Galentine’s Day – the best scented gifts to send your gal pals

Galentine’s Day – okay yes, you can be cynical and view it as yet another spin-off from ‘V Day’, but instead we’re seeing it as an opportunity to send our best gal pals a little scented something to say “I MISS you!”

Because oh, how we are all missing our friends right now. Many of us haven’t seen our dearest friends for nearly an entire year, even for a five minute chat or socially distanced walk. So yeah, it’s hitting hard, the lack of laughter, togetherness, compassion, love…

Of course we have incredible technological ways of touching base – for which we’re all very thankful – but Zoom meets and endless text messages are no substitute for actually touching, hugging, just being with our dearest friends, who despite not being around person, have most certainly kept us (mostly) sane. So what to do?

The power of perfume to lift our spirits, soothe frazzled nerves or give us a boost of confidence to get through the day has been proven, but the power of the post arriving (and getting to open a something lovely) shouldn’t be sniffed at, either! I’m not sure about you, but my postman probably thinks I want to marry him, the way I anxiously hang out the widow awaiting his arrival.

If you’ve several friends you’d like to send gifts tom why not buy a box and split the samples between them – popping a couple (well wrapped) in a card would be a joyous little extra to open!

Because there’s an awful lot of antipatory joy in that satisfying ‘thud’ (of something that obviously ISN’T a bill) on your doormat – so here’s some ideas to send a little happiness to someone you love and miss so much, for Galentine’s or any day…


Floral Street scentschool™ in a Box
Back to school in scented style, and the perfect way to share your love of fragrance with a friends – even a whole gang of perfume-loving pals! Ingeniously, when you buy their special discovery set, containing eight fragrances, blotters and scented ‘touch and smell’ cards, you receive a code to book your complimentary live online class (one-to-one or for a whole group of you to do it together), plus a discount on your next purchase. There’s even the option to add a voucher for a 10, 50 or 100ml fragrance for a pick-me-up treat when they’ve found their favourites.

From £24 for eight fragrances + online class 


La Maison J.U.S. Discovery Kit 

A gorgeous hatbox-style package of perfumed wonders to explore, with vibrant, contemporary and beautiful scents by some of the most famous ‘noses’ around: Céline EllenaFabrice PellegrinAliénor MassenetAurélien GuichardAlexandra Carlin… From fabulously sexy florals and chic, supple leather to refined seascapes and magical gardens – every taste is catered for, especially those creative, artistic friends who welcome exquisite design combined with innovation. Such a wonderful gift to receive for one special person, or might we suggest you keep the box and your favourites, and share the others with friends the fragrances remind you of…?

£30 for eleven fragrances
The Perfume Society Shop

Galentine's Day gifts

Molton Brown Lily & Magnolia Blossom Gift Set
Who wouldn’t appreciate a luxurious set from Molton Brown? Revelling in fragrant baths or showers and taking time to treat your skin with a nourishing body lotion are simple ways of adding self-care into our daily routines, and so important for a mind re-set, we find. But it’s strange, isn’t it? While we may happily treat a friend to luxury items as a gift, we might deny ourselves. Ditch the guilt and treat yourself to daily bliss with this new fragrant duo – redolent of springtime buds and sparkling sunlight at last.

£48 for 300ml Bath & Body Wash + 300ml Body Lotion

Galentine's Day fragrant gifts to send your best friends

Goldfield & Banks Discovery Set
Why not travel to Australia with a group of girlfriends (via your noses!) in this exceptional exploration of materials hitherto unknown to the perfumery industry. Using indigenous ingredients beloved by founder, Dimitri Weber – such as blue boronia, finger lime and pacific rock moss – this unique collection invites a sense of freedom, the feeling of sunshine and wide, open landscapes to adventure in. From ocean-inspired freshness to the sunlit canopies of a rainforest, from velvety oppulence to enveloping woods, let your senses rein free as you encounter each scent.

