An ode to Joy: this collector’s edition of the iconic floral marks 100 years of Jean Patou

Many of us are familiar with the luxuriously hefty, faceted bottle for JOY, which is almost as famous as the scent inside. But in this new limited edition, above, JOY has a whole new look.
It isn’t the first time Jean Patou has dressed up a bottle in a design inspired by the designer’s own personal collection of snuffboxes, though. Another similarly-packaged Jean Patou creation – 1000, see below (from the mid-1990s) – features in our own scent archive.

This time it’s been re-dressed in a colourway said to be inspired by the timeless elegance of Jean Patou‘s celebrated ‘Nuit de Chine’ dress, featured right – translated into a curved black bottle with a nasturtium red stopper, wrapped with a delicate golden thread in the tradition of ‘baudruchage’.

Inside, however, you’ll find the same stunning floral which has enraptured generations: a single ounce features 10,600 jasmine flowers and 28 dozen Roses de Mai, which garland ylang ylang and tuberose on a smooth, creamily sensual base.

If there’s anything left over from Christmas, this is a true investment – with only 1000 available of the pure perfume, worldwide. (The 100ml eau de parfum is sadly a sell-out.)

But one thing we’ve a hunch about: having today unstoppered our snuff bottle flacon of Jean Patou 1000 (below) – and discovered it to be as glorious as when first worn two decades ago – we’re pretty sure that the dark bottle is perfect for protecting the contents for years to come, should you fall into the ‘saving-this-for-special-occasions’ perfume-wearer category…

Jean Patou Joy Collector’s Edition Pure Perfume £250 for 15ml
Buy it at Harrods

Written by Jo Fairley

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