10 New Year's scent resolutions to keep you smelling fabulous

1. Try a new perfume every day, to make you feel like a new woman

2. Build your fragrance wardrobe

3. Always wear what fits your personality

4. Don’t rub your wrists together, as it breaks your fragrance’s ‘heart’ and it won’t develop as it was designed to

5. Looking for love? Wear a different perfume on each new date – it might be ‘the one’…

6. Store all your scents in the dark…

7. … and away from heat, to ensure they stay fresh

8. Stop spraying your hair – instead, spray your brushing sweep through for fragrant, glossy locks

9. Always, always try before you buy (and our Perfume Society Discovery Boxes are perfect for this)

10. Give a fragrance at least four hours to develop on your skin, so you don’t make an expensive mistake

Written by Alice Crocker

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