom, peony and juicy elements of blackcurrant and lemon. Easy on the eye, easy on the nose.
From £42 for 30ml eau de toilette
Forget the variety you might find in your fruit bowl – here, a floral delicacy exudes from the flesh of white peaches, swirled through with an elderflower granita for a freshness that feels like sunshine and happiness, bottled. Shay & Blue excel at unique combinations, this one unusually grounded with a soft wisp of silver birch for the woody base. It’s a sorbet of a scent to quench your thirst for something delightful to wear.
From £25 for 10ml eau de parfum

Here comes that dazzling, faceted Tiffany bottle again, glinting ever-more-brightly as it showcases the most sparkling interpretation yet of the hugely successful Tiffany & Co. fragrance – described as ‘the aromatic equivalent of a diamond in its purest form.’ Expect to be dazzled by a multi-faceted structure that offers blackcurrant, green mandarin, rose oil, ylang-ylang, buffed and softened by the signature iris note, which is yet again played so masterfully by the renowned Daniela Andrier.
From £49 for 30ml eau de parfum

Viktor&Rolf newness doesn’t come along every day. Or night, in this instance, with a striking bottle tinted to echo the green light of after-dark spy cameras. Pierre Negrin and Nathalie Lorson collaborated on this fougère-woody scent, bathed in green cardamom, green mandarin and a Granny Smith accord, edgily spiced by black chilli, clove, black pepper and nutmeg. And to keep him warm in the darkness, there’s roasted almond and tonka bean absolute.
From £55 for 50ml eau de toilette

Blossoming Latest Launches

This week’s latest launches are dazzling us with their fabulous flacons and fantastic fragrances. We’ve got Rose, Blossom and Violet Ida, and that’s just for starters. We’re spoilt for choice and you will be too!Chopard Collection Rose de Caroline The Perfume Society
On present showing, we predict that it will be roses, roses all the way in 2019. A rare and velvety Bulgarian rose essential oil – pricier than gold – thrums at the heart of Alberto Morillas’s ultra-luxe creation for his friend, Chopard Artistic Director Caroline Scheufele (whose family founded the jewellery house), alongside Grasse rose de Mai, spiced by cardamom and cinnamon, accented by patchouli, cedar, cypriol and ultimately sweetened by Madagascan vanilla. Petal-perfect
£495 for 100ml eau de parfum
Jimmy Choo never fails to put a smile on our faces – and with Blossom’s Special Edition he’s done it all over again. A cocktail of mandarin, crispy pear, bergamot and a fruity hibiscus flower feels almost bubblegum-like, with this combination of lightly fruity notes posed against a heart of dewy lily of the valley and an aqueous pink freesia. Sparkling, effervescent and above all, fun. Wear it with your glad rags – and your best shoes.
£48 for 60ml eau de parfum
Miller Harris Violet ida the Perfume SocietyMILLER HARRIS
Brighton Rock’s big-hearted Ida Arnold is the muse for this proper-handbag, lipstick-kissed, buxom embrace of a scent. Think glamorously disordered dressing tables and delightfully déshabillé dames up to no good (but with best of intentions) amidst a powdery orris, carrot oil and heliotrope affair. The amber-rich and vanilla-infused dry down is something to snuggle up to and savour for simply hours, and we predict this will be a huge hit…
£75 for 50ml eau de parfum
The Modernist Geist The Perfume SocietyMODERNIST
Self-taught perfumer John Evans says: ‘I spent a lot of time remixing the head notes, trying to find the citrus pitch I wanted’ – and what a triumph this is. Geist isn’t just-peeled zest – there are elements of wake-me-up with mandarin, lemon, both sweet and bitter orange. But it’s mostly a silvery, seamless blend of honeysuckle, musk and gentle amber – a transformative fragrance that whispers around you all day, catching you off guard with radiant tenderness.
£150 for 50ml eau de parfum
Mugler Alien Fusion man the Perfume Society
Three vibrations fuse in this stunning sapphire glass flacon to create an ‘olfactory inferno’, as Mugler put it. First, the Tumultuous Vibration, with ginger, cinnamon and woodiness. Next, the Sophisticated Vibration, suffused with carnal osmanthus flower, intensified by animalic Ambrée leather. And as it reaches its explosive finale, Alien Man Fusion offers up an Electrifying Vibration, addictively overdosing smoked beechwood, alongside green coffee and ‘vegetal inflections’. Be prepared for the earth to move.
From £47 for 50ml eau de toilette

