anatomē: Where feel-good and fragrance meet

anatomē is a place where the words, feel-good and fragrance, truly meet.

The brain child of Murdock London founder, Brendan Murdock, anatomē is a wellness concept built on the simple principle that nutritional and emotional balance is the pathway to a healthy, fulfilling life.

Working with perfumer Anastasia Brozler they created ‘essential oil elixirs’ that speak to the mind and soul, as well as the nose.

Using the mood-altering properties of perfumery ingredients; the relaxation of sandalwood, the soothing aspects of neroli, a stimulating black pepper – they have created six ‘working oils’ that see to soothe the different stresses and strains that life can throw at you.

Balance + Stability– Anchors the body and positively centre the mind to restore vitality, optimism and energy.

Expression + Confidence– Supports resolve and self-determination to enable effective communication and fluidity.

Recovery + Sleep– Supports physical relaxation, unwinding and quality of sleep.

Focus + Concentration– Stimulates and activates circulation to optimize the mind’s ability to concentrate and to enhance cognitive performance.

Energy + Strength– Invigorates the physical body to encourage fortitude, dedication and willpower.

Support + Protection– Boost, shields, protects and purifies personal outward space whether mobile or at home.

Just some of the 28 different oils on hand, for you to smell, at anatomē

Now, we can’t tell you what you need (only that we’re completely enamoured by our Balance + Stability oil, and that it smells heavenly – geranium, petitgrain and angelica being just some of the ingredients) but if you mosey on into store, or give them a call, they’ll be able to talk you through which might be for you.

Instead of a lavender-cures-all sleep oil, they have three to choose from, and it’s what keeps you from sleeping at night, that will determine which is the right one to use.

These are well-thought out, heavily researched oil blends, that not only smell phenomenal but have a wealth of information backing them up. They come with a map of pulse points in which to apply the oils, and a guide of how to incorporate them into your life.

Whilst in their East London shop, you can also chat with their in-house nutritionist, get a cold-press juice, take a yoga class or even buy a cactus. But we can openly say that it’s the apothecary bar that gets us most excited. 28 different essential oils – which make up the six oil elixirs – all on hand for you to smell. Don’t know what Canadian Black Spruce smells like? We didn’t either before we’d graced their doors (FYI it’s gloriously forest-like and piney).

So, whether you’re in the market for a better night’s sleep, a little more energy, or if you’re just strolling Shoreditch with some spare time, we highly recommend you pay them a visit.

10ml Travel Vial with sensory roller ball £15

30ml Dropper Bottle for use on sensory points on Skin £25

100ml tonic for before the shower, bath, massage, sauna & steam room £65

Anatomē, 45 Charlotte Road, Shoreditch, EC2A 3PD

Written by Carson Parkin-Fairley 

The anatomē store on Charlotte Road
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