A celebration of fragrance in the Chanel Butterfly Garden

To celebrate the arrival of summer (at last), Chanel invites you to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of its fragrance & beauty collections.

The Chanel Butterfly Garden has been created exclusively for the Selfridges Beauty Project and by the sounds of things, it’s an utter dream for beauty-lovers.

Picture a garden full of trees, each covered in soft pink, green and delicate peach butterfly-leaves to represent the hues of Chanel Chance. The spirit of Chance in the playfulness of the colours and the aroma of Chanel’s sensuous fragrances drifting through the air.

Over a 3 week period, the garden will open its doors for you to immerse yourself into the land of Chanel beauty-themed bliss. Oh, and you’ll have the opportunity to be properly ‘introduced’ to Chanel Chance while you’re there, or you could treat yourself to a complimentary makeover and manicure if it takes your fancy…

The Chanel Butterfly Garden will be open from today at Selfridges Oxford Street

Written by Alice Jones

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