£26 for eight fragrances
The Perfume Society Shop


Sana Jardin Discovery Set
This stunning portfolio of perfumes were created very much with women in mind – not that men don’t also adore the fragrances, but this socially-conscious, luxury fragrance house works with a sustainability program to help the Moroccan women who pick the orange blossoms used in several of perfumer Carlos Benaïm‘s stunning creations. Founder Amy Christiansen Si-Ahmed wanted to ‘change the world, one bottle of perfume at a time’ and these seductive scents evoke golden, shimmering light, swags of heady flowers and the sensual powers of night-blooming jasmine. Simply dreamy…

£30 for eight fragrances
The Perfume Society Shop


By Suzy Nightingale

WIN online fragrance creation sessions with Experimental Perfume Club!

WIN the opportunity to create your own custom fragrances for you and your loved one!

Share the LOVE this Valentine’s Day by entering our incredible GIVEAWAY in collaboration with the Experimental Perfume Club! You and your chosen loved one will receive 2 x fragrance creation sets each and an exclusive online perfume blending session to enjoy together (worth a total of £360)!

What’s more, Emmanuelle Moeglin, Head Perfumer and Founder of Experimental Perfume Club, will personally be guiding you via an online session through the creation process to ‘find the fragrance that tells your story’, all from the comfort of your own home(s).

Experimental Perfume Club Giveaway

You’ll be in expert hands as Emmanuelle Moeglin trained at the French perfumery school of ISIPCA, worked as a Scent Design Manager for various global fragrance brands, and went on to become an independent perfumer, based in London. In 2016, with a desire to demystify the often confusing (and still quite closed) world of perfumery, she started the Experimental Perfume Club – a small but airy studio in London Fields, where she first developed workshops to help people understand scent better!

To be in with a chance of winning this amazing prize, enter your details and the details of the person you’d LOVE to share this experience with below…


T&Cs – This prize draw is open to residents of England, Scotland and Wales only and runs from 1pm on Monday 8th February 2021 to 23:59pm on Saturday 13th February 2021. A winner will be chosen and contacted on Sunday 14th February 2021. The winner will then liaise direct with Experimental Perfume Club to organise the timing of the video session; please allow up to 10 days for delivery of the kit. NB There is ONE joint online session for the winner and their chosen person; both of you will be sent the physical blending sets to use in the digital session. There is no cash alternative to this prize.

Latest Launches: Eau So Romantic

As Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) Day approaches, love is truly in the air with this week’s latest launches. We’re shamelessly coveting the magnificent bottles from The House of Oud (THOO), while Guerlain Shalimar Philtre de Parfum will fit any collection with its unmistakable flacon. Vines House has a Love Story that we want to be part of, rounded off with an olfactory bouquet of Maison Crivelli irises, of course.

Shalimar-lovers, be reassured that Thierry Wasser has faithfully maintained the unique spirit of your fragrance here, creating something that is definitively Shalimar – but if anything, even more so. He masterfully highlights the velvety facets of iris and vanilla, adding a ‘fresh flight’ of bergamot and lavender and an aromatic lavender edge. It’s as rich, as sensual, as long-lasting on the skin as ever, with a single drop lingering on our pulse-points, next morning. Sublime.
From £81 for 50ml eau de parfum
What we all need now is a massive hug. And if there is one ingredient that enfolds you in its arms, it is powdery iris. Here, it wraps its arms around cypress, leather, amber, musks, vanilla and a surprisingly animalic note of mimosa, confected to create ‘the mind-blowing discovery of iris fields on the edge of a desert.’ (Imaginary, but we’re right there, thanks to this shimmering mirage of a scent, from this exciting, new-to-the-UK perfume name.)
£75 for 30ml eau de parfum
An olfactory ode to the synergy of voice and spirit, Up to the Moon is inspired by the perfectly rounded soprano tones of Georgian opera singer, Nino Machaidze. Refreshing raspberry floods the senses, vibrating with crisp pear, a caress of rose and jasmine, held aloft in a sensual cocoon of amber, ambrette and rich vanilla. Charismatically captivating, the fruity vitality and warm longevity makes this a scent show that’s bound to garner a standing ovation.
£190 for 75ml eau de parfum
This romantic tale begins softly, draping innocent violet leaf in a veil of powder, trickling with plump raspberry juice and adding a frisson of pink pepper to set your senses tingling. As the chapters unfurl on your skin, the passion grows – a stunning floral heart of Damask rose, jasmine and geranium throbbing to the spicy-sweet undercurrents of cinnamon, clove, saffron and tonka. At once intriguing and bewitching, it’s a ‘happily ever after’ affair.
£100 for 50ml eau de parfum
Created for Italian baritone Guido Loconsolo, perfumer Maurizio Cerizza sought to echo his deeply virile voice with this, which has been composed specifically to ‘reach straight for the heart’ . Ginger tingles through citrus before the voluptuous heart vibrates with aromatic davana, coriander and cardamom. A soothing harmony of chamomile and angelica root signals the grand finale: a thrum of patchouli resonating with juniper berries, ambrette absolute and precious woods. Bravo!
£190 for 75ml eau de parfum

