Close your eyes and open them in Taormina with Acqua di Parma’s new launch…

Cedro di Taormina is the newest addition to join Acqua di Parma’s Blue Mediterraneo fragrance collection, in which each scent is inspired by an ingredient that encapsulates a place, region or landscape.

Echoing a walk through the Sicilian city of Taormina, the scent whisks you right there: from the salty swell of water that caresses the beach so constantly to the citron groves that line the coastline, via the smoking volcano, Etna – which sits atop, watching over this paradisal place.

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The first sniff bursts with a potent citron – a citrus fruit, akin to a particularly sculptural lemon – which is refreshing while retaining depth, and enhanced with aromas of herbaceous basil and petitgrain.

The heart sparkles with a black pepper that’s not only spicy but clean and soft, with almost a hint of cacao. After an enlivening dose of lavender, the fragrance trails on to earthy vetiver, rich Virginian cedar and a cistus labdanum whose smokiness takes you right to the foot of the volcano.

The flacon of fragrance, akin to the other scents in the collection, is dazzling blue – reflecting the divine colour of the ocean waves that crash against Taormina’s shoreline.

Frankly, Acqua di Parma should be on a commission from the Sicilian Tourist Board: we’re looking at flights as we type…

Cedro di Taormina £61 for 75ml eau de toilette
At John Lewis

By Carson Parkin-Fairley

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