10 olfactive memories from the 60s

Mini skirts, The Beatles, ‘The Twist’ and patchouli. The swinging 60s was a time of change – the kind of change that made parents everywhere lay awake at night worrying about their daughters’ virtue.

And like the music, iconic scents redefined the future of fragrance for so many.  Here are a few olfactive memories that transport us back…

1. Wacky and psychedelic smells and colours were rife

2. Mini skirts and platforms were often accessorised with a spritz of Aqua Manda


3. Givenchy L’Interdit, created especially for Audrey Hepburn

4. This advert

5. This iconic quote

6. The earthy, mossy, exotic essence of patchouli and sandalwood trailing after hippies as they walked across the school playing field

7. Dousing yourself in your boyfriend’s Dior Eau Sauvage

8. We all wanted a whiff of one (or all) of these

9. Your signature scent gave you a freedom of expression and made you feel like doing this…

10. It was so good, we sometimes wish we could go back

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