Atelier Cologne shows its dark side with Oud Saphir

Atelier Cologne‘s Christophe Cervasel just breezed into town to unveil Atelier Cologne’s newest turbo-charged Cologne: Oud Saphir. Anyone who thinks oudh‘s falling from fashion had better think again – it’s as strong a trend as ever, but being treated with an ever-lighter touch, as here.

Atelier Cologne‘s USP is Cologne-style fragrances that last longer on the skin, in contrast to the here-today-gone-in-a-sec traditional otpions. As usual, Oud Saphir showcases high-quality materials – and the oudh comes across as quietly sexy here, rather than overt.

It’s quite some time before the signature woodiness drifts in, actually: first, you’ll encounter its breezy, bergamot-powered, pink-peppery freshness. Then the softness of iris, beside smooth sandalwood, davana, suede, immortele. And lastly, that oudh – given a smoky tang from birchwood, a hint of vanilla sweetness ensuring it remains smoothly polished throughout.

With resonances of the love story between Christophe and his wife Sylvie Ganter, who created this perfume house, Atelier Cologne begin each fragrance journey with an inspirational paragraph or two. We like Oud Saphir‘s. ‘Her decision was irreversible. She would not continue living a life by others’ rules. To see his deep sapphire blue eyes and feel the calm of his voice again were the only things that mattered now. With him she finally felt ready to write her own story.’

Like each of their fragrances, it is available in a travel size, sleeved in leather and embossed with a name or initials as part of Atelier Cologne‘s personalisation service. One of those, and you’re oudh-to-go.

Atelier Cologne Oudh Saphir from £145 for 100ml Cologne Absolue
Find it at Selfridges (nationwide in June)


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