Limited edition Diptyque ‘romance’ – and an emoji ‘keyboard’ you’ll be loving long after Valentine’s

We’re big fans of artist Olympia Le-Tan – and oh, what a clever fit she is with Diptyque‘s graphic style…

Combining her two obsessions – embroidery and literature – Olympia is responsible for all sorts of excitement at the perfume house right now, having created a whole ‘The key to my heart is in my bag’ campaign and with Diptyque projects on the cards for London, New York and Tokyo.

What we’re perhaps most excited about is the Diptyque emoji ‘keyboard’ which you can download for free from iTunes here.

It’s has to be said: it’s not e-x-a-c-t-l-y a keyboard – actually, more of a bank of images which you copy and paste into a text or e-mail (and NB they appear quite large) – but there are hearts, flowers, lips, handbags and all sorts of delightful icons which are way more visually pleasing and stylish than the standard issue palm tree/plate of pasta/smiling or tearful face.

The launch of the ‘keyboard’ coincides with the unveiling of a limited edition rose-scented collection called Rosaviola: a real ‘Mummy’s handbag’ of a smell (hence the name of the campaign), with puffs of rose and hints of lipstick, warmed by touches of suede-like leather. There are two sizes of candle on-line – and (in stores) you’ll also find scented ‘ovals’: just the prettiest way to fragrance your wardrobe.

We’re definitely drawn to the whole collection.

Diptyque Rosaviola from £28 for 70g candle
Buy it at

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