Around the world with Diptyque

Are you a globetrotter? Then you’re one of the lucky ones who may have picked up Diptyque‘s City Candles, on your travels. Berlin. Beverly Hills. Shanghai. Tokyo. Hong Kong.

Beautifully packaged, each has been put together to echo the metropolis it’s been named after. Thus Paris is Chypre-lavender, inspired by the city ‘seen from the sky.’ New York smoulders darkly with cedarwood, patchouli, vetiver and incense. And Berlin? That’s the famous scent of linden trees, with honeyed accents. (Londres is always available in our capital, with notes of heliotrope, lilac and hyacinth conjuring up the East End’s Columbia Road Flower Market.)

And for just this weekend – until 16th September – you can get your hands on these candles here, via Diptyque‘s e-shop. And even if you don’t actually buy one, there’s such a gorgeous animation on the page, we suggest a visit. A delight for the senses, in every way…

£54 each

At Diptyque

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