Modern Muses pucker up with Estee Lauder’s lip-smackingly good offer….

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To celebrate the launch of Miu Miu L’Eau Bleue, its ‘face’ Stacy Martin shares her five favourite smells

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Jasmine Awards 2017 – the shortlist is announced, and we have a HUGE number of reasons to be excited!

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I Scent You a Day honour The Perfume Society with Fellowship Award – follow a fragrant journey…

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How do you find a new perfume? We know it’s a minefield out there. Just walk into a store, and by the time you’ve smelled a few random fragrances (and maybe been ‘guerilla-spritzed’), you’re more confused than ever.

So meet FR.eD (that’s short for ‘Fragrance Editor’.) He’ll be your ‘virtual fragrance advisor’, a clever on-line tool to help steer you towards your next perfume from the thousands out there, making suggestions for fragrances to try…

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