6 scent critics choose their ‘best of 2015’ – did YOUR favourites make the cut?

With the start of a new year, we inevitably look back at what has already passed and use that as a measure for what may be to come in the year ahead. The world of fragrance is no different, with renowned columnists and bloggers sitting, chin in hand, and mentally flicking back the pages of the perfume calendar. Here, we point you in the direction of a mere handful of eminent commentators ruminating on their ‘best of’s and invite you to join us in rubbing our hands in glee at the excitement 2016 holds for us all…

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Thomas Dunkley, aka the Candy Perfume Boy, has curated his very own awards – the ‘Candies’ – for his roundup of the best (‘and worst!’) of 2015’s fragrant offerings. A diverse list written in his trademark nod and a wink style and highlighting many of our favourites, too.

Persolaise can be found over at his always interesting blog, equally reflecting on the year behind us and choosing to concentrate on his personally sniffed highlights.

Our very own co-founder Jo Fairley found herself with a plethora of perfumed treats to choose from in her regular Telegraph column, the year’s selection narrowed down to the creme de la creme of exciting new houses, launches and stunning bottles that caught her eye.

We were incredibly honoured for our Discovery Boxes to be mentioned in I Scent You a Day‘s list of her 2015 favourite fragrant things (and are so delighted they make her so happy!) but it’s the all-encompassing something-for-everyone nature of the blog that keeps us coming back.

Looking further afield than our own shores for olfactory highlights, we loved reading Australian blogger Perfume Polytechnic‘s entertainingly evocative best scented experiences of 2015 (and especially love the fact it concentrates not just on perfume releases, but fragrant happenings that have truly opened her eyes – and nose – all year ’round.

Finally, our fragrant friends across the pond, Fragrantica, asked some of their editors the world over to select their own top three fragrances of the year. A brutally short list for any perfume lover to be limited to, but when there are so many contributors a judgement must be made! I say this with great feeling, as I was one of the writers asked to contribute their views…

Written by Suzy Nightingale

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