Latest Launches – they’re smokin’

This week’s latest launches are delighting us with their exotic far-flung aromas. From coffee to pineapple, and oudh to orange flower, there is plenty to tempt us in between, as winter segues into spring…

Perfumer H Smoke Perfume Society latest LaunchesPERFUMER H
Lyn Harris’s seasonal line-up includes Smoke, created to conjure up the smell of the air after burning wood. Lovers of bonfire scents will love to breathe deep of this Ambrée masterpiece, in which geranium, cistus and coriander, rose and cardamom rest on a smouldering base of birch tar, Atlas cedarwood, sandalwood and oudh. (Price quoted is for the apothecary-style brown bottle; the hand-blown version will require a raid on the piggy bank, at a cool £400.)
From £250 for 100ml eau de parfum
At Perfumer H
D squared Wood for her the Perfume Society latest LaunchesDSQUARED2
The latest fragrance from the so-cool design team of Dean and Dan Caten bubbles over with the vivacity of an escaped giggle – Sicilian mandarin and raspberry leaf dancing with the clarity granted by lily of the valley and magnolia. Shards of luminescent jasmine pierce the peach-skin fuzziness of osmanthus, and the musky, woody base feels like ice crystals formed on a cashmere scarf. A joyfully exuberant yet totally modern take on laid-back, cheeky chic.
£59 for 50ml eau de toilette
Shay and Blue 88 Pineapples The Perfume Society Latest LaunchesSHAY & BLUE
A collaboration with the ASOS website brings us four new fragrances from the London-based house, offering unprecedented value for money to boot! Those craving sunshine and holidays in the cooler months should plump for the does-what-it-says-on-the-bottle of 88 Pineapples. Mouth-wateringly luscious and joyfully zingy pineapple sprinkled with sea salt on a cedarwood bed. Three others offer lily- and mandarin-lovers their heart’s desire, with Voulez Vous fusing white flowers, espresso and vanilla.
£12.50 for 10ml eau de toilette
Thameen patalia the Perfume Society Latest LaunchesTHAMEEN
Get thee to Selfridges – where Thameen now have their own in-house boutique – to sniff out the latest in their gem-inspired line-up. At first almost a head-rush of fresh citrus, it blossoms into a bouquet of orange flower and wild roses, skin-warmed to offer up notes of moss, amber and musk. The jewel which this imagines in scent form was the Patiala necklace, featuring 2,930 diamonds set in platinum, commissioned by the Maharajah of Patiala. Just blingtastic.
£145 for 50ml

Xerjoff Golden Moka Perfume Society Latest LaunchesXERJOFF
The Coffee Break collection begins with a fragrantly tempting duo (see Golden Dallah in Women’s) exploring the centuries-old trade of coffee beans in all their deliciousness. Rivulets of blood orange juice, mandarin and lemons trickle over coffee and rose absolutes as tendrils of incense soften the balmy air; Cambodian oudh, amber and labdanum soothe the soul and an intriguing green accord sharpens the senses once more. Velvet cushions, dark brews sipped in the shade, bottled.
€235 for 50ml eau de parfum

Latest Launches come hither…

We’re dazzled by the colourful stories behind this week’s latest launches. Take the Parisian spas of the Golden Age add the music of Glenn Miller, a dash of Australian Springtime and some Italian glamour.  We love everything about these sensational scents!