Save Me – Brian May + Xerjoff launch a ‘badger & sandalwood’ fragrance

Just when you thought the ’20’s couldn’t get any stranger, we hear news of a badger fragrance called Save Me, with Queen’s own guitar legend, Brian May, behind the release.

Okay then.

At first, we must admit our faces resembled that meme of a confused woman with mathematical equations scrolling past her face, but a little more digging revealed that it’s neither a perfume for a badger to wear (because good luck with that) or containing any badger-sourced ingredients. Gotcha.

Well hold on to your, er, badgers, because apprently it does actually smell like them…

In fact the fragrance is made in collaboration with the niche house of Xerjoff, founded by May’s friend, Sergio Momo, and is being sold to help raise money for wildlife, through the ‘Save Me’ animal welfare trust May set up in 2010, which is named after Queen’s 1980 hit. Indeed, the fragrance is also named after the trust/record and, according to May, the Save Me scent smells ‘amazing’ and ‘like sandalwood and badger’.

Cue the confused face/equations. And while that leaves us no clearer on the other fragrance notes, other than perhaps imagining something rather brusque up top that gradually reveals a softer side; a source apparently told The Sun that May was directly involved in the research for the creation, revealing that he ‘…did a lot of smellings before he was happy’ and going on to describe the scent as having ‘…deliberately earthy overtones — a hint of clean badger fur, some sandalwood and something a bit limey. It’s surprisingly refreshing and hopefully will fly off the shelves.’

Is there not something rather wonderful about the image of Brian May sniffing a freshly washed badger? Anyway, with that striking image in your mind, let’s hear May elaborate on YouTube…



Speaking about the fragrance, May said that he was ‘…excited about this unique collaboration. My great friend Sergio Momo has, with great generosity, designed a new perfume to benefit wildlife… Compassion has never smelled so sweet!’

May (Dr. May, in fact – many strings to his bow! Well, guitar) has done a huge amount to raise animal welfare over the past decade, and has previously commented that he’d rather be remembered for the work he’s done to save wildlife than for his music. And now he can add a scent memory to that legacy…



Limited edition, autographed 50ml bottles of ‘Save Me’ are on sale for €410 (£370), regular bottles are €197 (£177) at And you’ll be happy to hear they can be purchased singly, they don’t come as a sett. [Ed: SORRY!]

By Suzy Nightingale


Trojan™ Condoms – The Fragrance (yes, really!) But are they woody…?

I’m not sure how many of you had Trojan Condoms launching a fragrance on your 2021 Bingo Card of Continuing Weirdness, but here we are.

It shouldn’t be too surprising, given our previous report on Novelty Fragrances, which included a Captain Birds Eye scent (grapefruit, mandarin and patchouli, apparently), Pizza Hut Perfume (‘boasting top notes of freshly baked, hand-tossed dough’) a ‘limited edition’ (oh, shame) KFC Gravy Candle, Burger King fragrance and even an Eau de Stilton (which actually sounded lovely, and I have on good authority from expert James Craven, was rather fabulous on the skin.)

