It’s amber for ‘go’ as Bella Freud launches her ‘signature’ scent

The Observer once wrote: ‘If Ginsberg is God, Freud is Goddess.’ (A reference to the slogan on one of Bella Freud‘s lustworthy cashmeres, and one of her first fragrances.) We really have to agree: Bella brings humour, intelligence – and great taste – to everything she touches, never more exquisitely embodied than in her ‘signature’ fragrance.

Now, most designers launch a signature fragrance first – but last year, Bella debuted a trio (Je T’aime Jane, 1970 – set to thrill your inner hippie – and the aforementioned GiG.) Since then, she’s been workign wtih
Love amber? Then you’ll probably want to spray yourself all over with this: warm, seductive, absolutely addictive, in which perfume designer Azzi Glasser showcases one of her friend Bella’s favourite ingredients. As Bella explained over breakfast in the apt surroundings of The Freud Museum (where her great-grandfather lived and psychoanalised), ‘Its subtle balance between sophistication and intense appeal raises my spirits and calms my nerves.’

It’s ingredient she’s loved since her childhood growing up in Morocco, where amber is one of the exotic scents that hangs in the air as you stroll through the souk. (Amber was also the only jewellery her very stylish mother wore.) It’s an ingredient which almost ‘morphs’ on each of us, creating a unique signature – which also explains the name…

Surrounding that note, you’ll find equally nuzzleable patchouli, tonka bean, vetiver, frankincense, osmanthus, ylang ylang and incense musk, in a tantalising fusion.

Bellissima, actually.

Bella Freud Signature £75 for 50ml eau de parfum
Buy it at Selfridges

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