French Connection Femme The Perfume SocietyFRENCH CONNECTION
All come-hither jasmine with luscious mandarin and crisp apple up front, there are hints of luminescent neroli and a final dry-down that gets all smoochy with soft musk and warm amber. French Connection’s in-house team worked on the project with renowned perfumers Philippe Romano and Corinne Cachen as the project’s noses, and it shows. A chic little number with impressive staying power – we still smelled this in our hair the next day – it’s a pocket-friendly treat.
£14.99 for 30ml eau de toilette
Goldfield and Banks Southern Bloom The Perfume SocietyGOLDFIELD & BANKS
This Australian niche house showcase rare Antipodean ingredients previously unexplored in perfumery, here highlighting the tea-like boronia flower as homage to Aussie springtime – native to Tasmania and notoriously tricky to harvest, weighing in at $10k per kilo. They prefer an unconventional labelling of your fragrant journey, thus ‘sunrise’ instead of top notes – green mandarin and piquant cassis berries – then the ‘summit’ – boronia absolute, jasmine and ylang ylang – and stunning ‘sunset’, of iris, vetiver, sandalwood and amber.
£160 for 100ml eau de parfum
JusBox Golden Serenade The Perfume SocietyJUSBOX
This latest offering from the musically inspired niche house pays tribute to Glenn Miller and his Orchestra’s ‘Chattanooga Choo Choo’, which was awarded the first ever gold record. Enchantingly uplifting, a blast of saffron and clove blow away the blues with a lyrical embrace of cool incense infusing the resinous warmth of the patchouli heart. For the base, a sweet hay-like oudh is swirled through with vanilla, opopanax and glowing amber for non-stop foot-tapping, wrist-sniffing exuberance.
£250 for 75ml eau de parfum
Valentino Noir Absolu Essences the Perfume SocietyVALENTINO
Valentino have unveiled two innovative products designed as ‘fragrance enhancers’ – simplifying the concept of layering for those who want to experiment and create personalised blends by offering scents that can be worn alone or with any Valentino creation to boost intensity and staying power. Noir Absolu Oud Essence features alongside the Musc – a more masculine option than this, which combines rose and orange, aldehydes and tonka with the signature muskiness.
£122 for 100ml essence de parfum

A riot of impressions jostle: drifts of musk that suddenly become sandalwood, papyrus cushioning violet, cumin and cardamom studding a juicy seam of succulent mandarin segments. There’s some booziness, too – perhaps an echo of the artists that met when this Parisian spa was first founded in 1885 (Manet, Renoir and Proust were regulars), which then became a night club notorious for its illicit shenanigans – and is now an upmarket hotel frequented by the crème de la crème.
£149 for 100ml eau de parfum

Latest Launches! Rhapsodic roses to powder-soft iris

This week’s latest launches make for an adorable array of sprays: from rhapsodic roses to powder-soft iris. Just look at those to-die-for bottles from Jus Parfums,Tom Ford and Fiat 500!  From lipstick-red to zesty lime green, these beauties smell as good as they look.

Dusita Fleur de Lalita the Perfume SocietyDUSITA
Rhapsodic rose de Mai swoons into the arms of a heartbreakingly tender jasmine, softly pressed betwixt the waxy petals of magnolia absolute and Madonna lily, then lavishly anointed with the sappy, green freshness of galbanum. Blending Siamese spirituality with the traditions of fine French fragrance, Dusita’s perfumer and founder Pissara Umavijani is further inspired by her late father’s poetry, and the whole collection deserves your wrists, neck and décolletage to fully explore their luscious serenity.
£168 for 50ml eau de parfum
Jus Perfumes Sopoudrage The Perfume SocietyJUS PARFUMS
An ode to two iconic flowers, Sopoudrage is an iris-rose blend of the highest order. Those two blooms waltz together in this creation from new, fun and irreverent fragrance house Jus Parfums. Inside the eye-catching (and refillable) bottle, the powdery-soft iris has an air of the classic, über-feminine fragrances of the past ( think: dressing rooms laden with pearls and silks), while the rose lifts the scent into modern day. Verily a delight
£180 for 100ml eau de parfum