Last year, Richard Branson even got in on the act, releasing an eau de parfum named Ship, which was tongue-firmly-in-cheek described as ‘smelling like ship!’ We never got a whiff of this one, either – and though the fragrance was launched, one wonders if the new Virgin luxury cruise liner it was designed to celebrate ever was, due to the pandemic. Oh dear.

So many questions spring to mind for these condom-related scents, though… Are they woody, exactly how hard will it be to get to smell these Trojan Fragrances – and what might we expect when we do?

The website features a distinctly ‘retro’ feeling ad and the option to sign up for a sample to be sent (though they’re based in America, and cannot be sent abroad) – offering For Men, For Women and For All olfactory options.

For Man apparently ‘opens with fresh peppermint, green cardamom, and mandarin, giving it a crisp and confident feel. It then mixes with jasmine sambac, nutmeg, and rockrose before unfolding into rich frankincense, patchouli, and amberwood, creating the perfect scent for those who want to spark attraction and create desire.’ For Women, meanwhile, promises ‘Turkish rose and saffron… Casablanca lily, Madagascar vetiver, orris, and clean patchouli for a sexy and sensual tease that leaves an aura of mystery and intrigue.’

[We might note that the ‘doing what you want’ and ‘following your instinct’ appears to be slightly differently interpreted for men and women in the movie clips embedded in the fragrance pages. A leather jacket for men, fluffy handcuffs for women…]

Finally, the For All fragrance is an ‘…aromatic union of fougere and amber’ that mixes ‘lime, lemon, and orange to give it a flirty feel. An earthy rosemary, geranium, and violet combination unfolds into smokey sandalwood, patchouli, amber, and tobacco…’ As for the ad on the For All page… well. Let’s hope that’s paint, love.

The Trojan Fragrance notes do sound rather good, but while we might not be able to tell you exactly how they smell, we loved the glimpse of the sample packaging on industry expert George Lede’s Instagram page which, you have to hand it to them, is complete genius…


Trojan Fragrances & samples – photo by George Ledes


If you’re hungry for more, you can read our report on Peperami’s ‘Puperami’ meat-scented spray that supposedly lures lost dogs. An alternative kind of fragrant attraction this year for Valentine’s Day, perhaps…?

By Suzy Nightingale

Valentines Day scents to send (post a perfume to someone you love!)

This Valentine’s Day is going to be a bit different, so love it or hate it, if you want to fill the air with amour, we’ve got a fragrant selection of scents you can easily send through the post – to share the scent of love even if you’ll be apart.

We’ve put together a selection of ideas to post your paramour(s) this year, with budgets for everyone, from £8 – £60!

If abscence makes the heart grow fonder, we feel sure that a fragrant gift arriving on their doorstep will certainly bring you closer together, and it doesn’t have to be reserved for a romantic partner for Valentines Day. If you’re missing a beloved friend or family member, why not send them something to smile about and a reminder of how much they’re loved…?

Super Man Discovery Box £22 (£18 for VIP Club Members)
An incredible FOURTEEN fragrances, both niche and top-name designer, in this box, plus two grooming extras for even more pampering at home – this is the perfect gift to send a chap you adore. No matter what his taste in scents, there’s something in here to suit all, a brilliant opportunity to try a selection of fragrances for the first time, or widen their scent wardrobe if they’re already a fan.

Map of the Heart Discovery Set £35
So on-theme for love, this heartfelt gift’s a chance to explore the sandalwood-rich entire collection in a splendid scarlet pouch from this niche Australian house. PLUS a gift voucher for £25 for the recipient to spend against a full-size bottle when they’ve found their fave. And *what* wow-worthy bottles they are! Contemplative, intelligent fragrances for creative types, they’re bound to fall madly in love.


