5 Favourite Smells: Danielle Peazer

Considering Danielle Peazer counts professional dancer, Reebok Ambassador, model and blogger within her list of achievements it’s a surprise that she even found the time to help create and launch not one, or two but three fragrances – and a make up line – with Young & Gifted this February.

Available as an eau de parfum spray or handbag-friendly rollerballs, the fragrances – Peace, Love and Happiness – are thoughtfully named after her personal mantra and feature key notes of jasmine, vanilla and musk. Danielle advises: ‘…they can be worn alone or layered together which means that the resulting scent will be very individual.’

We were lucky enough to sit down with Danielle at her launch party to find out her five favourite smells…

1. Freshly Baked Bread – One of my absolute favourite smells is freshly baked bread. I’ve always loved going to the bakery and just breathing in that delicious smell. Also my Nan, who I was really close to, used to bake bread so the smell of it makes me think if her. It’s very poignant…

2. Clean linen – Freshly laundered clothes just smell so good and it’s a smell that I find extremely comforting. It’s that sense of comfort that I have tried to capture in Peace, that sense of being totally relaxed, that Sunday feeling as I always think of it. Life is so busy and we are always rushing about so for me the clean laundry smell is all about me time, lounging in bed, not having to do anything!

3. Rose – I’m a huge fan of floral smells, particularly anything rose based…I have a rose face spritz which I just love as its so refreshing.

4. Candy – I have to confess that I love the smell of sweets. It takes me back to my childhood and I have always had a really sweet tooth. When I was little and my Mum used to take me to dance competitions she would always give me 50p to spend at the sweetie stall (there was always one at the competitions). My friend and I would buy strawberry shoelaces, flumps, spaceships…delicious!

5. Snuffed candle – That smell when a candle has just been snuffed out reminds me of birthdays, birthday cakes, being at home and celebrating with family. For me, that’s when I relax so snuffed out candles mean relaxation, which is something I treasure as I travel so much.

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