Northern Ireland-based mother of four Tonya Kidd-Beggs travelled to Grasse to develop her collection, delving into often quite painful memories of ‘the Troubles’ experienced by the area she calls home, transforming them into uplifting and hope-filled scents (No.1 and No2 feature in our The Niche Collection II Discovery Box.) In this floral-woody encounter, bergamot and orange blossom give way to the warmth of cedarwood, fig tea, jasmine, heliotrope, its mystery unfolding via amber, sandalwood and vetiver.
From £50 for 15ml eau de parfum
Tom Ford Lost Cherry The Perfume SocietyTOM FORD
Naughtily-named to the point where news of this went straight to our spam filter (!), Mr. Ford’s love for teasing fragrance-wearers is once against expressed via an Ambrée gourmand newbie that does indeed capture the mouth-watering perfection of black cherry flesh, adding a touch of bitter almond cherry liqueur to contrast sweet and tart, bright and dark. Turkish rose and jasmine sambac, sexy Peru balsam, roasted tonka, vetiver and cedar compound the moreishness.
£218 for 50ml eau de parfum

Fiat 500 Mens The Perfume SocietyFIAT
Bottle collectors are going to be snapping up the twin flacons for the debut Fiat fragrances, which represent the distinctive ‘nose’ of the 500’s profile. (Known as ‘the Musetto‘, FYI). Inside? An explosion of freshness starts the engine, with Timur and pink peppers revving up the eau de toilette. Florentine iris butter and geranium purr on the skin, ultimately going full-throttle via benzoin, patchouli and vanilla.
From £29 for 50ml eau de toilette

Latest Launches go globe-trotting…

We have a globe trotting gallery of new scents for you to try this week. Amouage, Kingdom Scotland and Jovoy Paris beckon and with a darling Fiat 500 bottle from Italy, we think you’ll agree that we’ve got all bases covered when it comes to picking the perfect perfume!

Tuberose-lovers, prepare to have your pulse quickened by Amouage Creative Director Christopher Chong’s ‘manifestation of passion, hope and adventure’. Created as an enigmatic and elegant love story, ‘reminiscent of Russian literature and classical music’, this epic fusion of romantic white flowers opens with a burst of tuberose, jasmine and gardenia, garlanding a sweet, gourmand-esque heart of Chantilly cream and vanilla. For depth, there’s cedarwood and sandalwood. This is as feminine as fragrance gets.
£290 for 100ml eau de parfum
amouage.comFIAT 500
Ultra-kitsch – but oh-so-cute – we know many a Fiat fanatic who’ll be clamouring for the duo of scents inspired by the Fiat 500, in bottles shaped like the iconic front of the cars themselves. (See also p.46 of The Scented Letter) And you know what? They’re actually both highly pleasing to the nose. For Her sits spicy pops of pink pepper atop a zippy little mandarin and lychee accord, powered by a bouquet of gardenia, magnolia and jasmine on a woody-musk base.
£29 for 50ml eau de parfum
boots.comJOVOY PARIS
This is a bottle full of surprises, with milky gourmand notes wrapped around frangipani in a gorgeous Ambrée gourmand addition to Jovoy Paris‘s fragrant line-up. To quote Jovoy, ‘like perfectly formed exotic dancers, frangipani flowers engage in elaborate, spellbinding choreography. As the enchantment takes hold, a plume of traditional chai tea perfects the charm.’ This is the perfect (and memorable) cuppa for anyone drawn to rich, exotic florals and/or good enough-to-eat compositions.
£130 for 100ml eau de parfum

Kingdom Scotland Albaura Latest Launches Perfume SocietyKINGDOM SCOTLAND
Showcased in our Niche Collection II Discovery Box (to our great delight), this marks a stunning debut for pioneering Scottish perfume house – created by Imogen Russon-Taylor after a career in the whisky world. The trio of fragrances each tells a story – here, the inspiration was the icy, snowy landscape of ‘Alba’ (the ancient name of Scotland), its berries and botanicals huddling up with Arctic poppy, Atlas cedar, rock moss and ambergris. Cool in every way.
From £18 for 7.5ml eau de parfum

D Squared Wood for him Latest Launches Perfume SocietyDSQUARED
Know someone who ‘lives on passions, good vibes and an impulse towards what’s new?’ Those are the protagonists for the new DSquared duo, we’re told. But you don’t have to be a millennial to enjoy the thrumming beat of Wood, which opens zingily with Calabrian bergamot, mandarin, lemon, getting the senses a-tingle with ginger and cardamom. Violet leaf adds a cooling contrast, but ultimately, the vetiver, Ambrox and white woods ensure this lives up to its name.
From £44 for 30ml eau de toilette