Strangelove Discovery Set £60
Any fragrance-lover would LOVE to own this Discovery Set – all the intensely romantic scents built around a subtle base of precious oudh [also spelled ‘oud‘] and carefully blended with precious ingredients gathered from all over the world. Perfumer Christophe Laudamiel, punk rock star of the scent world, created all the unisex fragrances, and a single drop wraps the skin in hours of delight…

Ateliers des Ors Discovery Set £25
For those not yet in-the-know, this majestic perfume house is one perfumistas rave about: think decadent scents for perfume-loving grown-ups, created from the best quality ingredients the world can offer. (And the full-size bottles are like snow globes for grown-ups, a-sparkle with flecks of real gold.) From smoky sensuality to opulent florals, Atelier des Ors will fan the flames of their fragrant desires…

The Sharing Collection Discovery Box £23 (£19 for VIP Club Members)
Perhaps you’re lucky enough to live with your love? Sharing is caring, but we still suggest you get first dibs! However, with so many fabulous ‘shareable’ creations in this carefully curated selection, you’ll both be spoiled for choices. There’s niche names from all over the world to explore, and then you can share a scented soak with the extra gifts (relaxing bath salts and foot gel), and give eachother a foot-rub! Or… pour a large glass of wine and lock the door while they do the washing up?

Banana Republic Discovery Set £8
This designer house’s fragrances have garnered glowing praise from fragrance fans on social media, and no wonder – amazingly long-lasting scents, beautifully composed and pocket-friendly they’re hard to beat in the style and value stakes. Perfumers like Claude Dir and Patricia Choux worked on the collection, marking significant dates and personal memories in scent. From sunshine-filled orange blossom on holidays to a fantasy forest and beyond, these are evocative, high-quality and so-wearable.

By Suzy Nightingale

Latest Launches : Flights of Fantasy

Let February’s new start transport you to a dazzling world of scent. This week’s latest launches are sure to delight: from the sparkling star shape of Mugler Angel Nova to Amouroud Himalayan Woods and beyond. Add a little Sarah Baker Flame and Fortune and who knows where the magic will take you?MUGLER_ANGEL_NOVAMUGLER
A sheer, fresh floral take on the iconic classic, this iteration twists ripe raspberry and succulent lychee with petal soft damask rose atop a darker base of Akigalawood and resinous benzoin. Definitely one to try if you clutched your pearls and backed slowly away from the original scent – it’s a very pretty fragrance that feels perfect to wear when you want something characterful yet transparent enough to let your own personality shine through.
£53 for 30ml eau de parfum
A soft opening for such a strident name, a petitgrain piquancy sashays into the room with an air of insouciance and apricot lip gloss. But wait; there’s something sizzling, and soon a ginger-spiked tuberose begins to bloom, a hip-swinging confidence that grows exponentially and feels subtly sinister in the best of ways. Amber flames lick the insatiably smouldering mezcal base with hints of sweetly burned rubber. The getaway car after a bank heist, perhaps?
£80 for 50ml eau de parfum
Gifted muralist Frederick Wimsett has unveiled his first, gender-free fragrance, a floral-woody-Ambrée creation intended to conjure up ‘a stroll on a sun-baked Greek island.’ We’ll take this as a fine substitute for that experience, right now: hand-blended with hyacinth absolute alongside 100% natural essential oils that include cedar, vetiver, coriander, sandalwood and patchouli, it’s named after Circe, Homer’s sorceress/goddess, who used her magical powers to transform the world around her. If only.
£30 for 30ml eau de parfum
A fresh fall of snow blankets the earth, smothering sounds and making everything seem new. A whisper of cool cardamom presages the unfurling of soft spices – black pepper, juniper berry and clary sage freshened with a sprig of lemon blossom. Melting into a heart of luxurious vanilla flower and jasmine, the layers reveal themselves further – crystal clear guaiacwood and sheer incense with droplets of tonka bean, white amber, oud, patchouli and musk. Transcendentally delightful.
£175 for 100ml eau de parfum
To quote creator Jacques Cavallier Belletrud: ‘Here, freshness is not only a starting point; it becomes a major vector, a backbone around which all other elements orchestrate and interlace.’ A definite get-your-mojo-back introduction from Vuitton, then, with Tunisian neroli, the zing of several citruses, rendered even more nose-tingling by a cocktail of spices and a trio of peppers, plus a specially-distilled vetiver that exhales ‘fresh, zesty notes of grapefruit and damp soil.’ Utterly magnetic.
From £200 for 100ml eau de TBC