NEW! The Niche Collection Discovery Box: 12 incredible fragrances!

We’re a little over-excited, having just launched what is, arguably, our most prestigious collection of fragrances yet! The Niche Collection is our curation of unique perfume houses every perfume lover should know, but many have found it hard to get their hands on (or simply didn’t know where to begin).

It’s incredible value, with an Escentric Molecules Molecule 04 (30ml) worth £36. Alongside the 12 – yes, TWELVE! – fragrances, you’ll enjoy fab beauty goodies: a 30ml size of superfacialist’s Sarah Chapman Skinsis Ultimate Cleanse (worth £16.50), and an AD Skin Synergy Organic Rose Geranium Nourishing Night Treatment, worth £16. All for £15 to our V.I.P. Club Members (£19 to everyone else), plus p&p.

Each fragrance unveils a story of independent artistry, thrilling creativity and daring to do things differently, and we just know you’re going to go wild for these incredible houses…

In The Niche Collection, you’ll find masterpieces by new and established niche names – kicking off with Serge Lutens Le Participe Passé, from a man who all but pioneered niche perfumery with the opening of his boutique in the Palais-Royale, in the 1980s. There are beautiful and intriguing examples from ‘rising star’ houses – Map of the Heart White Heart v.7, Roos & Roos Song for a Queen, Jovoy Paris Pavillon Rouge, Malin+Goetz Dark Rum and Sana Jardin Revolution de la Fleur, from one of the world’s first sustainability-focused fragrance names. (You can read about all these houses on our site.)

These can be enjoyed alongside British creations from some of the names making a splash in the perfume universe: 4160 Tuesdays Captured by Candlelight, Connock London Vitavelli and from perfumer Ruth Mastenbroek, her hypnotic contemporary Chypre Signature. And who doesn’t love Miller Harris? So we’re delighted to showcase their latest duo: Powdered Veil and Peau Santal.

So delve in, smell, learn and fall in love with creators and founders of these trail-blazing perfume houses.

The Niche Collection Discovery Box is priced £15 + p&p* to VIP Club Members/£19 + p&p* to everyone else – to upgrade to VIP Club status, just click here


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